Inside The Lakers: Andrew Bynum foot hurts. Really. It just didn’t seem to affect him very much in Friday’s win over the Mavs. Bynum scored 18 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in over 36 minutes of action.

After the game, he said his injured right foot felt no worse for wear, but the real test will come tommorrow morning.

“Right now it feels good,” Bynum said after the game. “It doesn’t feel any worse than it did before the game, which is a good sign. But tommorrow morning is going to determine a lot.”

Asked how his injury –which is on the top of his foot — was affecting his play, Bynum said: “Jumping is difficult, just pushing off is difficult but it’s something I’m able to play through.”

His teammates don’t seem all that concerned.

“Welcome to the league, man,” Kobe Bryant said of Bynum’s injury. “It’s like a badge of honor. It’s only a flesh wound.”

He also clarified the circumstances behind another injury he’s been playing though. He’s been sporting a rather wicked shiner under his right eye for the past few days.

“I caught an elbow in the Sacramento game. I don’t know who did it though,” he said.

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  • Nick Lachey USA

    Hope everything goes well with him. We need him healthy for the playoffs.

  • sketch

    LOL! when kobe says “welcome to the league man, it’s like a badge of honor. it’s only a flesh wound”, that’s kobe’s way of saying suck it up padawan and don’t even think about being on the I.R. again.

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  • needmorehops5

    I wish Andrew Bynum could play lie dwight howard

  • lakerman1

    Andrew just needs to keep doing what hes been doing rebounding, blocking shots and averaging 10 points a game. The guy has nice footwork, a nice touch with the ball power, a 10 to 12 foot jumper and can shoot free throws. Thats what Phil is looking for. Dwight is not a very good free throw shooter. If Andrew keeps working to improve he will only get better, quit trying to compare him with someone else. We already have the Michael versus Kobe deal who both acheived greatness in their own style. Andrew is doing FINE!