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NBA Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations, Stu Jackson, announced today that Andrew Bynum has been suspended for two games for his Flagrant Foul Penalty Two that he received on Friday, March 18 vs the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Bynum will be suspended without pay for the Lakers game tonight vs the Portland Trailblazers, and Tuesday’s game vs. the Phoenix Suns.

The Flagrant Foul Penalty Two, which automatically ejected Andrew Bynum from the game, occurred with 6:16 remaining in the fourth period. Michael Beasley drove baseline, and Bynum clearly fouled Beasley without going for the ball.

The Lakers are 11-1 since the All-Star break, and Bynum is one of the big reasons for the Lakers recent success.

In the last 5 games Bynum is shooting 62% from the field, while averaging 14.2 points, 15 rebounds, and 2 blocks per game.

  • 808ty

    frick i was hoping it would only be one. Flying from Hawaii to watch them play the suns on tuesday, damn it.

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  • BE_A_LakerFan

    There is no way that foul deserves two games. Smh

  • NateMamba

    The foul was dirty. Honestly, he deserves the two games, maybe even more. You don’t bang into people that are in the air the way bynum did. If you play bball, you know how dangerous it is to get hit in the air, even not on purpose.

  • Binky

    Two games maybe too much, but Bynum deserves to be suspended. Bynum needs to grow up. Stupid move on his part.

  • Barracuda

    I am not down playing the hard flagrant foul…I thought that play was worthy of an ejection and fine…but not a 2 game suspension.

    Timberwolves coach Kurt Rambis said the foul wasn’t malicious, but rather the product of a physical game…”That’s playoff basketball,” said Rambis, “They’re gearing up for it, you know? …I thought it was good for our guys to see how rough and physical a game can be, and that’s a good thing for our learning experience”.

    “I’m fine. I’m cool. I’m straight,” said Beasley, “It was just a hard foul, a playoff foul… They’re getting ready for the playoffs, man”.

    Bynum is big and strong and shoved a guy much lighter than him…he did not go above shoulders or head…Beasley hit the floor hard but got up right away & no real player altercation, or punches thrown afterwords.

    In my opinion not worthy of a 2 game suspension…just NBA Stern, handicapping the Lakers?

    • Scarface

      I agree…that foul doesn’t warrant a two-game suspension. The league (David Stern) is overreacting because of the way Michael Beasley landed. Maybe a fine is a more suitable punishment. Bynum is not known as a dirty player.

  • Cody

    stu jackson is the dumbest person is sports. H e has done some bulshit like this in the past, not just including the LAKERS.

    • Cody

      Maybe I’m dumb. Sorry about my grammar.

      • Joshua Herrington

        Why is Stu Jackson dumb?

        • Joshua Herrington

          Nevermind. lol.

  • kobe24venom

    thought it was going to be one at the most ,but still like seeing the mean streak we need from our center . bynum is making a statement …..not in my house!!!!!!

  • riley

    I look at it as a blessing in disguise Because Freak accidents could have happened to him in these 2 games so just chill out also How old are ya’ll Fouls like that was apart of the REAL NBA! Ya’ll just some soft ass lil bitches

    • ilikebasketball


      those plans won championships for teams back in the 80’s(pistons).

      bynum shoulda put his hands up at least.

      but it shoulda just been one game.
      the roughness of the game used to make it fun.
      not that i want anyone hurt….but i don’t want players complaining about other players diving for loose balls near their legs(ahem…bosh).
      too much softness is bad.

    • rondo

      Year ago Wilt and Russel and Dawkins would have bust a loud mouth punks ass. Most guys like Beasley could not play in the NBA during the Russel years.Most of the young guys today would not be in the NBA,they are to soft.

  • ilikebasketball

    i thought it was at most a 1 game suspension.

    but i can imagine they made it two because of the previous thing bynum did with wallace.

    but to my eyes it seemed more like bynum went up and knew he wasn’t getting the block so instead went to use the body to protect himself and alter beasley’s shot at the same time, which is dumb
    but 2 game seems excessive.

    but we have won games without bynum….we def can continue the winning.

    • 24vr

      2 games is definitely over the limit. Watch the video again before you comment. Bynum was using his arm to push Beasley in the ribs right from the start, and he even made sure Beasley got the whole package by switching to his elbow at the end. Protect himself?? Take your Lakers goggles off for a minute.

  • 242LakerFan

    Okay, first of all, the foul was dirty. It was a dumb, immature move. It was a very dangerous thing to do. That being said, on its own, it definitely was deserving of a game suspension. May I suggest, however, that while Bynum is not known as a dirty player, he does have a history of this type of thing. A couple of years ago he broke Gerald Wallace’s rib with exactly this type of foul. This had to be a consideration in docking him the extra game. Plus, while the game had playoff intensity, this was, in fact, not the playoffs, where they are generally a bit more lenient.
    As for Rambis defending his action, well for one, Rambis is the guy that took the clothesline from the Frankenstein monster…errr, I mean Kevin McHale back in ’84, so this looked like a love tap to him. And two, he might be the next Lakers coach, so he’s not going to come down too hard on one of his guys.
    Overall, though, I agree with three points mentioned here already. One; Beasley is a punk and not many NBA players are feeling to bad for him right now. Two; this will serve to intimidate a few players from attacking Bynum’s paint from now on. And three; yes, at least for the next two games, we don’t have to worry about Bynum getting injured.

  • Sir

    I may not agree with the foul, because it was pretty dangerous but I do like the message it sends. There will be NO easy buckets around the basket with Drew around, and Drew is NOT soft. He’s putting everyone on notice.

  • lakerman34

    I agree. This shows that Bynum is NOT soft.

    However, no WAY did this warrant a 2-game suspension. I HATE when the league tries to make an example out of someone. If this is a 2-game suspension, then KG should have gotten a few games for some of the things he has done this season.

    1-game suspension. That is all he should have gotten. When you go for someone else’s body and risk injuring them, you deserve to be suspended 1 game. Bynum had no beef with Beasley, and didn’t intend to hurt him, so it wasn’t worth 2 games.

    This is the league being stupid and soft.

  • atl-lakerfan

    I see there are some punks on this board. I absolutely loved the foul. There was no malice in it. No way did it deserve two games, one maybe. It was not a dirty play. Getting clotheslined is dirty and if I recall Raja Bell only got one game for that. It was a great foul. Big men don’t get the benefit of a doubt in this league. Grow some.

  • andy

    That foul was so hard I actually felt bad for beasly. Bynum was just asking for a suspension with it.

    • westwest

      andy is ass candy stfu u Pu$$y

  • Laker Warrior

    Mo Lucas ,Ramis, Cooper, Lmbier, Barkely all would knock the hell out of people.