Center says he must ‘slow it back down’ in recovery because of swelling in knee, while forward’s foot injury still hasn’t healed and he’s doubtful for start of playoffs.

L.A. Times: … The Lakers’ center said his left knee still felt “unstable” and continued to cause a “little bit” of pain.

“Jumping, landing, backpedaling, quick change of directions are still a problem,” he said. “In a couple weeks from now, I might be good. I might not be good. I’m not sure.”

… There is no official timetable for his return.

Bynum had experienced swelling in the knee and had trouble putting his full weight on it while playing one on one.

“We had to test where I’m at, and I kind of just failed that test, so we’ve got to slow it back down,” he said. “You definitely don’t want to hurry back and risk losing a long career, which I plan to have. I don’t want to come back and make something serious happen.”

Bynum, who could be signed after the season to a five-year extension worth up to an estimated $80 million, said he did not want to do long-term damage to the knee. The Lakers agree, from the front office down to the players.

“When he’s ready, he’s ready,” Bryant said. “It’s important for him to take his time. When he’s ready to get going, he’ll jump right back in, but there’s no point in rushing it. He’s got a long career ahead of himself.”

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  • Luke4Lvp

    after reading this… drew is done for the season. next year will be our year!

  • Sako

    Come on, I want him back 100% some time before my birthday, which is on August 30th.(That’s during the off-season)

  • dcbball12

    im almost to the point where i would rather see him not worry about this season and just rest for the next.. i think it would be pretty dumb to experiment with our lineup in the playoffs instead of just going with what we have.. were still really solid without ab..

  • c

    Although I have confidence in the present group for the western conference playoffs, we need bynum for the finals if we find the celtics waiting there

  • Sopi

    no way he will be back this season
    see you in october andy!

  • BEC

    Bynums a slow healer, if im not mistaken wasnt there an 8 week timetable on this guy in jan, you think being young he might heal a little quicker, but i guess not.
    Either way he just needs to take his time and come back 100%, theres no need to rush things, we have pieces to win without him, and rushing things could hurt his career. First two rounds of the playoffs we can win without him anyways, even beyond that we still have what it takes, Spurs and Celts even.

  • 8

    What some of u guys forget is the fact that we are 1st in the west without Bynum!so i say bring on the playoffs!
    btw Big Bynum,i wish u speady recovery..

  • Rpoc

    Disappointing considering he looked good in those one-on-one sessions.

    Nonetheless this team can compete. Bynum still needed a stronger base against bigger players even though he improved his defensive instincts gradually as the season went on.

    I believe the Lakers are 21-4 with Gasol excluding the Hornets game where he got injured. They were 17-3 or so with Bynum. .500 basketball with either one out. Fraking amazing how much just one inside presence helps in this offense.

  • Kobe08-09

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    So with Paul we are 21-4 (1 Lost with Him Injured so i think its 21-3). SO thats great, we can win it all if we play DEFENCE

  • SliqRiq

    Bring KWAME back!!!!!!!!!!

  • mfoznot

    We don’t need them, at least that is what I have to keep telling myself.

  • Geloman

    The thing that makes me nervous is that his knees will never be the same again so there may be that possibility that his injury may reoccur. That would be really sad if his promising career is plagued with this type injury, recurrent dislocations. That would suck so bad.

  • lamar

    wtf is wrong with the lakers medical staff??

  • Micahel_23

    He probably should have gotten surgery a few days after the incident happened. I wonder if that would have made any difference in the healing process.

    Surgery is scary cause it change a player so much. And Bynum is young so I totally understand opting out of surgery.

  • Billy Kupchak

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    the lakers do need a better medical staff. vitti thinks he is so great

    if all of our players become more eduranced. the team will have less injuries
    [Comment ID #32637 Will Be Quoted Here]

    WTf lol omg are you kidding me


    Wait ’til next season(he has too long a career to rush back). We’ll be even stronger.