Here is a Bynum injury update. Looks like he is back with his own personal trainer…

ESPN: After Lakers practice Monday, he said he was “feeling less pain.”

Afterward he got his knee wrapped by his personal trainer, Sean Zarzana, not one of the many members of the Lakers’ deep training staff. Then, as reporters were cleared out of the practice gym, Bynum and Zarzana went to work out in what Bynum called the “first test” of his knee.

  • David

    I’m really starting to question the competence of our training staff. Back in 2004 they miss diagnosed Malone’s knee, leading to an incomplete recovery.. They haven’t been able to get Ariza or Bynum ready. And now Bynum has brought in his own trainers to prepare him.

  • xtro

    Just another smokescreen!

  • Dondre

    Bynum who?

  • lalakerfan

    If you guys go down to the bottom of that article, you’ll find Adande mulling over something interesting:

    “Do the Lakers pay to keep all of them around? Do they pay Bynum the money he wants if he’ll be relegated to a backup behind Gasol and Odom, both of whom have played at All-Star levels lately? I’d take the long-term view. Leave him out for these playoffs, so he won’t have to play with fear or extra pressure. Sign him to an extension this summer. If the full house doesn’t work out, if there isn’t enough time and space to be divvied up among the frontcourt players, they could always trade him.

    If they got Pau Gasol for Kwame Brown, imagine what they could get for Bynum.”

    See those last two lines? “They could always trade him.”

    This article was full of canyons between the lines to read. I heard a while ago that it was Bynum’s people who wanted the second opinion on his knee’s progress – that’s why he went to New York. There seems to be a schism between Bynum and the Lakers. Could it be?

  • laketown

    He’s had the personal trainer for a while now. And i would not dive into the last two sentences as more than an opinion of a writer (a good one at that)

    But its always fun to speculate =]

  • Dondre

    Chris Paul for Bynum straight up!

  • Lakers Blog

    With all the talk, lets not forget that he still has almost two months to recover before the NBA Finals come around. If the Lakers continue to win, the roster will become healthier as well.


    It’s funny,one of The Lakers most prized possessions goes down and the fact that he may not return this season because he’s still healing,you have people talkin’ TRADE,WHAT THE F@#$!!



  • Geloman

    Well if he hasn’t healed in time for training camp, then you need to question whether it would be a good investment to wage the future of the team on him.

    We’ll just have to see. Which is what we’ve been having to do since he went down. Have a great summer Drew.

  • Mamba2410

    Thank god he’s getting healed a little faster, or at least that’s what it seems to be. This isn’t the type of news I’d love to hear, but at least he seems to be doing better than with his other trainer he was working with. Lets just hope that he is going to return by Game 2 or Game 3 of the 2nd Round. But we really shouldn’t rush him since he is a major part of our future!

  • ab4sure

    Adande is being a stupid analyst in this article. First if Bynum is ready to play then you play him, not shut him down. Also, to suggest the possibility of trading Bynum since they have Gasol now is another stupid suggestion. I usually agree with this guy but he is way off here.

  • MambaKB24

    Honestly, until hes been cleared to play, theres no reason for these updates

    none of them mean anything, his status changes every day

    im kinda sick of it, the reality is that he will be back in the conference finals, when they play a team with a legitimate big man

    they wont rush his vs camby, or okur

    they will want him to match up vs either a team like pheonix or san antonio

    if they end up playing new orleans or dallas he wont even be back until the finals

    but, knowing how much bynum changes his feelings, he might not even come back,
    and you know what, we might not even need him

  • ignard

    What’s going on w/Ariza? We keep getting useless Bynum updates but hardly anything on Trevor.

  • 123KID

    just cuz bynum has been hurt for awhile doesnt mean hez gonna be part of trade rumors. this is his first major injury and hez still has a lifetime left of basketball. but if his knee was a problem, then it would be an issue, but man how can you even think about giving him up. i agree with DCLAKER! you either support the LAKERNATION or get the eff out LAKER HATER!

  • drake hunter

    Lakers beating the crap out of Denver in Game 1 – AWESOME : Pau Gasol looking like the 2nd best player in the league – Incredible : Rumors and articles about Andre Bynum’s health, knee, come back date, and overall status – WHO CARES!!!!!!

  • iLakers

    [Comment ID #33646 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahaha…great comment.

  • Rinnegato

    I’m not going to play GM anymore and neither should these sportswriters (although Adande is a pretty good writer). Mitch has done an INCREDIBLE job and should have gained everyone’s confidence that he and he alone can wheel and deal as he sees fit for the Lakers.

  • kaynam24

    bynum just doesnt wanna come back cuz pau gasol is taking all his spotlight….. lol jp.. which was his n gained… now hes gonna go to new orleans along w/ chris paul to own 2 of da youngest best duo’s ever lol jp.. go lakers.. never mind that i was just bored.. hahaha

  • Dondre

    How is wanting Bynum traded Laker hating? We got Kareem training our bigs now, who knows next year Mbenga might be good and become trade bait. I don’t hate the Laker’s you guys just hate my opinion so who’s the hater?

  • Anonymous.

    I seriously question how Bynum can fit in the lineup with Gasol and Odom this in sync with each other. The interior will be too clogged up for Odom to pass in the inside to Pau.

  • kobewannabe

    like stu said ,”ill believe it wen i see it.”

  • 187 ON BOSTON


  • Jayvee

    How many times have we heard that Bynum’s feeling less pain?

  • Geloman

    I think Bynum may feel his career is better off elsewhere where he can be the focal point of the team. He has such a bright future that he may feel that his true potential may not be tapped in such a clogged lineup.

    This is what I fear and he may bolt and take an offer elsewhere. Anybody feel the same way?

  • True Lakers Fan

    i believe it when i see it!!!!!!!!!

  • EuropeLaker

    Is Bynum done for career? LOL

  • http://kasmvp kas

    Bring bynum back beacuse kobe is in pain and his back herats so he can have some help
    kobe , gaslo. bynum will kill it like the 3best