L.A. Times: Andrew Bynum has a request for Coach Phil Jackson, something that’s more than a minor favor to ask — he wants more playing time in the fourth quarter.

The 21-year-old Lakers center has sat out the final minutes of the team’s last three close games.

He did not play the last 3:49 against Phoenix, the last 6:12 against Sacramento and the last 5:41 against Washington. He also sat out all but 12 seconds of the last 5:32 against Indiana.

“I don’t understand why I’m not in at the end of the game,” Bynum said. “It doesn’t make much sense to me, but it’s something I have to deal with. I haven’t been in foul trouble the last couple of games, so I have no idea.”

Bynum has struggled with pick-and-roll defense, and Jackson believes there is no margin for error in the late stages of tight games, of which there have been many for the Lakers.

“When he shows the ability to play defense appropriately, he’ll probably be there,” Jackson said. “Andrew’s doing really well and he’s making great progress, but there are times in the game down the stretch [where] we’ve got to have the best defenders, guys that have been through it — and that was the team we had last year in the playoffs. They know how to help each other.”

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  • as1084

    STFU Bynum!! PJ: 9 rings….AB: 0 Rings!! STFU!! if u werent running off at the mouth maybe u would be playing more in the 4th. why did we resign this guy??? i think drew called shaq and asked him for advice about bit*hing…

  • dawg

    where is andrew rafner?

  • imfasterthanur

    I understand that he shouldn’t publicize his personal feelings, but the young center.

    There’s been a constant pattern for our defense to allow second chance points to opposing offenses as well as giving up points in the paint during the late phases of a contest. Aside from better on-ball defense by our back-court, Bynum can help these aspects by being aggressive on the boards and altering, if not blocking, the easy lay-ups and second chance points we’ve been prone to give up.

    He is young and still has a lot of room for improvement, and playing in the 4th quarter when things MATTER is crucial for his long-term development. Remember, Bynum has yet to even participate in the playoffs. In my opinion, there is absolutely no reason to take him out the way jackson has.

  • Michael_23

    SHAQ was benched even on defensive plays at the end of the game to contend with quickness. I think going small with LO is can result in better transition defense but with half court sets on defense and offense, Andrew is the better player.

    It’s a toss up, but if were playing Boston, I think I’d have Drew get in there.

  • sketch


    example of shaq being on the bench during the 4th for quickness is understandable, but we’re talking about bynum not shaq. bynum is way quicker than shaq! LOL! i believe that he’s even quicker than gasol. the thing is that, gasol’s got more experience than bynum while bynum has more strength. this should be a case by case decision. depending not only on the team and the players that they’re going up against. one may be better suited than the other or they may both need to be in at the same time.

    now, as far as when we play boston…they both definitely need to be in there!


    i hear what your saying about bynum’s long term development by playing in the 4th, but the flip side is that he needs to learn to trust in the coaching staff and have patience. that is actually more important for his potential long term development growth than just the physical experience.

    in the mean time, bynum NEEDS to STFU!!!!!!! he’s speaking up way too much! i love his passion and enthusiasm for wanting to be in there at the end to compete, but he definitely needs to stop talkin to the media! he’s complainin way too and just needs to not to embarrass himself or the team any longer! STFU!!!!!


    B U L L F U C K I N S H I T ! …THE KID IS RIGHT! …Jackson states and I quote; “there are times in the game down the stretch [where] we’ve got to have the best defenders, guys that have been through it — and that was the team we had last year in the playoffs. They know how to help each other.” …Looks like Jackson has early signs of Alzheimer’s disease, especially the more he states further along; “They know how to help each other.” Yeah, 39 point loss? …Proves they know how to help each other? .^&*@#$! …Seems he’s completely oblivious to what ACTUALLY happened in the 2008 NBA Finals… He must think this is 1998 with Michael at the helm and the Bulls on the floor… Homogonously weak of an excuse, to this analogy! …WOW! Some of the stuff that comes out of Jackson’s mouth is freakin unbelievable!

  • tbrownla



    The best defenders? …Who? …Lamar “The Statue of Liberty” Odom? …Derek “The Matador” Fisher? ….Luke “The Real Smush” Walton? …Vlad “The Space Cadet” Radmonivich? …Oh, at least we had Pau “The Gentleman” Gasol, down low in the post! …Damn! Did I miss anybody! …Geeeezus!


