League spokesman, Tim Frank, said the NBA rescinded the 2nd technical foul Andrew Bynum received against the New York Knicks on Sunday night.

Bynum was whistled for a foul with just over a minute gone by in the 4th quarter but Bynum (obviously upset with the call) argued with the official, asking him if he was serious about the call. He was immediately given a technical foul but Bynum stayed persistent on getting his message across and didn’t let the matter go which lead to a 2nd technical foul being called, automatically ejecting him from the game.

He finished with 18 points, 7 rebounds and 2 blocks in 24 minutes of court time.

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  • John Robertson

    hay a possible monster game from Bynum if the ref did not whistle that 2nd technical foul

    • Short Dog Loc

      Bynum has not had a full season yet.
      I’m a Laker but, F shaquille.
      It’s all about Bynum NOW…
      Kobe MVP
      Short Dog Loc.

  • LakersFirst

    And was the referree that made that poor decision reprimanded in any way? Are any NBA officials ever punished for their poor calls? If NBA players are going to be given Technicals, costing them money, because of officials poor calls, or lack thereof, shouldn’t NBA officials be punished in a similar manner for their poor performance?

    • Short Dog Loc

      That’s some real shiznit.
      These black and whites think they are the president or some shiznit.
      Short Dog Loc

      • Mast

        Yeahhh! Shiznit! Yeahh!

        • ICE CREAM MAN


  • lakers0828

    they Should of Send Both Techs Back both were bad calls

  • rondo

    Leon Wood was laughing with Amare doing the game. Also Leon use to play NBA ball in New York.

  • Ronin99

    “ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!???” LMAO… May be I might get a technical? Both technicals should be rescinded

  • daboss1848

    1st technical he was blocking the ref – well deserved. 2nd was an immature response (by the ref) to an immature whine (by Bynum). Was Bynum expecting the Ref to respond “no, i was just kidding.” Get over it – move on to the next play. . .

    • daboss1848

      hacker strikes again… I’m falling in love

      • daboss1848

        ur going to confuse ppl. but i am still honored.

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