This isn’t good news…

ESPN: Andrew Bynum was examined by Dr. Steve Lombardo after Friday night’s 106-92 win over the Jazz. According to a team spokesperson, Lombardo said Bynum is making progress, but wasn’t ready for running or jumping yet. The center will get an MRI exam on Monday or Tuesday.

  • Pastorius

    Wait, you're telling me Bynum's injury is healing slowly?

    Wow, that's a surprise.

  • chad b

    You have got to be kidding me! WTF, there comes a point where you just have to play injured… this is getting ridicolous.

  • Ajay Virk

    Wow what a surprise is this the first time Bynum injury process is slow

  • kslakers

    This is exactly why they should've traded Bynum if they could have.

  • Geloman

    I'm just waiting for the update that says “Andrew Bynum will require surgery on his strained achilles. May be ready by camp”.

  • Won A Ring For The King

    Why are you Laker fans so up in arms about this news. Wait, is this even considered news?
    I said it here at the trade deadline and I'm here to say it again:
    Mitch fu*#ed up by not getting something for this guy when he had value (before the next big injury). Now, he's going to try to trade his ass during the off-season but everybody around the league already knows, “Andrew Bynum is an injury proned Center in the NBA”. RUN!
    Andrew Bynum is now officially un-tradedable and the Lakers are now stuck with his hefty contract for the next four years. He'll become one of the highest paid bench players in the NBA.
    I hate to admit it but…I WAS RIGHT and all you Laker fans were wrong. Lots of talk about “Bynum is our next franchise player…”, “He's not injury proned, he's just had bad luck…” Bullsh*t!
    It is what it is. The Lakers should have gotten something for this guy before the next injury and they didn't. The Lakers fu*#ed up. Now, they must pay.
    Cavs in 6.

    • wonadildofortheking

      are u a gay??

      • Won A Ring For The King

        No, but you IS a retard.

  • zoncolan1926

    I agree with you. Would not surprise me. But hopefully he can play in 2 or 3 weeks. I think he has bad luck with injuries. This lesion is normal, it can happen to any player. Gasol has missed too many games. And the two previous knee injuries are bad luck. If you drop a player over 100 kg, you can destroy the knee. Another player I could have done much more damage. And last year, if you step on the foot to Odom, is not your fault. These lesions had not when he came to Los Angeles. We must have patience. This year he played 67 games. Hopefully next year will be better. Greetings and thanks for listening.

  • lakers0828

    Well I wont be surprised if he doesnt come back but I dont think he matters from a scoring point but def he would defintly help now

  • connorcasey

    you guys are crazy..second best center in the league…

    If Bynum played on a team where he was the number one option, rather than sharing shots with Pau and Kobe, he'd average 20 and 10 easy