Andrew Bynum’s MRI results are in.

Twitter: Andrew Bynum MRI results: small tear of the anterior horn of the lateral meniscus. Can play through it, questionable for Gm 1.

  • drewdeluxe


    Sweet yet another knee injury.. I don’t know why he even played Game 6 hobbling around..

  • daboss1848

    this should be filed in the no bueno category . . .

  • Vk2

    Well i hope he can play through it .

  • LakersMike31

    Wow, this guy must be made of glass. Poor Drew. Injuries are gonna be there his whole career, it seems. I really think the Lakers need to cash him in now, while he’s still worth something. His “potential” declines with each passing year and each injury.

  • BE_A_LakerFan


  • LakersFirst

    I was one of the first guys to say that Bynum should NOT be traded. Bynum has shown that when healthy, he’s an easy double double player. It’s really hard to find a 7 foot true center.

    However, Bynum is consistently injured. With all these injuries, Bynum is looking tradeable. He has a big contract that could be bait for another team.

  • Laker101

    Here we go again, seems like he cant play good without being injured

  • Remy

    he’s injured prone…maybe we should’ve trade him for bosh…but maybe rest him until we reach the finals? i don’t know…

  • trippleocho

    Not again!

  • Mr. Tae

    He’ll be ok. I expect him to play tomorrow.

  • justdogm1

    he needs to grab his purse and tampons and get out there and help his girlfriend gasoft.

    • Marwan Marzina

      At least he’s playing through an injury and not faking it to make people think he’s tough. The things LeBron would do… he’s hit a new low.

      • kindsir

        True enough but it still makes me sad that he’s Mr. Glass :'(

  • Justin M.

    Bynum with a knee injury!!! No way!! shocker!

  • JV

    Where are all the people that defended him earlier in the season saying he isn’t injury prone, just in the wrong place at the wrong time!!!! Yeah thats what I thought! Its hard to stay consistent and gain momentum when you are constantly having a starter injured. Don’t get me wrong he is a great double double when playing but its hard to trust a guy who seems to go down at the worst times.

  • Drake Ramoray

    Bynum for Bosh can still happen and probably will happen this offseason regardless of whether the Lakers win the championship or not. His value to the Lakers is obvious but he has the Greg Oden disease. When Toronto comes looking for a sign n trade partner this offseason, expect the Lakers to be ahead of the group. When healthy there is no other better player available than Bynum that Toronto can get. Throw in Walton and the Lakers 1st round pick in 2011 and that should do it. Then resign Farmar and ship him and Vujacic to the Nets for Devin Harris. Let Shannon walk and sign Raja Bell. Resign Fisher for 2 years at 2 million per. Get a veteran or athletic SF on the cheap that can shoot the ball. Maybe Shane Battier or Micahel Petrius if their available but that’s wishful thinking. Anyways you get my drift.

    • KOBE THA MVP 10′

      y relax

  • Michael_23

    We didn’t need Andrew last year against Utah in the playoffs. It’ll be interesting to see how this one goes.

    Health is a big issue for us. I don’t know how long we can go with injuries going on.

    I think we’ll be able to pull this one out if Andrew doesn’t go. But we’ll need em against Spurs, Celtics, Cavs, or the Magic.

    How’s Sasha?

  • seankobe

    bosh n pau can’t play together they are both legitimate forward and that can be another scoring issues. I can take noah n hinrich for bynum, not a demanding scorer but a hardworking center.Bosh can only replace pau, and i think bosh will be a monster playing alongside kobe…who is pau before he went to lakers? bosh already is an all star.

    • Justin M.

      Who is Pau before the Lakers? Your either like 5 years old an didn’t see Pau play in Memphis or you just don’t watch basketball. Pau was a beast before coming to the Lakers and still is one, even though he is a pansy at times.

      • seankobe

        I saw him didn’t win a single play-off game! any bigs you place right next to kobe will come out big except kwame. pau or bosh not pau n bosh in lakers! but i’ll be fine with pau n noah just to get rid of fishbone bynum.

  • Robert

    Solution: trade Drew for Greg Oden. Just kidding. Too bad Drew has the ‘big man’s’ curse. Just like Yao, and Oden this year. Those guys need to contact Kareem to see what they need to do to keep from getting injured like this.
    But it’s too late.
    I think he needs to play through the injury, play through the pain, risk further injury, and have a surgery at the beginning of the off season. If they rest him through the rest of the playoffs, they might as well just de-activate him and have surgery right away, and seriously consider alternatives (although, it’s hard to find a big man in the league, like that). He’s still young enough to manage surgeries, and have a chance for some type of recovery.
    Anyway, he’s playing now, so that’s a good sign. We’ll see what happens.