L.A. Times: Andrew Bynum’s agent will meet with the Lakers on Friday in hopes of agreeing to a maximum contract extension for his client, a process that so far has been “disappointing,” according to his agent.

The Lakers have until Oct. 31 to sign Bynum to a five-year extension, though agent David Lee said his discussions with the Lakers were “few and not significant.”

“I just don’t get it,” he said. “I do not understand certain things that happen. Andrew has taken everything the Lakers have thrown at him, including criticism. He doesn’t do anything to respond other than go on the court. He just goes on with his business.”The Lakers declined to comment.

Bynum, who turns 21 on Oct. 27, has been slowly rounding into basketball shape in his first month back on the court since the center suffered a season-ending knee injury last January.

Bynum, who will make $2.8 million this season in the final year of his contract, can sign a five-year extension worth up to about $88 million, a financial figure that won’t be determined until the NBA’s salary cap for the 2009-10 season is announced next summer.

The Lakers are hoping to sign Bynum for a number closer to $78 million. They also want to better gauge his health and on-court activity over the final five pre-season games.

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  • MannyP

    Seriously, why would the lakers take an $88m gamble on a kid who has not yet started an entire season, has one season where he played well but dissapeared, had another where he showed tremendous growth but got injured, and is recovering from an injury that took him three times as long as orginally estimated to recover from, shows up to training camp in poor cardio shape and admits that he is not “motivated” in trainig camp? And on top of that, what team is going to pay him the max in the current free agent market? Buss is no dummy. The smart money is on waiting to see how he pans out this year AND then wait to see what Bynum gets offered (don’t forget that the Lakers have the right to match any offer). With cap space the way it is right now around the league, Bynum would be lucky to get the $78m the Lakers are offering him. Plus, again, from what I have seen in pre-season, the kid is not making a case for max-money at this time.

    Dont get me wrong, I love Bynum, but I would like to see him play, stay healthy – and dominate – for an entire season before I am willing to ask my Lakers to pay him $88m.

  • LakersFirst

    Sounds like Bynum’s agent is more dissappointed then Bynum. David Lee (Bynum’s agent) wants HIS own personal pay day.

    Bynum has to EARN his pay day. Play a full season first and make an impact, then he gets paid. Simple as that.

  • http://jamieinsider.celebuzz.com Jamie Spears Insider

    Let’s be real. It’s always the agent’s problem. The agent gets an X%. If he can get Bynum signed for more money then he gets a bigger cut. Simple as that.

    I honestly think 78 mil (5 year) deal is a good deal for Bynum considering how young he is. Lakers can’t really offer that much more at this point. Lamar and Ariza needs to be extended next off season (I suspect both of them will have to take less than what they’re worth or else one of them will be kicked off the squad).

  • Angelo Vergara

    I say they trade Bynum for high picks and proven players. Like Tex said, the Lakers played great without Drew. They don’t need him.


    We do need Bynum to WIN The O’Brien…Bynum doesn’t need his agent,hire Mom Dukes or your sister,keep in house.I know the economy is bad but c’mon.

    ICAN’TSTANDAGENTS.com,agents make like stern that much more..even he can’t stand them.

  • Angelo Vergara

    I say sign him before the Lakers get into a bidding war with another team next year. I’m sure someone will try to pry Drew away from the Lakers, especially if he plays well and the Lakers will end up paying more.

  • http://www.myspace.com/jwalksocali jermaine mciver

    I hope they dont drop the ball on this. Lock him up theres no promises that Kobe will be back next year!

  • daboss1848

    [Comment ID #52483 Will Be Quoted Here]

    he wants max, the bid can go no higher than max . . .

    Bynum’s agent is disappointed that Bynum is not get Max $$.
    Bynum’s coach is disappointed that Bynum is not giving Max effort.
    Bynum’s fans are disappointed that Bynum has yet to play a full season.

    looks like LA is full of disappointment . . .

    in the meantime, sign for 5 years, 60 mil (which by the way is still overpaying – based on production thus far)

  • yellowpurplefever

    hits it right on top. Prove to the team that you are worth the MAX $$$. Play out the season then we can all go from there. Slow down David Lee, you will get your $$$. Bynum see if you are worth $88 BIG

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    i think 16+ mil per year for drew is too much..

    anyways, can somebody tell me when are you going to ship the vittiz..