    Oop, I forgot the best defender in the 4th quarter of last year; Sasha “My Brown Eyes Blew By You” Vujacic!


    Oh! I forgot the best of all the defenders; Jordan “Step Thru My Lue” Farmar… How could I forget?


    Well, at least he (Jackson) had his thinking cap on, and didn’t try to use much of Chris “The Stiff” Mihm down low, or we might have seen KG go for 50!

  • Drake Hunter

    I can understand where Andrew is coming from and I totally agree with him and I don’t think Phil makes any sense if he actually goes back and reads his comments in this article. The Lakers lost to the Celtics last year in the Finals because they didn’t have a defensive presence in the middle. Everyone and their moms know that if we had Bynum last year we would have beaten the Celtics.

    Now if the games are close and Bynum isn’t in the game near the end of the fourth quarter, we’re pretty much going back to square one in terms of our defense, and we will be in the exact same position we were in last year.The same five that Phils says he wants in the fourth to finish the games are the same five as last year with the exception of Ariza and they failed defensively to stop the Celtics and their not doing so well so far this year either. Bynum is a big difference from Odom from a defensive stand point.

    Now if you want defense to finish games, wouldn’t it be in your best interest to have your big man in the fourth quarter of a close game to clog the middle and block shots and get rebounds? So Bynum has been struggling with the pick and roll defense? So what! Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk. Keep him out there during the regular season so he can practice and learn how to defend the pick and roll in an actual game that matters and prepare him for the playoffs.

    If we lose a few games because Bynum didn’t pick up a certain defender or pick and roll, it won’t hurt us as much in the regular season. He’ll learn as the games go on and it will eventually pay off for us in the playoffs when Bynum understands it. If you want to drive a car, you have to get behind the wheel. If you want Bynum to defend the pick and roll better, leave him out there and eventually he’ll learn. We’re looking at the big picture here and that’s a championship ring.

    If we lose tomorrow to Sacramento in a close game because Bynum didn’t pick up his man on the screen or didn’t roll to the other defender, I’ll take the loss as long as he understood what he did wrong and will try to correct it. Show him the tape afterwards and tell him how its done. That’s what the regular season is for. Let Bynum play the fourth. The big man wants the challenge!


    Very well said, Drake.

  • http://www.nicklachey.us Nick Lachey USA

    Essentially, Andrew got to protect the paint better. I understand that Lakers are doubling too much but he’s not doing a whole lot to keep players out of the paint as of late.

  • ZenMaster23

    I can understand where both Phil and Drew are coming from in this article. However, seeing how lazy Drew has looked during certain points in each game, I don’t blame Phil.

    Maybe if Drew actually *sprinted* back down the court on defense and offense instead of walking down slowly, Phil would have more confidence to leave him in there.

    I’m sorry but at 21 years old you have to prove that you have a fire to dominate on every possession. Until that time, there are veterans who will bring that fire when it matters most – in the 4th quarter.

    Message to Drew – start showing more effort in the other 3 quarters, then maybe Phil will feel like you have the balls to play in the 4th.


    This kid needs to STFU. I want him to play too in the 4th quarter but maybe he should go talk to his coach about it and now go to the press. Get a life. I dont think LO and Pau are good on D but still no need to come out and express his mind to the press everytime. Talk to your coach… Some NBA players need to grow up already

  • xtro

    let the big fella play and learn.


    Lead by example. Show that you are the wall, that you send everything back, run on defense just as you do on offense and maybe you can get what you ask for. Another thing, keep this stuff in the club house and out of the papers.

  • pancho

    I agree,alot of his complaints need to stay in the locker room. I sometimes wonder if maybe Phil’s also mindfull of maybe the young center blowing a game and loosing his comfidence,,,,getting down on himself to much and becoming a head case. I think we have several players(sasha,jordan,lamar that get to caught in doubt on their skills……..just another way of seeing it maybe.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #56663 Will Be Quoted Here]

    and you call yourself a Laker fan?? Sounds you dislike the whole team.

