Something that shouldn’t really be surprising to the majority of us — Big Drew will be out another 6-10. Please continue to visit TLN for your up to the millisecond Andrew Bynum updates! We’re watching him like a hawk.

bynumL.A. Times: Lakers’ center Andrew Bynum will miss another six to ten weeks because of a torn medial collateral ligament in his right knee.

Los Angeles has been without Bynum for seven games already, and will have to rely on Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom if they want to upend the Celtics and Cavaliers for the NBA’s best record.

Six weeks from Tuesday would mean Bynum could return as soon as March 31, but ten weeks would push him back to April 28, when the postseason will have already begun.

  • True Lakers Fan

    first! Just Like Last Yr

  • trade_lamo

    Can you say Sam Bowie ???

  • Mitch4Pres

    so he’s still on scheduale

  • jason

    u cant compare him to sam bowie..sam bowie just had chronic problems with his knees while both of bynums injuries have been freak accidents, landing on odoms foot and kobe falling into him. So dont compare him to a Sam Bowie just yet as its not even near the same thing.

  • Remy

    can i say that this kid is not the future of the lakers

  • Lakers 24 7

    Well, lets just hope he actually returns this season. And April 28th isn’t too deep into the playoffs, which is good.

  • Mr. Fuji’s Funhouse

    How is this any different from the original 8-12 weeks?

  • RD

    the lakers defiantly have the capability to win it ALL this year, WITHOUT bynum. bynum clogging up the middle would be a HUGE plus, but we already proven we can beat boston and Cleveland without him. no rush, bynum. just get well soon.

  • StarryAri



    Pau Gasol >>>>>>>>> Andrew Bynum

  • Ethdude

    Feb 19th, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    “Can you say Sam Bowie ???”

    This is what I was thinking about. What idiot will make the unintelligent comparison to Sam Bowie. Nobody really did right after he got injured. But thanks Lamo, you’ve proved there is always someone who thinks they sound clever and puts down words they’ve given zero thought about. So to answer your sarcastic fake question, no, you can’t say Sam Bowie. And Remy 0/10.

    Read Jason’s comment for less anger.

  • lakerfan81

    This is the same schedule that he has been on. I don’t understand how this is news.

  • Oriba

    From now on, he should stay away from playing the Grizzlies in January

  • gugy

    I hope he is back healthy.

    Hopefully Bynum will not be one of these players that could be great but were average due injuries. If he gets injury again next season on the same spot, I would definitely give up on him. Let’s hope for the best

  • yash

    DAMN ANOTHER 6-10 weeks? we got this anyway, well beat the celts/cavs/magic in finals no matta what.
    Craziest thing that would happen to lakers is losing befor the conference finals

  • BynumOverrated

    fck andrew bynum mother fuckin pu**ssssy. Im fuckin 13 and i broke my ankle in a game and continued to play on it cause my team needed a pg. Fck this guy trade him righttttt nowwwwww

  • mandoeone

    serious wtf is going on just the other day they said everythiing was goood now they gonnnna pullllll this shit

  • Mr. Fuji’s Funhouse

    People….it is not ANOTHER 6-10 weeks. It is still in line with the original prognosis.

    Bynum was hurt 1/31 which is just over 2 weeks ago. At the time, they said 8-12 weeks. Just over 2 weeks later they’re saying 6-10 weeks. Hopefully 2 weeks from now they’ll say 4-8 weeks. Chill out.



  • Banzai

    [Comment ID #62465 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’m not smiling.

  • Orangezack

    Oh ****

  • imfasterthanur

    I see where people are getting confused. The title is misleading. It says “ANOTHER” 6-10 weeks as opposed to 6-10 weeks – implying additional time off.

    Goodness, I swear a lot of journalists who write for papers and magazines have the most ignorant titles ever. It’s as if there’s a secret contest for who can come up with the worst titles to confuse their readers. Watch, pick up a newspaper tomorrow and strictly read the titles. Watch how grammatically incorrect some idiots can be.

    (pause)… Go lakers! Get well soon Bynum


    [Comment ID #62466 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Im just maaaad…

  • Retrospect

    Who’s Sam Bowie?

  • Michael_23

    [Comment ID #62470 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Greg Oden


    Last year we all lost hope when Bynum went down and then all of a sudden we get Gasol. I dont think the Lakers will get a player of the caliber of Gasol. But I still feel that the Lakers have something up their sleve. This year the Lakers are a better team. Mentally they just seem tougher. I have no idea what is going to happen with Bynum. But, I seriously doubt that Mitch will rely on DJ’s play. I’m telling all of you they are setting themselves for a title and by filling in that spot that Mihm left. No one can tell me that as good as Mitch’s moves have been up to this point that he is going to do something as retarted as wait for DJ. Mark my words..something is brewing in LA LA land. Maybe Zo? Maybe Mike Moore? it’s something…….stay positive everyone!

