It looks like Bynum will have a mini-vaca before returning and having knee surgery.

Twitter: Andrew Bynum got his knee drained again today, and said he’s going to have surgery around July 18. Heading to World Cup 1st.

  • lakers0828

    Great Job AB You deserve To Be a Laker after what you did For us in the Finals Man Fighting threw the Pain Man You deserve to Be a Laker For Life get well soon Now !!

  • Varick Hudson

    My sentiments exactly lakers0828. Andrew I knew you would come through for us. Thanks. Take care of your injury(s) this summer and have a great off season.


    Bynum, has just proven his worth as a Laker! He’s been hurt the past 3 seasons and have had to endure all this talk about how he’s injury prone and not tough enough to play for our team!

    I hope that the rumors of trading Bynum for Bosh is just that, a rumor! If this series with the Cockston Celd!cks have proven anything, it’s that we (the Lakers) need a legitimate center!

    We do not need 2 power forwards… we need Pau and BYNUM! His length and strength along with all his skill set is gonna be too much for anybody else to handle! It’s BOTH him and Pau that made the Lakers such a menace for all of the other teams!

    We need to keep Bynum and NOT trade him for Bosh! Bynum is a proven champion 2 times over! Bosh is like LeHype… all hype and NO RINGS! I would never trade LeBrick for Kobe and I don’t think that any of you would do that either, so why are we entertaining the thought of trading Bynum for Bosh?


  • GVazbert

    I’m proud of the way Drew played through pain this year but waiting untill july 18th is borderline unacceptable. At the rate his legs heal we’ll be lucky if he is there to start training camp. Drew is still 22 and developing as a player he shold have surgury as soon as absolutly possible so he can use whats left of the summer to become the player we all know he should become. This reminds me of Shaq.


      I think that Bynum has EARNED the right to postpone his surgery until the 18th of July. He’s postponed his surgery so that he can help our team in the playoffs, especially against the Celd!cks! He played through the pain and the agony and put up mediocre numbers, but it’s his sheer presence and his ability to keep Kend!ck and Gay-by off the boards that the Lakers needed to WIN!

      I know that we would like him to have his surgery, preferably, as soon as possible. But in this case, I really do think that his R&R time is well deserved and I have NO PROBLEMS with him putting it off until the 18th!

      The Lakers are STACKED! We shouldn’t have any problems while Bynum misses 2-3 weeks in the beginning of the season! He will be missed for sure, but the Lakers are more than capable of winning against anyone that comes across our path even without Bynum!

      And I can’t agree with you on the point that “This reminds me of Shaq.” This is NOTHING like Snaq, that FAT FCUK! He’s played through the pain and injury and this kid works hard during the off season to bulk up and on his shots to be prepared for the season! That IS NOT Snaq! Snaq will eat and party during the off season and NOT work out at all and will NEVER play through an injury!

      You’re right; however, that Bynum doesn’t heal as quickly as others do, but that’s just how his body chemistry works. As long as we get a hungry and hard working Bynum to produce up to his potential season after season… I’m alright with that! Remember too, that this guy’s got both knees operated on and he continues to battle! He deserves our support at this time and NOT criticism!

      GO HAVE FUN BYNUM and then get your @$$ back for your surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • GVazbert

        The surgery Bynum needs will keep him from practicing for 6-8 weeks which in Bynum time will probably be more like 10-12 weeks that’s plenty of time for R&R. The summer is essential for players to improve their game and conditioning especially when they are young like Drew. During the season the toll from traveling and playing so many minutes keeps players from being able to improve and add skills. If Bynum keeps working he can become a star but if he gets all happy and comfortable because he’s a champion he will never reach his potential. Bynum should rest but he should do it while his leg heals and then he should get to work like the rest of the players who didn’t win a ring and have something to prove.


          The way that you’re presenting your case now is different than how you presented previously. This is a more intelligible argument and something that we can discuss and debate over.

          I would still cut him the slack and not fault him for getting his surgery done after the World Cups. After all that’s something that Kobe himself is doing. Granted, Kobe’s finger will not require as much time to heal as Bynum’s knee, but I’d rather him do it then instead of rushing it having him hurt it more once he’s over in South Africa!

          Again, the Lakers are talented and stacked enough to win those games without Bynum! And my point earlier and still is that, we can agree to disagree on when he should have his surgery, but you can’t compare him to that FAT PIECE OF SH!T Snaq! Bynum has proven that!

    • why

      Bynum can take half the season off for all i care wat more is he going to develop his post game and touch around the rim is second to none offensively …maybe he can work on conditioning/defense… im not really concerned about winning reg season games without him….. having him healthy fresh and ready for the playoffs is all that matters also
      i dont think we should play gasol and bynum together to much until later on in the season and let one rest while the other dominates that way ther will be less complaining about touches

  • keepon_keepinon18

    Very glad with his effort and presence in the Playoffs. That said, he’d better not tweak anything yelling GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! until he comes back.


      Hahaha! AGREED! Although, even if he did “tweak” yelling GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! It wouldn’t be anything serious anyway… after all it is soccer we’re talking about! EVERYTHING IS A FLOP!

  • Sheds

    Get well big fella. We need you for another deep run!

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