L.A. Times: Less than two weeks before the start of the NBA season, and Andrew Bynum laughs like he’s still on summer vacation, hopping around the center of the locker room like a giant child.

Then you look closer and realize that, when describing the key to the Lakers’ season, those words no longer go together.

He’s no child. He’s all giant.

Have you seen him? The kid who wandered into the Lakers’ locker room three years ago has become a man — huge biceps, broad shoulders, no longer gets lost in Shaq’s locker.

In nine days, he’ll be 21 years old, entering his fourth NBA season, which is exactly how long it took another Lakers high school draftee to win his first championship, a guy named Kobe Bryant.

For Bynum, it’s graduation year.

Which doesn’t give him an excuse for senioritis.

This is not a time for him to be late for practice, which happened last week.

This is not a time for him to be tentative with his rehabilitated knee, which has happened during training camp, Bynum yet to show the Lakers the full-court energy they require.

More than anything, this is not a time for his agent to be publicly popping off about the Lakers giving him a new contract.

A new contract for what?

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  • http://www.theinfintree.com THEbrownblurr

    love it. you tell’em Bill!

  • kobethegreat

    fire the agent he is money hungry..bynomite hasnt prove himself yet hasnt done anything to deserve that much money…

  • http://jamieinsider.celebuzz.com Jamie Spears Insider

    Either Bynum is holding back or he’s still not 100% confident with his knee. Yesterday was the first time I’ve seen him finish off an ally-hoop. He hasn’t been faking one side and going backdoor for the potential ally-hoop much which makes me wonder if his knee can withstand switching directions quickly.

    Additionally, his defensive presence has been inconsistent to say the least (although I think his knee is healthy enough to improve on that).

    P.S. I don’t know if you guys tried to read the entire article but Bynum told the media that has no problem with his agent demanding a maximum deal out of the Lakers.

  • Jack Nicholson

    in 9 days, young andrew and i will party like there’s no tomorrow.

  • Jack Nicholson

    look at the photo, is young andrew grabbing kobe’s c-c-c-crotch? oh well, just two guys having fun.


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    That’s funny. Kobe’s like “Uhhmm, what you do there Bynum?”

  • sketch

    hells yeah, bynum’s got somethin to prove. we all can see that homie is bulked up and that his conditioning is almost there, but the thing that’s scaring all of us is the knee. i agree with the teenage mom, jamie lynn spears, that he’s not moving as well as he had been before. i mean, even jermaine o’neal was moving better than bynum. however, o’neal’s moving better than bynum is somewhat good news for us laker fans though. o’neal’s had a history of knee problems and if he’s able to move like that then, that definitely gives me hope for bynum to play like he had before he got hurt. granted they’re 2 different types of knee injuries, o’neal however has had a couple of surgeries to our bynum’s 1, plus he’s also 9 years older than bynum.