Andrew Bynum talks about the finals. “We want Orlando,” Andrew Bynum proclaimed, “because I think we owe them. They beat us 2-0 in the regular season, but we get homecourt against them and that’s huge in The Finals. Last year we learned that.”

  • Anthony

    Does he really want to open his mouth? Bad moves.

  • JC

    Ok Drew. Time to step up and prove it! – u can do it. Go Lakers!!! :)

  • lakerschamps-09

    yea he better be sayin i wasnt howard.. bring himm on

  • kobe8

    aint he the same dude that wanted Yao, and was a non-factor in that series? i think he’s the wrong person to talk.

  • 123kid

    better back up what you say drew! you cant just start callin people out and then except the rest of the lakers to do your dirty work.

  • lakers4life

    d12 is making bynum’s wish come true

  • Shril

    Yea Right.. so you can just watch him dunk all over you. And once again you can sit on the bench for 45 minutes every game. Better be careful what u ask for. Dwight will eat u straight up.

  • Michael_23

    If needing Drew was the missing piece last year. This is the matchup to prove it!

  • Lakers 24 7

    Bynum will turn in to Hakeem Olajuwon and beast Howard.

  • JohnJohn

    Howard is currently better than Bynum, BUT we have the other bigs that will step it up. Gasol, Odom, will have to pick up the slack. Not to mention Ariza and oh yeah Kobe B.

  • FT

    u know this kid better step up now, out of all the lakers he should be the last one talking!

    we won’t know how this series is gonna go until after game 1 on thurs, right now thats the most important game, Magi won the last 2 game 1s on the road in Boston n Cleveland!

    Lakers gotta protect homecourt n get one in Orlando!

    Lets please get a diff result from last yr this yr n bring home the trophy!

  • as1084

    damn bynum! shut up! you really want to piss of d howard??!! idiot! save ur talk when u can actually back it up u moron!!

  • dan

    this is a stupid move. why open his mouth? i wonder if the lakers regret signing this kid to 5 years. agh

  • Drake Hunter

    Who cares if he opens his mouth….We all wanted Orlando because of the home court advantage anyways. Game 6 of Cleveland and Orlando was called the correct way and Lebron didn’t get his B-S calls and the better team came out on top. Bynum has to play hard as do all of the Lakers for us to beat Orlando. The Lakers aren’t gonna play harder just because he said this, they’re gonna play hard because they want the championship more and because of what happened to them last year! Does this mean now that since we got Orlando, they’re gonna play harder because of what Bynum said? Orlando is gonna come out and play hard regardless of what was said if they want to win. What matters is how hard the Lakers come out and play and if the Lakers play like the real Lakers in game 6 against Denver, no one can beat us and everyone knows it!!!!! So if Dwight puts up 20/20 in the first game, it’s gonna be because of what Bynum said, or if they make all their threes or the refs make B-S calls we blame Bynum? We all know what Orlando can do and what Dwight’s capable of. We also know the refs dictate the game and the way it’s played so if the game is called correctly, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. I do admit though that Bynum does have to step it up in this series against Orlando to at least slow down Dwight. The only thing wrong about what Mo Williams said was that Cleveland was the better team which they aren’t. I have no problem with players speaking their mind. The Lakers are the better team here in these Finals and it’s up to them to prove it. Bynum wants revenge against Orlando because they beat the Lakers twice in the regular season, and against Orlando, the Lakers have home court advantage. He did not say he can stop Dwight or he’ll own Dwight or that the Lakers are a better team. He spoke the facts. Give the kid a break, he’s still young and learning and this is his first time in the playoffs. What we should really hope for is that Lamar plays strong the whole series, Pau and Bynum can hold down the inside game, Fisher makes his open shots, and the bench actually show up and do something for the first time in the playoffs. Kobe and Ariza have been great throughout the playoffs so I don’t worry about them. I just hope Kobe has that killer instinct and mentality he had towards the end of the first half and second half of game 6 against Denver! Lakers in 6!!!!!!!!

  • Zoom Kobe II

    less talking, less fouls, and more defense.

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  • 123kid

    our match-ups are majority in favor of us. not to be bias or anything, but i really do think we have the upper hand. imo, the 1st 2 games are must wins and 1 game in orlando are a must win.

    fisher vs. alston =alston
    kobe vs. hedo =no brainer kobe
    lee vs. ariza =ariza no brainer
    ariza/odom/pau vs. lewis =lewis wins against pau cuz pau is a inside guy, but against odom and ariza, odom and ariza match up weel. ariza was tested against lbj, artest, battier, and melo.
    bynum vs. howard =howard
    bench vs. their bench =their bench is pietrus and no one else. we have l.o., sasha, farmar, and brown.
    phil vs. van gundy =phil of course
    lakernation vs. orlando disney kids =lakernation are a bunch of gangsters

  • PurpsNGold

    Hey.. I know this is totally random… but.. DOESNT STAN VANGUNDY LOOK LIKE RON JERMEY? LMAO…

  • Drake Hunter

    Lebrons a LITTLE B-I-T-C-H for not shaking any of the Orlando Magic players after losing the game! Lose with some dignity and respect for your opponents who mopped with floor with your face legitimately and take the loss like a man instead of running off the court like a little cry baby!!! Someone should get Queen James a bib and a tissue!!!!!!!

