Here is one report – I for one am confident he’ll be back before the post-season. But here is an update none the less…

O.C. Register: Lakers coach Phil Jackson announced Thursday that injured center Andrew Bynum and rookie Sun Yue would remain behind when the Lakers commence on their longest road trip of the season – a seven-game, 12-day excursion that begins Friday when they leave for Saturday’s game against the Chicago Bulls.

Bynum will continue his rehabilitation program for a torn medial collateral ligament that he suffered Jan. 31, in a game against the Memphis Grizzlies. Sun, who was reassigned to the Lakers’ D-League affiliate Los Angeles D-Fenders, has the opportunity to play in at least three games while the Lakers are on the road.

Jackson said that it appears as though Bynum remains a month away from being able to play again which means the 21-year old center would miss the remaining regular-season games and not be back until the playoffs.

“He’ll just have to do it,” Jackson said, when asked if Bynum would be able to slip seamlessly back into the lineup, in a pressure-packed playoff round, without the benefit of playing in a few final regular-season games.

  • PhilsArmy2K9

    Quote “I’ll definitely be back this season?

  • PhilsArmy2K9

    He’ll be back against the JAZZ :)

  • wowlakers

    it all comes down to how bynum feels -.-

  • same-as-last-season

    this is stupid
    same as last season
    after the road trip, they will change it and will say bynum out for season…………
    sorry to LA-NO TITLE this year

  • Mitch4Pres

    why the fuckk do they keep changing the story? so frustrating

  • Eidraq

    rafner called it..props to u dude

  • Andrew Rafner

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    kk, i didnt write this. an IMPOSTER! A CHARRRRLATAN!

    but in reality, he is not gonna be back.

    i DO however believe it is their destiny this year to win it and to do it without andy

  • Makaveli3

    Lets just hope he come’s back during the playoffs where he can make a difference. Especially if we hit finals.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Mar 19th, 2009 at 11:24 pm
    this is stupid
    same as last season
    after the road trip, they will change it and will say bynum out for season…………
    sorry to LA-NO TITLE this year

    Kobe will never let that happen. Prince Lebron has to wait a few more seasons while King Mamba solidifies his place in history.

    Rafner: In the words of Luke Skywalker “Let go of your hate”. Andrew will be back this year. It was just an MCL, dude. He’s already running the floor up and down. He has just under a month to work on lateral movement. I’m not a doctor, but a 21 year old heals pretty quickly. The issue is can he jump right in an contribute? I think he can come back and focus on the defensive end of the court and focus on rebounding as well. Will he be the Drew before he went down? No! Can he help this team win the Ship? ABSOLUTELY!

  • Eidraq

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    you would say charlatan..haha

  • lafanfromindiana

    The team is in a total funk right now and if they get upset early in the playoffs, I would not be surprised to see Kobe’s “trade me” attitude again or simply opt out to try and fill Jordan’s shoes in Chicago which has been his wetdream for years.

    That being said, they have a month to get their act back together. That’s plenty of time. With or without Bynum, when we are at our best, no team stands a chance. Let’s just hope that we can stay healthy until then.

  • Freshh

    Trade him for Mayo before he hurts his third knee!!

  • Lakerfan101

    just as i thought!
    no worry Laker fans
    we will win the championship , with or without him!

  • Lakerfan101

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    he doesnt have A third knee LOL

  • Juilliards Laker Man

    He will be more then ready on time when we need him this year. Much different injury then last year. no worries
    We have Ariza back..we are not the same team we went into the finals with last year.
    we are prob going to have the cavs in the finals..i want boston of course, but looks like the cavs are going to get in the finals bc of home court advantage. we man handled the cavs on their home court with Andrew home and kobe on the bench sick.

  • Day

    Phil playing mind games ????

  • Michael_23

    Mind games perhaps but if it were true, then it’s just like last year.


    Just forget him. The lakers have learned not to rely on him returning so that’s how we should take it. If he wants to come back, have him come off the bench to show what he really means for this team and were not playing a game here. He was just being lazy in his first couple months he could have been back already so just forget him. And I’m not going to be suprised to see him go down with a injury next season either. Becoming a trend…

  • Lker Roger

    this dude is a weak punk. he is elden campell
    say dude boy man no balls. kobe said the truth last summer trade this guy kb 24 was right. what the hell every season he gets hurt and we miss out on a champ
    ionship. hes a jerk trade him la mar o dumb farmar walton and sasha all suck dont belong as lakers.

  • Kwai Chang

    Is it just time to say it or what? Is AB another Mitch Kupchak who got signed to the big contract then turned out to be a project who never pans out or to go hardcore just a wussy ash puss that can’t stay down with the hardcore? I love AB’s game and know we need him to win and be the best team we can possibly be but I am getting sick and tired of his weak ash always going down with injuries. It almost reminds me of Lukie’s dad when he was with the SD Clippers, pegged to be the big man who takes the team to the next level but came up lame over and over. I’m no AB hater but enough is enough – when is AB going to be the player we’ve all waited for him to be and not keep going down with injury after injury after injury. I almost hate myself for saying all this but what has to be said has to be said. Aloha.


    i hate bynum such a pu*ssy

  • Juilliards Laker Man

    Guys at least he’s not a greg oden getting injured what seems like almost every other game. many guys land wrong like he did last year and by the way Kobe hit him with full force from a 6’6 and one of the strongest bods in the league..i mean that’s going to happen to anyones knee with his head coming full force in the paint. Shaq went through injuries, all big men usually do, but it’s not like he’s taking a step and breaking something.

  • ilikebasketball

    you are all freaking out over nothing.
    this is not really that much worse than they said.
    and it is coming from jackson, not bynum, not a trainer. Jackson.
    and he is being very very cautious and probably doesn’t want the team to start feeling safe because bynum is going to come and save them, he wants them to feel like they have to save them first.

    he’ll be back at worse the first round, at best in the last week of the regular season.

  • MILO

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    yup i second that!

  • Lker Roger

    trade him to the paper clips.farmar luke sashe mobenga all suck one tough dude is all you need
    like a rasheed some balls ruben patterson steven jackson real men