Definitely good news. Almost there Drew, one step at a time.

L.A. Times: In the latest shift of time, Lakers center Andrew Bynum said he hoped to return to practice soon but wouldn’t be appearing in any games until early December.

“Hopefully in a week or so, I’m practicing,” he said Wednesday, backing off his earlier plan to be playing by Thanksgiving.

  • Robert.

    OK, I hope he makes it through the season.
    Meantime, poor Greg Oden, knees of glass. At least Drew made it to 2 Finals Championships.

  • laker warrior

    Is this what we can expect every year from this guy.
    Injury prone maybe they should really look into a trade with Denver for Melo.
    Its true 7 ft guys are hard to find but if they are hurt all the time theres no advantage, Bynum is the next Bill Walton has little skill but always hurt.
    Trade Bynum Sasha,Luke for Melo and a number one pick

  • NBAmazingKB24

    I hope he can stay healthy now
    one more injury from Drew means a lot of trouble
    It will be almost impossible to trade him after he gets injured again
    gotta trade him now or take the risk and keep him.
    I presonally would like this kid to stay healthy and stay as a Lakers. But damn injury…

  • lakers0828

    this sounds like 08 Season where lakers kept saying oh he will be back and we keep waiting and waiting and never showed up