  • SomeonreadthistoLAkers

    Lakers’ bench= too unstable. Pietrus will probably eat up any of our bench guy
    ad then…Howard is probably gonna dominate the board because Andrew will not play hard; he doesn’t want both of his knees broken defending the beast

  • rzebro

    Drew ;(… First you say you say you think your not ready then you say that you want to matchup the best center in the league and D player of the year. He’s hugher then you, his more exp then you…

    but d12 only friend in a paint is my fellow country mar March and you have some tall and strong friends i think… so as long as you don’t relly only on yourself – i wont kill you for this words.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #73861 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i noticed that,too.

    ran the hell out of there.

    what a little b!tch.

    best record in the league.
    coach of the year

    and won hardly two games


    SAY IT WITH Me!!

  • Josh in D 310

    Bynum needs to shut his a$$ up bcuz he hasn’t earned his right as a Laker to call anyone out. Bynum needs to stop moping around the court with that stupid/ retarded look on his face and step his game up. This guy needs a shot of motivation and confidence bcuz its getting really pathetic watching him on T.V. I’m sure the Lakers will handle these guys in 5 but to do that we need Mr.Big mouth here to wake up and step his game up.

  • FarmarAllStar

    bynums young .. let it go.

  • Butch

    Andrew, actions speak louder than words. Step up!

  • cajun fresh

    Andrew has been a disappointment the entire post season. He’s there to be bring toughness and play D. He’s neither doing both. LESS fouls and keep your hands up. BTW, he should work on his strength this off season, bigtime…..

  • phil buss

    Will someone in the Lakers organization please smack Andrew Bynum in the neck? Shut the hell up KID!

  • gugy

    well, little Andrew Bynum has a golden chance to prove and justify the money he is making.
    If he can stop and put a dent on Howard offense, right there he will be worth the money.
    Wait and see.

  • dan

    [Comment ID #73843 Will Be Quoted Here]

    uh, excuse me. when did not having home court advantage hurt the magic this postseason? cleveland was the matchup we wanted. the league, fans, vitamin water and nike gets kobe v lebron, the lakers get the ring in 4 games. the professional thing to do was to just have said “it doesn’t matter who we face”, i don’t see how this kid can grow up to be a franchise player, he just doesn’t seem to have “it” – i don’t care if he can eventually pull down 20-10, this kid’s not the future of the la lakers.

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    you guys have to give Bynum a break.
    He’s a kid. 21, Like it or not, he still learning and going through the motions.

    He was the only guy wearing the cap and shirt with the WCF champions. That tells me he is excite and shows a bit of immaturity because he was not on the team last year, so he was not part of this. The other players are angry because thy lost and Bynum has no clue what that feels like.

    I am not expecting a huge breakout performance from him this finals. If he can play good D, that will be huge for us.
    Have faith, the kid still have couple years to prove he is a force.

  • Diggah_dalakerfan

    Byenum needs to be quiet……….last thing ORlando needs is Locker Room Material

  • lakers1fan

    Yeah not to be negative or in ANY way sound like i’m against the Lakers, but I agree with some of you here who have commented that Bynum needs to just STFU cause he was the same guy who on April 2009 made headlines with,”Bynum wants Yao Ming in 2nd round” and said according to “SLAMOnline: “It makes me very hungry,” Bynum said. “I can’t wait to go out there against a challenging player like Yao Ming. I know I’m going to play better just because it’s a big guy I’m going to go up against” and now he wants D.Howard??? I just hope these 4 days off he takes his immature @ss into that practice facility and put in 2 or 3 hrs and practice his game if not Howard will own him in the paint and he will just look rediculous all over again!!!!

  • lakers2000

    This may determine weather his ass will be here next year. I hope he does well. He has been the most disappointing Laker this year. Earn that contract and show Howard what it’s like being owned! Lakers all the waaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!!!!!!!!

  • David

    @Lakers_The_Truth- Age has nothing to do with it it’s about heart an being a professional there are 50 million reasons why this guy should shut his mouth. First he wanted Yao and got the bench instead he’s questioned Phil’s coaching and strategy and doesn’t hustle back on defense and now he’s calling out a dominate big man like Dwight howard an olympic gold medal winner and all star.. He better know what he’s getting in to , he thinks that the city of los angeles and the franchise is his he needs to think twice.. Kobe at his age won his title and yes he had problems with questioning or challenging players as well but the one major difference is that the Mamba delivered and helped the Lake show win 3 titles. Now andrew I ask you WILL you do the same?? I hope so as do the millions of laker fans in L.A. and around the world.

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #73914 Will Be Quoted Here]

    A break?!? That fool’s had about 4 months worth of a break! That motha fcuka just needs to start pulling his $58 million + weight! We all know that he’s only 21, but yo, that ain’t no excuse to not step up! It’s really time for him put all that money where his mouth is! He claims that he wants revenge against Orlando… well, here’s his chance. Time to step up Bynum! Show us where that young boy went? The one that after being dunked on by Shaq, went straight back down on the floor and demanded the ball, went fake right and 2 handed dunk left! That’s the guy that we need back to go up against Howard!

  • ab4sure

    First of all HCA is important. Look at past winners and you will see HCA for teams winning the trophy was about 80%. Second, all Bynum said was he wanted Orlando for that reason and if you look at the first point that is a pretty good reason. lastly Warlick Dumbass you quit sucking here and maybe you will not be bothered by your twin.


    ^^^^Still chasing someone else’s Thunder? …How good does My_Warlock ass taste?

  • ab4sure

    Warlick Dumbass go find your twin. He is up your ass I know and your thunder is nothing but angry posts that have little substance to them. No wonder someone has got a poker up your ass because that is how you act on this site. Do you want me to make you look like a fool again with your stupid posts n the past?


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