  • LakersLive FromDC

    Phil playing mindgames,he did the same thing to Horace Grant when he was poutin’ about playing time…Phil is tryin’ to get these guys P’ed off for a reason…TOUGHEN THESE M’F’ERS UP,instead of cryin’,act like you wanna WIN A ‘CHIP!!!!!

  • LakersFirst

    Last time I checked Bynum was in the game, at the very end, in the Indiana loss (both 7 footers were). Where was he for the loose rebound and block? You say “If we lose a few games because Bynum didn’t pick up a certain defender or pick and roll, it won’t hurt us as much in the regular season.”, but we all know what is going to happen. If games are lost, everyone here will have a huge fit and begin to panic.

    Bynum is 21, he is going to get his time. Much like many people didn’t trust Mitch as GM (look at how he proved everyone wrong), people here are now doubting Phil Jackson. It’s a shame.

  • e-bucher

    wow this guy loves the attention or cries to much…i guess the fact that we won doesn’t matter to him…he needs to work on his pNr defense and maybe then phil will give him some pt at the end of games…and if he has a problem with phil…talk to phil not the media…when will these players learn…

  • Al

    I’ve been saying for years that Phil is stealing money from Lakers. He is the worst coach in the league and Lakers are winning in spite of his idiotic decisions. What game is Phil watching when he is saying that Bynum cannot defend pick and roll? We are being beaten by lay up after lay up on the inside and our best shot blocker is sitting on the bench with only 3 fouls.

    P.S. And please trade Odom. He’s been worthless this year.

  • Geloman

    [Comment ID #56665 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’m totally with ya on this. Better that Drew learn to be a defensive presence in the paint now during 4th quarter situations then trying to have him learn it in the playoffs where there is no room for error. Let him close out games now and he’ll have a better impact come playoff time.

    Everything you said is so true.

    Another thing is, the Lakers were criticized for a lack of toughness during the playoffs and especially in the finals and that Drew would have provided some toughness the Lakers lacked. Well, we have Drew back 100%, tell me why we aren’t using him when it matters.

  • abs

    Al: What a load of rubbish.

    Bynum needs to keep his mouth shut. I’m getting sick of him. His time will come. Go have a chat to Luke about sacrifice.

  • Geloman

    [Comment ID #56693 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ye, ye, ye dawg. I feel ya on that front. I really hope it doesn piss Bynum off. Maybe Phil and Kobe should get together and film a vid for youtube.

  • Al

    Hey, ABS, remind me what talent did Phil ever develop? I can’t think of anyone either…and are you comparing the talent of Bynum with Luke Walton? You are out of your mind….Luke does not even belong in the NBA.

  • abs

    Al, once again what a load of rubbish!


    [Comment ID #56692 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Dude, I am The Biggest, Most Die-Hard, & The Most Passionate Lakers Fanatic that you (PlayersFirst?) will ever come across!
    My comments (with a little humor included on occasion) will always be directly related to what is obvious to even the most casual of Lakers fan… My passion is directly geared to Lakers Dominance; Therefore, I always call it, as I see it, not as I wish it to be! …Hence, the criticism of the past and current Lakers shortcomings… If you’re going to bring an argument to the table, then bring ONE! …Otherwise, all I can say to you is; “GET THAT WEAK S H I T OUTTA HERE”!


    LakersFirst, or should I say PhilsFirst; Your name can be misleading, especially if you believe that Phil “I Earned It All by Myself” Jackson is the MAIN dude who is directly responsible for earning those 9 Championship Rings… Get Real!


    [Comment ID #56697 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Al, I gotta agree with most of what you said; Phil might not be the absolute worse, but he is definitely not the best! Not even close! …And while I don’t completely agree that Odom is worthless, he is getting cheaper and cheaper! …LOL

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #56722 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You’re a Laker fan!!!??? All you do is bitch about the team. I don’t think I’ve ever read ONE positive thing come from you.

    My argument is.. ALL YOU DO IS BITCH ABOUT THE TEAM. YOU SOUND LIKE A F’N LITTLE GIRL. CALM DOWN, HAVE A LITTLE LAKER FAITH IN THE TEAM, if you are a so called “laker fan”. It’s only December.

  • LakersFirst

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    Mr Juan,

    Really, I didn’t know that MJ, Shaq and Kobe won titles before Phil Jackson. This is news to me!!!


    What does that tell you???