Andrew Bynum had some comments regarding the Celtics. I have to say, it’s WAY to early to start discussing the Celtics when we are still in the middle of a very tough Suns series.

ESPN: “Man, it’s going to be amazing to play against those guys again, especially having lost,” Bynum said. “We’re going to have a lot of fuel, a lot of ammo to go at those guys,” he added. “They’re definitely a great team, they got great veterans on their squad and we know that. So we’re already getting prepared. The first step is closing out Game 3 and after that, we’ll be focusing on Boston, looking at them play, watching how they’re playing Orlando and just trying to pick up as much as we can.”

  • Touch ME

    The Celtics – Lakers rematch is coming closer than we think. And when this happened in 2008 all Lakers fans thought b4 the series started that the Lakers were too good and make easy work of the C’s and they recieved their punishment and discipline for their ignorance. Boston is alot better now than they were than especially with the addition of Rasheed. I speak for all Lakers fans that we have learned our lesson and will respect the C’s because they made us respect them. The C’s have made quick work of the 2 best records in the NBA. As the spokeman for all Lakers we will admit a Celtics 4-1 series win because we don’t matchup well against them. Bynum is still hurt and Kobe is still not 100%. We will honor the Celtics 2010 championship and hopefully the Lakers will do more in the offseason to improve the team. I expect all Lakers fans to hands down admit my statement is correct. As the Lakers fan spokeman we admit defeat and hope that the Celtics don’t make the championship next year. I dare any1 to challenge this Lakers defeat and we as fans will not act like fools and say we won it this year. I’m sorry fans to have to break the news this way but thats they way it is and when LA loses the Ship don’t run from this site.

    • Dawkins

      cool story bro

    • bc18

      I am worried about this happening too…but i just gotta hope i guess lol…but seriously, we DONT match up well with them…they have too many people that could close a game…we have Kobe…its easy to double, triple team ONE person, not so easy to do that to numerous people…if our bigs can play WITHOUT getting intimidated, we will win…i sometimes doubt the toughness of ours bigs though…Kobe will get his and do the best he can…hopefully itll be enough…cuz if we win this series, it will be one of the most difficult in Lakers history i predict…if lakers win, it will be in 7 games…my prediction…

      • bc18

        btw, i dont want it to seem like im a Laker hater…i am just a worried fan…lol

    • chot

      @TouchME –’re not a real lakers fan to me, why? because you already admit defeat when the game hasnt started yet, you loose hope, you loose confidence, loose faith and you loose TRUST at your own players, you are jumping you own ship when the ship is not yet sinking, and even if we are, you never lay down and die..we go out fighting. match ups? magic has more good individual players than boston, but boston has been playing like a team than the magics, and the revenge inside every laker fan but you is dying to face the celtics..

    • ZzunigaA

      Hahahaha Okay lemme tell you where you fucked up FIRST. The addition of Rasheed hasn’t done shit!!! If anything it has made them worse. Rasheed’s appearance in what was it.. game 1 of the Orlando Magic series is the ONLY time i have seen that old fucker play good.. SECOND. We match up well against them. Even better than two years ago. Lemme tell you why. Paul Princess is most likely gonna be guarded by Ron Artest. That automatically shuts down Mr Princess. Kobe > Ray Allen. Its stupid to think otherwise.. KG’s old age has to be factored into the whole thing when you think of the match up with Pau. Pau has improved his defenced and is playing off the chart offense. Since Bynum is injured.. I give the Perkins match up an even split. Nobody will dominate offensively there but there presence is mainly for defense anyways. With all that being said. Rondo may get his.. but since everyone else is gonna be shut down, it won’t matter that much. Lakers got the greatest coach & player. simple as that

  • Coco

    Yeah, way too early.

  • Touch ME

    I’m glad you guys are speaking in truth and not in fantasy. I share your fears and worries too just by the way Boston is playing I still don’t think LA is better than them They made the Cavs and Magic look like WNBA teams. Kobe can’t beat Garnett, Allen, Pierce and Rondo.

    • thanhttrinh

      Dont be a fool, u were good at acting like Paul fake Pierce, dont be a negative fan on this site ! GTFO !

    • LC09


  • lakeb


  • Matt from Dallas

    in the middle of a “tough” suns series? what series have you been watchin?

