An interesting quote from Drew. Thoughts?

Yahoo! Sports: “I think everybody’s angry, but we’re not angry at the right things,” Bynum said. “We might be angry with each other. So that’s not always that great.”

  • Marwan Marzina

    Angry with each other? Uh oh. Thats never good but I honestly don’t know why they could be angry at each other for.
    Lakers have one of the best team chemistry in the league. They regularly have dinner together and Kobe would pay the bill. I mean there’s more to it than just a dinner but Im saying that is what they usually do so you cant really say they are angry with each other.

    • wow

      Oh my God, will you stop making excuses for these guys? When a call is made, Kobe bitches. He set the example now everyone bitches after a call especially Pau. PC team dinners and games are two different things. Fuck

      • bc18

        TRUE! Kobe ALWAYS WHINES! and he already gets superstar type calls…hes my fave player but he needs to pull his head outta his aZZ cuz he acts like the league owes him everything…

        • LOL

          lol bc18 your a joke, stfu you god damn idiots. man there are so many retarded idiot laker fans that it makes me sick, you guys don’t even know wtf your talking about. stop talking out of your asses please. idiots…

          • wow

            Man fuck you. bc18 just said that Kobe was his favorite player. The ones talking out of ass are you and every fan that always makes excuses for this team. I want them to repeat as much as any other person on this site. You just can’t take criticism on the Lakers can you? Asshole

          • LOL

            haha, funny. The only problem we(the lakers) have atm is bad team defense, no energy, and pau being a pussy. Other than that, we’re at no problem. We won last year with pau being a bitch, and energy will come which will bring defense. So STOP being a dramatic little cunt and stop shitting buckets over two losses. kkthnx bye

          • wow

            you’re the one being Mr. Positive sunshine and shit. Faggot.

  • http://57.amklac REALITY

    so you` ve been there when the check comes?how big a tip did he leave?did he take a doggy bag?talk about pulling crap out of your ass.Kobe tries to sell himself as a fun guy, like lebron……….a jerks a jerk.

  • gus26

    no andrew everyone is not mad at eachother it just seems that way because everyone is mad at you…

    • berkyberks

      I’m about to say the same thing!

  • drive-for-16th

    these guys shouldnt be mad at each other but i think kobes pissed off at everyone right now by looking at his post game, he was pissed of at the team, what they need to do is if ur fukin missed take shit out on the other teams and play pissed, dont start talkin shit to or about ur team mates, take it out on the court by playing aggresive, if they were really pissed they play with some intensity and aggresiveness but they dont so i dont know what they’re pissed off at.

    • bc18

      yeah, they shouldnt start talking shit about their teammates…like kobe would never do…*sarcastic*

  • drive-for-16th

    fukin joke is they’re pissed off, llolol, ill i saw from him and pau was crying on the court looking for a call, if ur pissed start dunking in the teams face and dont let them push ur asses around.

  • willmo

    another excuse from a guy that’s been always trying to justify his actions. the team is playing the roughest schedule of this yr and they just need to compete and play together. the turnovers and settling for jumpshots are what’s killing them. it’s frustrating to see them have the height advantage over every team in the league and yet they settle for horrific jumpers. they only prepare themselves mentally for the celts and nuggets. that’s why i think that they are waiting for the playoffs so they can start playing with a sense of urgency. That and Pau needs to grow a pair and start busting heads and please quit arguing on every call with the refs, that’s probably why KB24 did not get that call at the end of regulation in Miami. I think it’s time for one of Fishers stern talks on how they won it all last yr. always tends to work. watch them win tomorrow.

  • Lakers 24 7

    I think Derek Fisher needs to conduct another Players Meeting in the locker room.

    • yeah

      Where everyone holds hands, sing koom bai yah, and passes some herb?

  • lolz

    Who am I mad at? I’m mad at Luke! Douche sits in every game on the sides in his suit, smirking to himself: “feels good to be paid and I’m doing jack shit for it”.

  • KBloyalist

    I have the feeling! they will win tomorrow for sure! but if they don’t…we lose! their still on the play-off then i’ll just wait..

    I just avail the NBA league broadband trying to watch the replay of any lakers games co’z I work at night..but when I saw the boxscore I felt that I wasted my money on it! LPBB sucks it blackouts a big night games even on replay…the only laker game I can watch is agains scrub teams like bobcats , and yet I can’t watch because it’s worthless!!!I am not going to purchased it again!

  • expo

    even after a $25k fine this dude still doesn’t keep his mouth shut!!!! Jim Buss needs to sit down with his “project” and tell him to shut the hell up!!

    • Marwan Marzina

      What are you talking about? What he is saying here is not targeted at the NBA officials in any way.
      He is saying they might be frustrated with each other – possibly because each one has a responsibility in the game and they aren’t fulfilling those responsibilities.
      He can’t get a fine for saying that.

      • expo

        I’m just saying there are certain things that should be kept inside the locker room, whether they are directed at the officials or your teammates. Criticizing the officials could cause them problems later in the playoffs, (or even now) and saying your teammates are mad at each other is definetly gonna add fuel to the fire for media scrutiny. It has nothing to do with the fine, but everything doesn’t have to be aired to the media!

  • LGM10

    I’m sick and tired of drew seriously i hope the lakers ship him out during the summer. The guy is a lost cause; hasn’t improved over 2 years and is just plain LAZY. Seriously guys when have we ever
    SEEN EMOTION out of this guy during a game?;
    at least paus shown it (yes i’m talking about when u yell at the gods after scoring and show some passion). Drew just doesn’t care and he’s infected the whole team (how many times have we seen him nonchalant and smirking after a big loss). I dont know what jim buss sees in him but if he really wants to go play first option then let him do it with whoever, i highly doubt we’ll see it. I dont care how “good” you are or how much “potential” you have, If you lack the drive and motivation to succeed and improve yourself you will get nowhere in life. Bynum has nobody to be mad at but himself.

  • Dazerlokote!

    Pau just cried for a call all game at least drew was making buckets without crying like a bitch!

  • Laker Fan

    Just play ball!