Silver lining? Miracle? Call it what you want, but without Bynum’s injury, Lakers would not have pursued Gasol:

L.A. Times: Andrew Bynum’s injury could turn out to be a blessing in disguise for the Lakers, provided he shows no ill effects when he returns in March. . . .

If Bynum hadn’t damaged a knee in a Jan. 13 victory over Pau Gasol and the Memphis Grizzlies, General Manager Mitch Kupchak has acknowledged, the Lakers would not have pursued Gasol in a trade. . . .


    Even AB is excited about having PAU!PAU!PAU GASOL!

  • David

    I don’t know about that. When a team is looking to move a player other teams will know. If Gasol was on the block lakers would have pursued regardless. Even Phil said the Lakers still need a power forward to be a true contender.

  • IMmichael

    Thanks lamar for injuring bynum

    Thank you “There is a God There is a God”

  • zgum

    And this my friends boils down to Lamar accidentally injures AB…

  • Rasarx

    Note to Phoenix: Let Lamar injur Nash, maybe you’ll get a good deal out of some sucker out there too.

    Now honestly, if AB is not injured, Cupcake wouldn’t have gone knocking on doors looking for improvements? I don’t get it… Why not? It was obvious Kwame wasn’t working out, so why not look to move him? It’s not like the league needed an AB injury to allow that deal. Grizzlies have said over and over they needed to trade Gasol to get set for rebuilding. After all the flak Cupcake has taken for a few seasons for the lack of any good trades, is he trying to convince us he’s not as bright as the Gasol deal has made him to be? Maybe all his detractors were right about him all along. I still like the move. I just don’t know if I can give as much credit to Cuppy.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

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    I have to disagree, the Lakers are always looking to make moves to make themselves better, they continuously go on record saying that they always looking to make trades, if it makes the team better in the short term and LONG TERM (something teams like Phoenix, Boston and Dallas are ignoring). But for some reason, there are a lot of Laker fans who doubt them.

    Of course the Lakers were not actively seeking a trade before Bynum’s injury. – THEY WENT ON A 17-3 RUN and their record before Bynum’s injury was 27-12 (or something like that) and they had the best record in the west!!! This is why not!!!

    Also, you are wrong when you say “Grizzlies have said over and over they needed to trade Gasol to get set for rebuilding.” The Grizzlies never said this. The rumor you kept hearing was Chicago kept trying to get Gasol because they needed a post-up presence but at the time Memphis wanted Nocioni and Deng but Chicago did not want to give them up. Slowing but surely Chicago quit trying and there was no peep from Memphis of trying to do anything.

    When Bynum went down, the Lakers had a decision to make, try to sustain the 27-12 record by maybe going .500 during Bynum’s injury or bring in a power forward, which Gasol played in Memphis, and which the Lakers so desparately needed, to try to make the record better. Apparently, the Lakers FO weren’t going to let another season get away from them because of injuries like last year, so the pursued Gasol.

    The beauty of the Gasol trade was that it came OUT OF NOWHERE!! Nobody in the NBA saw this trade coming, which is obvious because you have seen the shake up of trades that is going on in the west.

    Give credit where credit is due – Kupchak made this happen. It was not Jerry West who helped the trade through, as many people once speculated (West even admitted he had nothing to do with the trade).

    Kupchake deserves this credit.

  • BEC

    Kupchak deserves the credit for making this trade happen, but they didnt get pau just because bynum was injured, even with bynum this trade would still happen. We already know about kwames bad play and his expiring contracts so it was already obvious he was on the trading block, 9-10 mil in contracts hes going to get something near trade deadline, its just a matter of who. Pau said himself he wanted to get traded and was unhappy at Memphis. Also, Memphis’ owner is looking to sell the team, so he is cutting salary, thus trying to trade Pau. It just fits for both sides, but this wasnt due to Bynums inury.