  • LakerPoetBr

    Lets have Okafor, and he’ll play guard, and it’ll be great…

    (paraphrasing the late late late podcast)

  • hundreds

    Um yea… Anyone suggesting for a trade, FYI the trade deadline passed 5 hours ago. I believe Bynum returns this season and no there aren’t any good 4 or 5s out there that are Free Agents. Lakers aren’t gonna sign anyone… and they don’t need to.

  • MILO

    i think Bynum is a fragile guy! i know farmars surgery wasnt as serous but c’mon the guy was back 4 weeks later putting in work!!!

  • Retrospect

    [Comment ID #62472 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Wtf, how’d he get that name?


    Well if your really watching the games and not just the boxscore you can see Odom stepped it up so theres no need to worry for a big man. Lakers won’t waste money by signing a big man since they have enough to worry about on expiring contracts. COrrect me if I’m wrong but Ariza and Farmar are FA this year.

  • gus26

    omg!!!!!!!.. i can’t believe some1 actually broght up sam bowie.. all this article says is that he is still on schedule.. oden is more of a sam bowie.. fair weather people piss me off

  • kisofdeath

    lmao @ people thinking he was out longer…if anything he’s a few days off schedule hahahahahaahahhaahaha

    sam bowie? you can’t compare him to sam bowie…Sam Bowie will always be known for being taken before Michael Jordan, and 2nd overall

    bynum was taken 10th, with not too many potential great players takin after him except for Danny Granger (whom i was cheering for the lakers to take that draft lol)


    [Comment ID #62462 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ah….. the ignorance of youth. We will let you slide with this one.

  • Margo

    Bynum will be back sooner than expected!!!!

  • Newtdog

    Laughin my ass off at you melon heads. It’s the exact same prognosis as the original 8-12 weeks, it has just been 2 weeks. So now he has another 6-10. He’s on scheldule morons. You guys crack me up man.

    Oh…and Garnett just got injured. Sad day for Boston :)

  • Michael_23

    Next week there’s going to be an announcement saying Bynum will be back 5-9 weeks.

  • ko8e_f@n

    [Comment ID #62472 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ^ LOL! nice response! :P

  • CG

    WOW. ok here we go again. lol

  • 123kid

    [Comment ID #62499 Will Be Quoted Here]

    awesome! boston loses and loses garnett! what a great day!

    i agree with you. just a few days a go, bynum was shooting stationary shots and was just awaiting news to start using the bike. another thing, we still have half a season left, so thats like another 10 or so weeks, which gives bynum enough time to get better. im still gonna stay positive that bynum will be back within that middle mark.

  • LAKing

    WHY??????????? Can we please get this kid back by early April. Please??????????????

  • a$h

    Garnett injured his knee tonight it looked pretty bad so if he’s out for a while or even if its a season ending injury that will be a big + + + + for us if we face them in the finals with no garnett. just wanted to mention that.

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #62510 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You guys are ruthless lol. I don’t like the Celtics by any means, but let’s not wish anyone any serious injuries. It would be more satisfying to win the championship with them at full-strength.

    At this rate, even with garnett, I still don’t think they’d get past the Cavs.

  • xtro

    they should have traded for a big body or they should sign a bruiser now.

  • ant

    I think who ever posted this didn’t realize that it’s only been 2 weeks since Bynum got injured. Therefore when the writer wrote the article he said he would miss another 6-10 weeks. The original assement was 8-12… So do the math 8-2 = 6 or 12-2=10.

  • kobe bryant

    people and fellow laker fans do not panic… i just did the math and Bynum will be back in late march, or the 2nd or 3rd game of the first round, that is perfectly enough time for him to get back get going in the system and the lakers to start fresh again, plus thats perfect timing for him to come back, its like a blessing in disguse because with the west being tight and best record in the NBA being tight if bynum comes back late march he will be well rested and can give us a fresh burst of energy and odom can come off the bench again, so im looking foward to seeing bynum back in the line up soon but in the mean time get well drew and LETS GO LAKERS!!

    KB24MVP bLaCkMaMbA KB24MVP

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #62528 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I think the same way …..HOWEVER…. the fact that it is KG does bring a smile to my face. KG has become the most arrogant sh*t talker on the floor and NOW I AM GLAD HE’S HURT! He’s an a**hole. When he was in Minnesota, I respected KG, he played hard and that was it (he let his play do the talking). Now, he still plays hard, but he’s a d*ck in the court. Always talking sh*t, no respect for other players. I AM GLAD HE IS HURT. F*CK KG. I want to see him a** get dunked on then someone push his a** to the side.