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There have been a slew of stories regarding Bynum’s return; a lot of questions, a lot of frustrations. We hope this is the last one.

We’ll keep this one very simple.

“I’m definitely playing tomorrow,” said Andrew Bynum.

There you have it. No guarantee on the amount of minutes he’ll put on his knees. “I don’t know how long,” he said Monday before the team met with President Obama. “The practice felt very good. Obviously I’m not myself yet, but I can definitely go out there and help the team, and I’m going to go do that.”

Welcome back, Drew. I, for one, will fully believe it when I see it.

  • 3StarAndTheSun

    Is this mean Odom will go back to the Bench?

    • Kam Pashai

      I doubt that Bynum will start tomorrow — but if he does, I do believe Odom will be moved over into the 6th man spot.

      • 242LakerFan

        I think he does start. I doubt they want him to warm up pre-game then sit and cool off for 8:00 game time and come in cold. Plus, Lamar is more effective than Bynum off the bench.

        • Kam Pashai

          Great point. This is likely a decision Phil has already made. Interested to see what it is.

          • Hovig Patatian

            drew coming back is gona be great for the lakers but its gona suck for shannon. with drew coming back LO will like Kam said move back to the sixth man spot and will thus take shannon out of the running for sixth man of the year. oh well.

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Welcome back Bynum!

  • bynum my friend

    i love you kill em all!

  • Wilt

    Be afraid all of you other 28 teams and the clippers.

  • Drake Ramoray

    OMG finally, I’ve been holding him in my fantasy league since the first week. Time to dominate my league. Welcome back Bynum.

  • Genius

    vujacic and ebanks and 1st round pick for hasheem thabeet

  • lakerman1

    He will stop some of the point guard penetration that has killed us over the last few games and give Pau some much needed rest. The team needs his large presence around the rim.

  • ShipHisA**Out

    Bynum is a bust. He’ll be back for a couple of games and then get injured again.

  • laker warrior

    Brittle Bynum Lakers put to much stock in this Kid.
    The bad decisions have hurt this team Bynum should have been traded for Bush,Sasha what does he do ?
    Luke another waste of money 15 million Bynum
    5 million Sasha and Luke 5 Million thats 20 million a year of shit that could have went towads a quality big or decent ponit guard.
    Shannon is still not really a all around player.
    He is hesitate to shot still and his defense sucks

    • 242LakerFan

      I agree, he should have been traded for Bush. I assume you meant Reggie Bush, not Laura Bush. Reggie has better hands.

      • daboss1848

        wow u actually rearranged and put in order the scrambled words? It’s a real life Jumble game.

    • lakerman1

      Dude that adds up to 25 mil. Get a calculator bro.

      • laker warrior

        Your right I missed added I am so fustrated with these
        three guys. If you hired them would you keep them or fire them ?

        • Leaderfish

          If they helped me get a title…………YES!!!!!!!!

    • Leaderfish

      Last year no Bynum no Title. Money well spent imo.

      • LakersFirst

        I don’t think Lake Warrior is a real Laker fan. All he does is talk sh*t about the team. He’s probably the type of “fan” that is happy when they win and then when they lose he’ll call them “losers”. Sounds like he doesn’t like to stick with the team during the bad times, only the good times. Hey, wait a sec, that’s the definition of a bandwagon fan.

  • Gugy

    Come on Bynum, let have a great season. We need you. DON”T GET HURT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

  • bbz62

    Tomorrow’s headline : injury prone player gets hurt again

  • mr.laker19

    Bynum please stay healthy so you can show people you are the second best Center in the league please


    There is a bunch of f’n whiners here. Why dont you wait and see what happens first before you pass judgement or is it that if something bad happens you can say i told you so. Just shut the HELL UP!


    Why not start him in the beginning of the 3rd quarter because the lakers are notorious for starting slow/no motivation in the 3rd. I think they always loose that quarter and other teams come in and catch up.

    This will not only give the lakers and emotional boost but will give the other team a different look at a very critical time. Be up by half time, win the third and you win the game.

  • ilikebasketball

    bynum only is in there for 15mintues, its a world of pressure and exhaustiion lifted from pau.
    hopefully this brings us into the realm of another streak heading into the xmas day game.

  • laker warrior

    Dude if hes productive for 5 minutes thats giving Pau a break.
    As for Bynum the Brittle man traded him Luke,Sasha for Melo

  • LakersFirst

    I love the “Laker fans” in here that like to talk sh*t about members of the Laker team. How quickly people forget that Bynum averaged 15 and 8 last year.

    • 242LakerFan

      For the record, I predict a breakout rest of the season for this young man. Something along the lines of 17 or 18 points – 10 boards – 2+ blocks – 0 major injuries.

    • whoa

      You’re WifeLovesLuke aren’t you?

  • rondo

    They need to ban those sorry ass fans who always teardown Lakers players. They are a bunch of phoney clowns.