  • Michael_23

    Lamar Odom said last week that he’s not happy about Odom coming off the bench for contract reasons. I mean … what’s up with agents? They totally are in it for the money. These agents have players in other teams, other sports, these agents don’t know crap about dedication and winning. All they care are the big $$$. Shame on these agents. I don’t mind extending contracts but when they want “more” money than more winning, it’s stupid. If the player if comfortable about a pay then leave him be.

    Look at Rashard Lewis, $120+ mil for seven years. Even Hedo Turkalo played better than him last year. Ca mon now … Only top 10 players who are veterans make that money. Did he even make the All-Star team last year?

  • Michael_23

    [Comment ID #52491 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree. I’m not sure why both sides are rushing into things. Maybe they want to be secure so that if the Lakers don’t do well, or Andrew doesn’t live up to his potential because of too many good plays (he’s young, so maybe he’s got too overconfident in himself), or demands the ball too much, Andrew will just bolt and leave the Lakers. I don’t know …

  • sketch

    i think that we all fell in love with bynum the day that he dunked on shaq. remember that all? after getting dunked on, and thrown to the ground, and utterly embarrassed by shaq. this kid picked himself up off of the floor, run back to the offensive low post, demanded the ball, got it, dribbled a couple of times while trying to back shaq down (which didn’t work), faked right, turned left (while turning shaq into a statue), and dunked on his ass with 2 hands. and as if that wasn’t enough, he jawed and cheered all the way down court and gave shaq a fore arm shiv.
    having said that, i do agree that until we see this potential laker heir serve one full tour as our starting center, we just can’t give him the max of $88 million. he can always renegotiate after he’s proven himself as the baller that we all hoped he’d be after that infamous run in with shaq.
    in fact, i’ve got a new nickname for bynum now that i’ve reminded myself of what he did to shaq. since he turned shaq into a statue…who else did that in greek mythology? MEDUSA! that’s what i’m callin homeboy from now on. MEDUSA!

  • Lakers 24 7

    David Lee can kiss our Laker lovin assets if he thinks Bynum is getting an extension before he shows some real signs that he is back to full strength.

  • lakaluva

    Hey Drew, dump your greedy ass agent and his 10% commission, take the Lakers offer, and you get that max deal you wanted.

  • http://jamieinsider.celebuzz.com Jamie Spears Insider

    I’m pretty sure the agent gets more than 10%. If it is 10%, that’s still quite a bit.


    I want my vittiz! oh yeah david lee is a bitch lovin fag that licks dick and fucks fat hoes and shits on recycled plates and eats a shit sandwich

  • 8

    what does this guy think he is?his client(bynum) gave us like 20 or something good games and he wants a max extansion based on that!no way..lakers need to w8 and see how he is going to play the first part of the season..only thing dissapointing in this case is the fact that he is critisizing the lakers managment.

  • kobethegreat

    i dont think bynum doesnt deserve that much just not yet he hasnt proven himself to earn that much.

  • Laker Realist

    Yes Laker Nation. You are right.
    Let him play out the season and see what he’s worth.

    He may end up being one of those “injury prone” players.

    We did well without him. Some will argue that we would have won it all if we had him. We will never know.

    It doesn’t make sense to give him max money when they don’t have to….yet. I mean if he has a good season and stays healthy they can make an argument. In this case, they know his numbers will not be great because Phil already said he’s not going to be a 20/10 guy.

    $78M or $88M? Whats the diff? At 21 years old you’re still set for life.

  • T.A.

    We have to lock him up!!!

    Besides Bynum

    Dwight howard, Greg Oden and Shaq are the only true center in the league

  • bounty

    fire your agent

  • sketch

    we all know that this ain’t coming from bynum. he himself said that he didn’t need the max last season. it’s his agent, and we all know that. but let’s put it into perspective…that’s homeboy’s job! he’s supposed to be the dick to ask for the max for his client. he’s supposed to get all that he can. know that we all know that, we can calm down and tell david lee to SHUT THE F UP YOU FRIGGIN AHOLE AND WORK OUT A FAIR DEAL FOR BOTH PARTIES AND THE FANS!

  • http://youtube.com/MvpGoesToKobe LakersNewDynasty08

    ey this guys agent should go suck a dick