Good news, but we need him back! Andrew Bynum underwent an MRI exam on Monday and the results showed no tear to his Achilles tendon, as did the previous exam on Saturday, March 20.


No timetable for a return has been set for the 22-year-old center, and Bynum will continue to receive treatment and therapy from the Lakers’ staff, supervised by Athletic Trainer Gary Vitti.

  • drivefor16th


  • drivefor16th

    BIG GUY***

  • airkobe

    babynum for noah this summer!

  • Juice

    Hey I heard that Bynum underwent an EKG exam as well. The results showed that he's got “NO HEART”! What a FCUKIN PUSS! Get your lazy ass out on the fcukin court and do battle with your homies you fcukin jersey sloth! What should we fcukin expect? You are from jersey, you're about as useful as that NATS or NETS team that plays out there! What a FCUKIN LOSER!

    So what if you're in pain! Take a couple of advils or a cort shot and get the fcuk out there you fcukin louse! This is the 3rd fcukin year that you're letting your team down! Can't really blame you on the first, but last year you're a no show and so far, you're giving us a repeat performance of last year!

    Dr Jerry Buss! This is your genius son's pick! What do you think will happen if you continue to allow your Stephen Hawking of a kid to run your organization? Do you want the most storied franchise ever of the NBA turning into the Knicks? Please hand the reigns over to your beautiful daughter and let her and Phil run the team huh? Because you're son is just like Bynum, WORTHLESS! It's no wonder why Jim loves him so much!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lkaokbeer2010

    chill out juice! dont be sayin hes got no heart
    everytime drew gets hurt he works his ass out to get back in shape…hes no t-mac who just sits and watch and enjoy and when its time to come back and play he aint crap no more, but thats not drew. dont just speak ur brain out, you gotta understand that drew is a big man so he puts on alot of weight and resistance on that achilles so we cant rush him
    thats why hes doin all those tharapies to come back asap right? chill, have some faith
    Get well drew!
    Go Lakers!

  • Juice

    What you gotta understand is that you've gotta recognize a lazy player when you've got one! Stop making excuses for him! We've been waiting for this fool for 3 years and every single year it's been a disappointment! Even when he's healthy, he's underachieving! He basically wilted away against Howard last year! So no, the time to chill is over! Play through some pain man! Take an advil and go get some boards and blocks man! Our team needs you now!

    I don't know what the hell you're talking about with him “working his ass out to get back in shape…”, he's always taken way more time than needed to get back into game shape. If he doesn't start playing soon, he won't even come close to game shape by the 2nd series.

    I do recognize we need him and that's why I'm frustrated with him not getting back. There should have been a clause in his contract stating that he'd be missing out on some $ for every day that he misses! I'm sure that'll get his ass back into game shape quick!

    We need our twin towers for the playoffs! The other teams need to fear the Lakers front court as the way we've been envisioning it! But that ain't happening if NO HEART keeps thinking about vacation!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!