Andrew Bynum was interviewed on ABC. He gave us an update on his knee injury.

bynumO.C. Register: Lakers coach Phil Jackson has started to mildly chastise reporters who have the temerity to ask the status of the injured Andrew Bynum.

So, Bynum issued his own status report Sunday in th Lakers’ locker room, during the second quarter of the game against the Dallas Mavericks, in an exclusive interview with ESPN reporter Lisa Salters.

Salters asked how Bynum’s right knee felt and the Lakers’ 21-year old center answered, “It feels pretty good right now. Forwad and backward (movement) is fine. I’m able to run on the treadmill, able to back peddle.”

Bynum acknowledged that he continues to feel pain when he attempts any lateral movement but he is hopeful that he only is a couple of weeks away from being able to practice.

“This week we hope to get back on the court and start shooting and doing drills,” Bynum said.

Bynum has been sidelined since suffering a torn medial collateral ligament of the right knee in a game Jan. 31, against the Memphis Grizzlies.

  • baltimoresbest01

    get better drew, we need the interior presence

  • kaypee83


  • Nick Lachey USA

    lol DJ looks bigger than Drew in that pic =P.

  • Chris Manning

    We’ll have him back and our second unit will be stabilized. It will be ridiculous.

  • showtimelakes

    it’s called camera angle Nick Lachey now wonder Jessica left you! haha just joshing you man!

  • 123kid

    keep getting better andrew. we really dont need him till april, but get back in time soon!

  • zgum

    hmm…whats new!? same old same old…

  • FlowDesignz

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    Ya I prefer that he waits til April. Needs a little more time to get 100%.

  • lakerschamps09

    yea i want him to come back 100 percent healthy.. no need to rush long as he comes back for the playoffs then thats wat matters

  • Freshh

    I’m w/ LD2K, let him roll w/ the unit
    they need a person who demands the ball and w/ Luke’s passing a inside-out presence we can have a stable 2nd unit,

    while Trevor gives his defensive prowess for starters.

  • sketch

    NOW THAT’S WHAT ALL OF US LAKER FANS HAVE BEEN WAITING TO HEAR! And I knew that KG is more hurt than those fcukers in boston had let on. They said that he’d only be out up to 2 weeks, how long has it been now? 3 weeks going on 4! Hell yeah! Even when he comes back he ain’t gonna be ready like how Bynum at first wasn’t! But Bynum will come back kickin a$$ and KG will come back suckin a$$! Fcuk him and all of boston…4 ever!

  • karinLA24

    good to hear =]
    want him back 100% healthy.
    ready for the playoffs!
    and with him coming off the bench….WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    love it.

  • Lker Roger

    get well drew you owe us a championship.
    Mitch send luke to carry drew luggage .
    He cant do anything else. Farmar can help also.
    And Mobenga and sasha can carry the ballbag for the team

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  • karinLA24

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  • sketch

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    good job dad! can’t believe that anyone would claim to be related to that tard!

  • YellowPurpleFever

    When he comes back. It will be interesting for PJs rotation. LOs back on the bench or Bynamite? I guess depends who we play. We need Bynamite to play Defense and rebounds and just clog the middle.

  • LAKing

    The most important thing is for Bynum to be at 100% once he returns. We need a healthy Andrew Bynum in the playoffs but I just hope he gets back by the end of March or early April. All I want is for him to play at least 5 or 6 regular season games just so he can get his confidence back and pick up where he left off going into the playoffs.

  • Joseph

    Hi, I do suck dik…alot of it

  • Joseph

    Dad! why did u have to tell everyone that! well forget it now that everyone knows I can tell them…Yes I am gay and I like boston so much because I think KG is cute and peirce is sooooooooooo hot omgggg..well watever..