Great news! As long as he has a few games under his belt before the Playoffs, the Lakers should be the team to beat. Get well, Bynum!

Inside the Lakers: Andrew Bynum has started workouts on a stationary bicycle and an elliptical trainer this week, the first steps in his rehabilitation and recovery from a torn medial collateral ligament suffered Jan. 31 against the Memphis Grizzlies.

The Lakers expect the 7-foot Bynum to be sidelined until at least April. Coach Phil Jackson said recently he doesn’t expect Bynum to be ready to resume basketball drills until some time in March.

  • Dave

    Good news: he’s spending a lot of time on the bike
    Bad news : he lost track of time and missed practice

  • i hate the color green

    who is this troll joseph?? u smell fear huh twinkletoes?? u over here like some sort of infiltrator or something, u closet lakers fan.

    good news: Bynum will be in this year’s final’s.
    bad news: it won’t be against the smell-dicks

    do the cel-ticks have what it takes to beat cleveland or orlando, hmmm…

  • xtro

    hey joseph,

    remember kg is out too.

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  • lakersman24

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  • LakersFirst

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    93-91 clippers. Boston f*ggots can’t even beat the clippers

  • jason

    you know if we all just completely ignore him his comments just wont mean sht. We all know hes a moron anyways so why even bother. That being said..Boston just cant beat anything LA this days. Watch out Boston…the Sparks are comin to town and they’re gonna woop ya too :)

  • Dave

    Celtics vs. the Sparks. Now, that I would pay to see.

  • lilkobe24

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  • enrico

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    youdont even deserve to have a banner if you cant beat the clippers. c’mon!

    getting mikki mouse and starbury won’t make a difference.
    maybe you should get larry bird back to even get a chance.

  • LakersFirst

    Notice the Boston Suckdic fan hasn’t been back since his beloved Suckdics lost to the Clippers.