Andrew Bynum looks great. Despite the NBA Lockout, Bynum is adding stamina, footwork, and keeping in top shape. Anyone else excited to see him next season play … whenever this lockout is over? We can’t wait, either.

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So what is this “new career” you might ask. I think this picture says it all:

Courtesy Andrew Bynum's Twitter

Working with Manny Pacquiao trainer, Freddie Roach.


  • Jmizzo

    he always stands with his legs so straight…no wonder his knees get hurt…

    • Ronald M

      What the hell you are talking about?

  • laffsatu

    so fucking hollywood,,,,

  • Ronald M

    Bynum is going to shut up all you non believers . You get a so called experts like Jmizzo talking about his knees. You don’t have a clue what the hell you are talking about. I don’t want to see none of you morons kissing up to Bynum When his star begin to rise. The hell with that overrated loser Dwight Howard Bynum will be the better player in the long run.

  • G.Money

    Dude…good day LakerNation, nice to see Drew active doing any type of conditioning. It’ll pay off whenever the lockout ends, just remember…Kobe eat’s first.

  • Anonymous

    Ready to knockout Barea jk. Hopefully he can stop being so injury prone.

    • Lakers need shooters

      He is not injury prone, he is unlucky.  Anyone will sprain or tear something around the knees if they land on other player’s feet or another player barrels into the knees.  Pretty much anyone in the world will get hurt from freak accidents like that.  Maybe you ought to hire somebody to tackle you in the knee and see how it feels, nutjob.

    • Ronald M

      Injury prone ? Those days are over dude. You guys keep wishing he gets injured why don’t you hold you breath and wait since you have so much confidence that he will be injured! Mr Negative.

  • Kasd9d

    poor defensive stance.

  • laffsatu

    I want to suck Bynum’s big nigga cock. He’s so big. Can’t wait!

    • Hallwalter1234


      • rondo

        ignore it!

      • Zoolander

        You’re the asshole for replying

  • laked2423
    • rondo

      Dwight Howard fans needs to go to Orlando and root for Howard and the Magic because that’s where he’s going to be playing!   You are a fraud Laker fan go away.

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  • fansince81

    they should get one of the unc guard to help fish out…..ty lawson or ray felton

  • Kevockmon1

    I like him as a player. I just hope his legs hold up long enough for him to get a good 10 15 years in the nba. I hope his new career isnt boxing. Im a ex-fighter out of philly and I can reconize a fighter. He’s not pro boxing material.