  • thanhttrinh

    You dont have to say about how great Boston is, everyone knows that. But the thing is, this is not the 08 Laker team, I mean Im not disrespect the C’s but give me a damn break, you guys all worried about the lakers struggles against the C’s and just dont take a look at the differences between 08 and 2010.
    Yes C’s r seem like they rolling. Its not about respect or disrespect, its about the MATCHUPS. 08 Lakers didnt have Bynum and Ariza, Pierce was guarded by Radmanovic ? and 08 C’s bench was as deep as James Posey, Sam Cassell, Eddie House, Leon Powe(destroyed the lakers in paint), PJ Brown….
    08 Lakers had no answer for the C’s about the matchup problems and their bench.
    2010 is a completely different story:
    1. Lakers will have HCA agaisnt the C’s. Yeah i know HCA doenst mean much for great road teams as the C’s but I dont think C’s wont have a hard time in LA.
    2. 08 KObe was learning how to get it done. Pau just came to LA like half a season and tried to learn how to play team ball with Kobe and other guys.
    08 Laker had NO CENTER ! Ronnie Turiaf ? COme on ! Pau and KObe are playin well now and they know how to play pick and roll situation like they did in game 2 against the Suns. If kobe plays the way he played in that game, I cant see the reasons why we lose.

    • King ME

      Thank you man The first comments aint shit but Trolls They forget that we had Radmonivic and Turiaf in the also LO wasnt a great shooter Now he can shoot Good and any given night put 20 and 15 on you who gonna guard him Big Baby Davis I think not.Pau has gotten So Much better now and Kobe in that Pick Your Poison mode which we all know Ray Allen cant guard that and lastly Shannon Brown and Farmer have been playing up to their best hell Sasha Might Come off the bench and Crank It Up I also think Benga should play in the Game because He is stronger than Perkins

      • ZzunigaA

        great post.

  • SamV

    DUDE! You guys realize this season we beat boston at boston and then we lost to them at staples by ONE POINT WITHOUT KOBE right?!?! You realize we beat them twice last year with basically the same team (without artest but with ariza).

    I don’t understand how Lakers fans should FEAR the celtics. We should for sure RESPECT them but come on. Kobe looks great, artest has flipped a switch and is playing playoff ball for us, Gasol is GaSOLID, Odom is doing what he does, and Kobe is not the only closer…you guys forget about Fish even though he’s bailed us out time and time again. BELIEVE LAKER NATION!

    • SamV

      And also, the celtics done have posey and leon powe either. They were huge for that championship team. Rasheed is great and rondo has gotten a lot better, but don’t be quick to forget they lost 2 players who played HUGE for them in the finals.

      • thanhttrinh

        08 James Posey and Eddie House killed us in 3s and Leon Powe, PJ Brown destroyed us in the paint which the Lakers did not have Bynum, Josh powell and Mbenga.
        Now you add Bynum and Ron, Lo has been playing good and consistently.
        08 Pau was a Gasoft and 2010 Pau is a Pau Gasoline ! Pau has learned more skills and post-move than any Forward in the league right now including KG, Pau will eat KG next time.
        Then u let Perkins to play 1 on 1 vs BYnum lets see who wins in the paint, Im sure that the C’s r in all the Lakers heads, and Phil’s.

        • ZzunigaA

          GaSOLID haha i like that..

          @ thanhttrinh: Our Crowd sucks.. Sad but true.. Nothing but rich celebrities that go to the games for entertainment.. fuck it, they’re paying for our players :P

          • thanhttrinh

            our crowd does suck but they goes crazy agaisnt the C’s when they come in town though.

    • chot

      @TouchME –’re not a real laker fan to me, why? because yoou already admit defeat when the game has already started yet, you loose hop, you loose confidence, loose faith at your own players, you are jumping ship when the ship is not yet sinking, and even if we are, you never lay down and die..we go out fighting. match ups? magic has more good individual players than boston, but boston has been playing like a team than the magics, and the revenge inside every laker fan but you is dying to face the celtics..

    • Lakerman1

      Some of the above quotes can’t be from Laker Fans. Why are all of these doubting Thomas’s even coming here and i don’t even want to hear their crying sob story excuses about past history. If the Lakers were struggling i could understand the concern. These fakers are just wimps who do not have confidence in the team and they have the nerve to call themselves true Laker fans and none of their retorts will convince me of otherwise. Go root for Celts losers and i will watch this site closely to see which one of you chumps change your story when the lakers take the 1st two home games. The Lakers are the team to beat period.

  • Leo

    First of all, FVCK these trolls.

    Second of all, I don’t exactly fault Bynum that much for talking “early” about this potential match-up. Maybe he is a little bit, but the guy is just being human. If anything, he should use the fuel to fire his game when/if we face the Celtics.

