Phil hinted at possibly bringing Bynum off the bench for game 4.

ESPN: The Lakers feel this one escaped them, that they had every opportunity to lower the Jazz halfway into the grave but let them escape. They know they have to improve they have to do a better job on the boards after getting outrebounded 55-40.

They figure they’ll get a better shooting night from Bryant in Game 4 Saturday. And they figure to get more from Bynum, who might or might not return to the starting lineup.

“We’ll see what it’s like,” Phil Jackson said with a wry smile.

  • max

    hmm i dont know if this would work, then again theyve never tried it before, it would be cool

    go lakers

    lakers in 5 please!

  • Gasoline

    Seriously, I´m tired of that mofo to have more protagonism and importance than Pau.

    Pau >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bynum. Pau is the 2nd man in Lakers, not Bynum.

  • Kobe8

    He has been a non factor this series. I mean he is averaging 3 rebounds a game in this series against a team who has no one over 6″9.

  • Lakers 24 7

    It seemed like Bynum and the second unit were about to give us a spark and make a push last night, until Bynum picked up another foul and had to sit down.

  • Lakerfever

    I’d think this wouldn’t be a bad idea. He’s been a nonfactor so far and in this series due to foul trouble and Lamar has played well. Bringing Drew in towards the end of the first and to start the second would allow him to not worry about fouling, potentially going up against Booz/Millsap when tired if Collins is not in, and thus a favorable matchup regardless. Might be worth a shot we did do well in the third quarter. Everyone is putting a lot of pressure/expectations on Drew and this might help his psyche.


    BRING DREW OFF THE BENCH IS A MUST.. and yeah they did try it… when bynum was injured… hes more of a threat off the bench then startin line

  • Lakezilla

    Finally. I’ve been against him starting from the beginning. I mean, the dude just came off major knee surgery. He’s conditioning is still bad and he doesn’t have his full explosion or bounce in his step. I understand that Phil didn’t want his knee to be stiff after warmups but he’s just not in rhythm. He obviously wasn’t 100% when he returned and with the pain news, i don’t think he’ll ever be for the remainder of the playoffs. Bring him off the bench against the other teams bench and let him get his timing and confidence back. Lamar has been the best player in this series by far for the Lakers so I have no problem with him returning to the starting lineup.

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #68976 Will Be Quoted Here]

    True THAT TLN! :cool:

  • ramlaker4life

    It sounds like a good idea to me. bring him in towards the end of the first quarter. They can’t guard him and we need him out there towards the end of the game. so the later he comes in the more he’ll be there in the end.

  • lala

    It probably be good for Odom to start because I’m not sure if the bigs for the Jazz can handle Odom speed. I remember last year they couldn’t handle his speed. I’m not too worry about Bynum just yet.

  • Lakers suck ass tonight

    I say leave his ass on the bench if he plays like he just did.

  • Juilliards Laker Man

    This is awesome news. The Lakers will get more rebounds this way, they will get into their offense quicker in the start of the game and the bench will be very potent. Having our spot up shooters wide open because of the attention he will attract is going to be amazing. I think this spreads the talent around more on the team and allows them to do what they do. With all these stars on the floor at once..sometimes I feel theirs too much talent out there for Stars to do what they do.. Lamar gets others involved and he will get Kobe and Gasol going and then Bynum will have the paint to himself and have open guys on the three point line. This is perfect.

  • LAKing

    Bynum coming off the bench would be the best thing for him. Bynum just needs to find some comfort in these hostile playoff situations. Bynum just needs to come off the bench and produce more from there.

  • Eidraq

    i really hope he gets moved over to the bench

  • kevin