42L.A. Times: It certainly didn’t look like a Lakers-Clippers game, but the final score was still predictable.

Andrew Bynum had a career-high 42 points and also took 15 rebounds as the Lakers won for a seventh consecutive time against their Staples Center co-tenants in a game that was closer than expected, 108-97.

The Lakers won their first two games against the Clippers by an average of 28 points, though the Clippers hung tough on Wednesday.

The Lakers held a surprisingly slender 58-55 lead at halftime, and lost enough of an 18-point lead to make it interesting in the end.

In fact, Al Thornton’s 15-footer brought the Clippers within 102-95 with 2:37 left.

But Kobe Bryant found Bynum all alone with a length-of-the-court pass for a 106-95 lead that put the game out of reach with 1:07 to play.

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  • bernzter

    About time!!!

    Although I like his performance here on the Clips game… I just wish that it would be more consistent… Like hello!!! You’ve got the guy who scored the most points in the league as your personal coach… Some of that mojo should be rubbin off him right?

    I mean I don’t hate DrewBy or anything… But if he puts the same amount of effort that he did tonight against all of the teams we played against, then those close matches and those loses could have been another story…

    As Kobe said “Play more you get better”… He needs to play more hoops… Which begs me to wonder… What does Kareem do with DrewBy? Do they play NBA2K9 or something to analyze and copy moves?



  • as1084

    way to earn ur contract! but u gotta do it more than 1 game a year!

  • sketch

    fother mucker!!!! way to sack up and ball bynum! that’s the $hit we’ve all known that you can do and have been waitin to see!

    that goes the same for you LO! WTF!!! did the both of you make a pact and decide to sack up together?

    both LO and bynum were impressive tonight!

  • roscoe

    no sketch, they just played the clippers.

  • jason

    yall gotta relax on bynum..you guys forget how young he is and how little experience he actually has..hes barely played a full seasons worth of games in the nba and didnt play in college..give him time hes gonna develop into the dominant center we all want him to be..i think some of u people forget hes so young and wanna think hes an nba veteran or somethin..hes basically just gettin to his sophomore season in the league and i say hes doin pretty well in that regard.

  • nick

    The other thing everyone is forgetting about Bynum is that he is the THIRD OPTION BEHIND KOBE AND GASOL. I think this kid is playing great and remember he didn’t play most of the season last year so how much upside does he have? I think PLENTY!!! LAKERS IN 5 OR 6 NBA FINALS!!!

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #59168 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree in some regard, but at the same time being a 3rd option means the opposing defenses are not as tough on you – being that Kobe gets the double-teams, and even Gasol from time time.

  • roscoe

    Did they count the kobe spin move to odom oop as a pass or a shot because i think it was a pass.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Bynum is only 21! He is going to get better! He is way ahead of the curve right now and has the best center of all time teaching him the position. I love the toughness coming out of him right now, but put it in perspective. He’s just 21!

  • DWinsRings

    This was a ok game, but cmon its the clippers, but i still think it was good for bynum since it wasnt like he played against 6.5feet players like heat. He played agasint Kaman who is tall, against Skinner who is a defender and tough guy and he played against Camby(One of the best blockers and he can defend) also he was defeence player of the year. So i think bynum did play great agaisnst these guys, im wating for Bynum vs Timmy

  • eddie

    I know it was against the Clips, but this will boost Bynum’s confidence a lot…at least offensively. The D still needs work.


    Bynum got lucky. He played against an NBDL team last night. Trade him now because now is the time to win. Bynum, Vlad, and Luke for JO. We need an experienced defensive center not an immature lazy one. Last night will be the only time in his career that he scores more than 40. I watch alot of basketball and know what I am talking about. You Bynum fans have your head up where the sun don’t shine.

  • razz

    42 is 42 regardless who you play!!! Good job big fella!!!!! Keep working hard.

  • gugy

    congrats Bynum,
    Keeps this momentum.

    I want to see you play tonight with this same attitude. You need to earn your paycheck dude.

  • Jason

    lol Mr. Juan_Yourwarloc is clueless when it comes to basketball, you have zero basketball IQ and your comments are worthless. Every one please ignore him, he’s nothing but a troll.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #59184 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Completely agree.

  • jason

    i’ve come to terms with the fact that warloc was and idiot a long time ago..he just keeps confirming it every day lol.

  • Mitch Kupchak

    wow, WARLOC does not have any idea what he is saying! replacing JO for BYNUM is laughable considering JO is too injury prone and BYNUM totally worked him when they played each other last year in Indiana.

    lemme see, trade a often injury prone veteran that barely impacts the game for a younger center with more promise and IMPACTS the game with his presence alone.

    i think ill stick with DREW.

  • Logic Guy

    IT WAS THE INJURED CLIPPERS STUPID. I am watching Boston Orlando game while waiting for the Lakers. Boston is putting on a defensive clinic. Nelson, who had a career shooting percentage against the Lakers in currentrly 1 for 9. The Lakere need to get a copy of this game and use it to figure out how far they are behind Boston defensively. The Lakers can not beat them in a seven game series because of good Boston defense and extremely poor Laker defense. Unless the coaching improves and someone lights a fire under thege guys, it will not change.

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