This is nothing too serious. He’s obviously not 100% yet, he needs time. He’ll shake this off.

L.A. Times: He still felt pain Monday and said his knee felt stiff during practice. “They tell me it’s just something I’m going to have to deal with,” said Bynum, who had cartilage repaired in his right knee in July.

There was no swelling in the knee, Bynum said, a key indicator that it might not be a big issue.

  • kobe4

    trade bynum before it’s too late!!!

    this always getting injured!!

    we need a healthy players!!
    we can trade this guy to melo

    • G

      Yea let’s trade a 7 footer which we desperatly need to be the last line of defense for a scorer that plays no D.idiot. We don’t need anymore scorers, just role players around kobe and pau. Let’s not try to be like the Heat and Orlando and stock up on scorers. What we have is unique and proven championship material.

    • kobe8

      When we trade this guy to Melo what will Melo do with him? Is he a christmas present for Melo?

  • bbz62

    LoLz…. bynum is our yao ming. GG

  • jtshoopsblog

    I wonder if Bynum is going to stay coming off the bench. The Lakers have been doing well with Odom starting , He averages a double-double and is probably shooting his best percentage in years.

  • Flow

    I think Andrew has a low pain threshhold and he will never say he’s %100. Guys like Kobe have been playing with pain and injuries for years. Andrew will never say he’s healthy, we know that. Bring him off the bench, use him as needed, and understand he does’nt have a warrior mentality. The injuries are not exceptions, they are a pattern. Not intended in anyway to knock him, but he is what he is… a big softie.

  • Byden

    He delayed the surgery, so he should deal with the pain.

    • Kosta

      Yep deal WIth it

  • laker warrior

    He will be okay .The reports are saying that its common after playing at a high game pace. Yeah he is not very tough we know that but to traded him would be foolish

    • kobe8

      I agree. We have a bunch of laker fans who have a low intolerance for growth in a young player. Basically we have a bunch of wimpy laker fans who get upset over any inane comment heard in the media. I hate to say it but clipper fans seem more intelligent than laker fans. The average one at least. Just because your team wins doesn’t make the fan anymore intelligent.

  • Jack

    He’ll be fine. He’s still getting his conditioning back. For those who said he doesn’t have pain tolerance, you guys do realize he played through the playoffs with a knee injury. I think he was just delaying everything just to be certain that he doesn’t do any long term damage. As long as there’s no unusual swelling, he’ll be fine.

    • kobe8

      That’s a FACT JACK.

  • Angelo

    Bynum and Puke and picks for DHoward.

  • NateMamba

    I honestly don’t think the Lakers need bynum. He’s played in the playoffs last year, and was effective against the Thunder. Limited minutes against the Celtics weren’t that great. He rarely plays. Holding onto him is just living in fantasy land. If he can ever come back and not get injured, then yes he has potential. However, year after year of the same thing, whether the injury was caused accidently or not, it’s time to look elsewhere. The Lakers have played the majority of time without him. Again, I don’t see where his effectiveness has been except with the Thunder series. Hopefully, this is nothing, but I’m looking at potential anymore. He’s had multiple chances.

  • rondo

    Always whining i wonder do you guys have women because a women would look at you guys as wimps.

    • daboss1848

      what if we are women?

      • 242LakerFan

        What if you are? Same applies. What, you’re not lesbophobic, are you?

  • ignard

    Soooo tired of hearing about Drew’s knees.

  • Leo

    I’m going to reserve judgement for now, but hopefully we don’t have a Yao Ming 2.0 on our hands.

  • 242LakerFan

    I hope none of you guys live near tall buildings or high cliffs. Jeez.

  • kevin

    Man, this guy is so damn sissy, why don’t we just
    Trade his ass out before we get nothing. Either he need to get with kobe trainer so they can keep him intact like kobe. I m tiring of hearing how fragile this guy is

  • le-elbow =)

    i think people are misunderstanding this article, he says he still feels pain not that he re injured anything sooo please people come down

  • rondo

    Women got me heart then some of the whimps writing this nonesense. Some of the guys even got the nerve calling Andrew a sissy. What do you crying whimps think you are?

  • lakerfantrevorariza

    keep bynum. trade luke walton for trevor ariza.
    Go Lakers!!

  • ohno

    bynum needs to lose like 200 lbs so he will feel lighter. just a suggestion.

    • 242LakerFan

      Ummm…yeah, he’ll look great too at 85lbs!