There is nothing quite as intriguing as the unknown.

You see, the unknown has endless potential, and that idea is like the strongest drug known to man because it means the promise of a brand new day, better than any day before it.

The unknown is a place where the grass is greener, the world is wiser and positive endings never cease.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ Andrew Bynum is a lot like the unknown.

When you search his name on YouTube, one of the first videos that pops up is a three-minute highlight montage with Lil’ Wayne’s “Sky’s The Limit” playing behind clip after clip of Bynum turning lob passes into rim-shaking dunks.

The hype is real and inescapable.

A short time before the start of Lakers’ training camp, tagged along with Bynum, his trainer Sean Zarzana and his older brother Corey Thomas to see what it’s like to be just 20 years old and preparing to embark on your fourth NBA season.

Sound ridiculous? How is it possible that a four-year pro isn’t old enough to drink yet? The NBA isn’t like European ball, where a 14-year-old like Ricky Rubio can sign a contract in Spain.

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  • kobe124


  • Zack

    Bynum is awesome, and should be a top 3 center in the league this year. He also likes to make it rain in the club:)

  • alex

    Talking about the unknown, ricky rubio had to wait till he was 16 years old to sign his first profesional contract, because the labor law in spain forbide otherways, before that he play pro basketball as an amateur, that is he played in a pro league with and against pro players for free.

    Like any kid his age who loves basketball he went to high school and afterwards he went to play ball but instead of doing it in his high school team he did it on the second best league in the world after the nba.

    Today despite being the star of his team he has the worst contract (after more than three years he is still the youngest player in both the ACB and the Euroleague). I´m sure most of u cant understand this but as u should know ball in europe is a different story, with complex insides.

  • xtro

    Ricky Rubio will be a bust in the NBA. Jason Williams was hyped up 10 years ago. Rubio has the same skills, but once he plays in the NBA, it’s a different type of monster there.