Andrew Bynum is ready to prove himself as an All-Star in this league; one of the least talked about stories regarding the Lakers.

83010071AB018_LAKRS_CLIPSExaminer: Jackson said he thinks he will spend more time with the big men, something that had been Rambis’ specialty. The other coaches will have to pick up Rambis’ responsibilities as somewhat of a defensive coordinator.

He is happy starting out with a healthy Andrew Bynum who told the coach he’s ready to rock n’ roll all the way to the All Star game. Jackson would be happy if the young center stayed healthy enough to continue his maturation as a player.

  • http://vinginor laker raja

    Cool I ll be the first to say hes a weak over paid
    boy man. The guy is Elden Campell Part 2 .
    Sure he was hurt . But the never brings any heart.
    He is a heart less as hell. Kareem gave up .
    Big wasted of a big man . All star r you kidding Bynum? Get 20 points 20 board thats what a 7 ft center at 23 does . Watch D howards defense.
    His offense is not so hot but watch Yao score .

  • http://vinginor laker raja

    Bynum If you bcome a All star we will have a parade.Just on your behalf.
    Dude you do not need to worry about being a allstar. Kobe is working out Hakeem
    who do you work out with.Mike Shrek,Elden Camppell,Beniot Benjermin.
    These are your hard working players

  • lakers#1

    thats great to hear!! If he has a great first half, he can make the all star team! Bynum is the most exciting player to watch since Kobe joins the Lakers.

  • gugy

    Talk is cheap.
    So hopefully he will show this fire on the court. Good luck to him. I want to be pleasantly surprise.

  • willow

    He said the same thing last year in training camp. He was playing great ball until Kobe landed on his knee. He got injured by a freak accident. I wanna see him DOMINATE more on the defensive end. Make teams believe they can’t get anything past the free throw line. Block shots like a hockey goalie, grab boards and just be an all around beast in the paint like Dwight Howard, then I’ll believe he can be an All-Star by Feb. It’s gonna be an interesting season with the addition of Ron and a healthy Bynum (hopefully he stays healthy).

  • Short Dog

    That’s what I wanted to hear. He will have a big impact this year.

  • Omamba

    Probably won’t take much. With Yao out, his only real competition is Duncan, Al Jefferson (please don’t count him as a Center, he HAS to play center for his team), maybe Okafor, maybe Kaman, maybe Camby, he can beat almost all of the centers in the West, except for maybe Duncan and Al J, so he should be a shoe in. He should have a really great chance to become the West All-Star’s Starting Center as long as he plays with 100% energy, 100% heart, and stays healthy enough until the All-Star Break *knock on wood*.

  • http://vinginor laker raja

    Great Benoit elden Aka Bynum gets in by default.
    Who s the jackass that said he was exiciting to watch. I can not remeber him ever being exiciting.
    Does even play hard to get the crowd up.

  • Dave

    C’mon, cranky pants. He is just 21 and has shown an immense amount of promise for someone of his age and experience. I say give him the benefit of the doubt, be patient, and lets enjoy the season. Okey dokey?

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    All the Lakers need from Drew is to average 12 points, 12 rebounds, and 3 blocks in 30 minutes over 82 (Eighty-two) games.

    REPEAT: 82 games.

    Just give the Lakers that, Drew, and all will be well.

  • http://vinginor laker raja

    If he cant stay in the game for more than 10
    minutes or isnt hurt.
    Dude your weal telling Phil you ll be in the all
    star game is a joke who is your competion in the west? Your stupid trying to play us.
    Artest is going to kick your punk ass pal
    be ready he s not Kobe who yells then says its all good.
    That guy is going to Mike Tyson on you Run Elden
    Bynum Run

    • PTG23


  • althelakerfanyoushouldmeet

    Lakerraja-your wack dawg we heard enough from you already.

    Bynum I’m glad you have aspirations to be in the All-Star game. He’s turning 22 this year so it’s nice to see him feel confident and ready to contribute this year! Injuries is apart of the sport somebody unexpected will get hurt this year so be prepared laker nation!

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  • Greg

    Do you remember when the Lakers played the Spurs last year before Bynum got injured. Bynum the Beast crushed Duncan!!! If he stays healthy and plays up to his potential he will definitely be an all star!!!!

  • Short Dog

    Bynum puts it down.

  • The Purple and Gold Blog

    So what if Andrew said he wants to be an All-Star this year. I think that’s great! Whatever pumps him up for the marathon season is fine with me. If he keeps at this words and averages at least 10 points, 10 boards, and anywhere close to 3.5 blocks, the Lakers will be impossible to beat.

  • http://vinginor laker raja

    Yeah IF IF IF grandma had balls she would be grand pa.
    Bynum should be able to handle 10 10 3.5
    but he wont cause he Sucks .. No heart
    effortless boy man.
    Dude your just another Kwame with a big contract.