This is nothing big for you guys to freak out about. Just give him time to heal up. The Lakers said in July that Bynum would be available on a “limited basis” during training camp after his operation to repair the knee he dragged through the playoffs and Finals, earning the respect of his teammates in the process. Bynum in fact will not participate in any preseason games. He will travel with the team, but he has not yet been cleared to begin basketball activities on the court. The Lakers hope Bynum will be able to do some work on court later in the preseason. With Gasol also sitting out the worlds, he’s likely ready to handle heavier minutes early on until Bynum is up to speed.

  • Kisofdeath

    great opportunity for caracter to display his skills. he is now the primary back up to Lamar Odom at power forward for the time being



  • Robert.

    Not freaking out. Yao is playing only 24 minutes a game. Is Greg Oden even playing?
    7+ footers may be skilled dominant players, but also seem to be susceptible to injuries below (and including) the knees. Even Pau had a hamstring injury (yes, above the knees, but still part of the leg). Yes those injuries happen to everyone, but you have to admit, both Yao and Oden had some very serious fractures (in the past, they would have been career ending).
    Few like Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, lasted through the challenge of being the ‘tallest of the tall’. Kareem was obsessed with conditioning, and Wilt was simply the best basketball athlete ‘ever’.
    So, playing Drew ‘cautiously’ makes complete sense. I would even limit his minutes during the games (around 30?).

    • Alex Kropach

      I’m so sick of Bynum already. Trade his ass now! WHY DIDN’T HE HAVE THE SURGERY EARLIER….I guess it was more important to fly to South Africa to watch the world cup and then vacation a little. The guy will always be injury prone. Can’t wait til the first month of the season to find out what else he tweaked.

  • Jack Y.

    It’s all good. What matters is that we have the best record in the West, and that everyone is ready for playoffs! :)

  • 242LakerFan

    According to this, he’s going to be getting his rest on the court.

  • Michael_23

    He should have had the surgery right after he got back from the Soccer games in Africa. He was laggin’ it and now that’s why he wont participate in a full-fledged pre-season.

    • Alex Kropach

      My thoughts exactly….

    • Sir

      He shouldn’t have even gone to the World Cup. He should’ve had the surgery as soon as the season was over.

  • F__K That!

    I would not mind to leave Bynum sitting until the playoffs starts anyway. The dude will find a way to get injured right before the post season. He has done that 3 x in a row.
    I wish him the best but I am not holding my breath again.

  • king.manu

    that sucks!!!! big time!!! i´ve got tickets for the lakers game in london. they cost 900 euro!

  • KUSH

    Count your blessing. Fight for what you love…

  • drewdeluxe

    Oh man.. I read it too fast and I thought it said “Bynum to sit out the Season”.. Freaked out for a little bit.. This will be good for Ratliff, gives him a chance with some on court experience with the Triangle..

  • lakers0828

    MAN bynum is just injured prone man

  • Lakers 24 7

    Pre-season will turn into start of the season, start of the season will turn into mid season, mid season will turn into playoffs. They always lag Andrew’s recoveries.

  • rickermeter

    -.- sigghh he should have gotten the surgery earlier

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    and who gives a rats ass?

  • Kwame sucks

    Trade this sack of sh!t while we still can.

    • Alex Kropach

      Although Kwame sucked HE STILL PLAYED……….

  • LaKeR bOy

    Well that’s good he won’t play in the pre season. He needs to rest his knees & get healthy as he can be for the regular season.

    • Alex Kropach

      Rest for what? Rest for his next injury? Just start Ratliff i guess

  • LaKeR bOy

    Well that’s good he won’t play in the pre season. He needs to rest his knees & get healthy as he can be for the regular season

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    sured helped brett farve,missing pre-season….right.

    • Robert

      helped Brett last year, missing pre-season. This year (like Bynum), Favre is playing after surgery (and, it looks like he’s injured). The longer Drew is out, the better. Also, Favre is twice Drew’s age (approximately). Favre should have gotten even more rest.


    Best news of the off season..
    Bynum injured 2 years we get 2 championships.
    3 peat for sure..


    He is injury prone BUT a falling Kobe on someone’s knees isn’t his fault. He should of taken care of his injury as soon as the championship ended but he is a young kid making stupid decisions. He will soon find out that he needs to take care of his body sooner because it’s his money maker.

  • sancho

    They might as well rest Bynum until the finals.

  • jaydubb415

    Its ” all good ”pre-season games don’t count as wins or losess n he’s been on the team long enough that he knows how 2 get into ”rhythm”with everybody.Its up 2 our new additions 2 get involved with the team so they can learn how 2 play in this ”triangle”..We have veteran team so w wil be alright no need ”2 panic”

  • HUH

    LOL… what a fan you guys are…. he’s injured and trying to recover and you guys are bashing him n wanted him traded… ffs he played injured in the finals to get you the ring… get off his back… let him rest and heal…

    its unbelieveable how fast you guys can praise a guy like god when he play good… and bash him like a devil the next second when he makes mistake… lol…