  • lakersno834

    Yo BYNUM.. how about you first figure out how to stand on the court on your banged up knees. 2nd of all don’t think about Celtics Just yet. It’s easy to get carried away when u are winning.

    REMEMBER 2006.. We were up 3-1 against these Suns. We started looking forward to that “Hallway Series” with the Clippers. So much for that.

    Keep your head in this series for now and then talk about Celtics after you beat the Suns. You have to EARN your trip to Finals. Suns will not give it to you. They are in the WCF for a reason. Try to focus on the Suns like the Celtics are doing to Orlando.

    • Lakerman1

      Ditto Dude, the Laker Vets know not to make off the wall comments. Our team is just as good as the Celts and again anyone who says different, FIND YOURSELF ANOTHER TEAM. The other Fans on this site can see that we will matchup better then any other team in the league with the Celts. Man do i hate Losers and these friggin self doubting punks.

      • thanhttrinh

        this is a no-brainer !!
        Lakers > Celtics on the paper:
        Kobe vs Ray/Rondo – kobe owns both
        Fisher vs Rondo/Ray – Rondo wins
        Bynum vs Perkins – Bynum wins
        Gasol vs KG – Gasol will eat KG
        Ron vs paul Pierce – Ron will shut down this fool( remember he owned PP with 2 fouls early in the 1st half with 0 pt in BOSTON).
        X-factor: LO vs Rasheed – LO will woop sheed’s azz.
        Lakers bench: farmar, brown, Josh powell, Luke, Mbenga > Celtics bench: glen davis, tony allen, nate robinson, maquis daniels…..
        Lakers having HCA and C’s dont
        Lakers did beat the C’s twice in Boston since 08 and boston got a lucky one in LA w/o KOBE
        THINK ABOUT IT !

    • thanhttrinh

      sorry I cant see the reasons why we would lose to a no-name-team Phoenix Suns.
      Its not about Bynum, its about KObe is on fire so does everybody else ?

  • chot

    @TouchME –’re not a real laker fan to me, why? because yoou already admit defeat when the game has already started yet, you loose hop, you loose confidence, loose faith at your own players, you are jumping ship when the ship is not yet sinking, and even if we are, you never lay down and die..we go out fighting. match ups? magic has more good individual players than boston, but boston has been playing like a team than the magics, and the revenge inside every laker fan but you is dying to face the celtics..

    • Leo

      TouchME is a TROLL.

      • Lakerman1


  • inverse

    A quote we as laker fans will brand with pride and honor as we go into battle and defend what is ours.

    Revenge is best served purple and gold

    • inverse

      As you guys can tell im fu@#ing pumped for this one (assuming we get past the suns)…
      I just pray to the almighty gods lakers wont lay an egg like they did in 08, but like they say u must fail before u succeed, so heres to that great taste of bitter revenge

  • Phil

    This kid needs to shut the hell up. You never want to pump up a team, especially on their home court. It’s so easy to bait this kid into answering these types of questions. I don’t know who’s dumber bynum or stat? The Lakers should ban this kid from any more interviews. He’s done this more than once.

  • blacklion

    These guys can’t be real laker fans!!! If they were they would know this lakers team is steongert than the 08 squad and the grean beans have a weaker team this time around. LA isgoing to expose these lepricuns!!!

  • TheLakerGenera11

    Man Bynum albeit wrong is only speaking truthfully…u can’t fault him for that. The layoffs b/w games allow players to look outside there box and I’m postive that all Lakersn da nation blood is boiling to bury the celtics. Kobe Pau, fisher, Lamar have been anointed into the celtics lakers rivalry and I know they Detest the celtics. But it’s true we need to stay focused on the suns. As far as “TouchMe” and those fake fans who the F**k u think u are 4-1 u F**n clown! Hell no respect them F**k that, HATE them yern to kill the oppostion, detest them loath at there exisitence every Laker fan needs to watch the speech that Achilles gave to his crew from the movie TROY we must TAKE this championship we must get gritty, nasty, and bleed for this chip. F**k Boston F**k fake Laker fans F**k the media…dnt pick the Lakers for anything we’ll b ok w/o ur F**k’n help we can acknowledge Boston but respect them Hell no bc they don’t respect us. That clown TouchMe is a lame duck posing as a Laker fan and needs to be banned you side with Boston Admin should Ban your username!! F**k BOSTON, FTW!!!

  • lakers are the bomb

    What a ass hole .The guy already gave up.
    Asshole Cavs have one player and a half.
    Le Brick and Mo williams the rest are average players and no coach , Orlando same deal D Howard
    dosent show up everyone falls apart.
    Lakers now have Ron and La mar is not happy about getting beat in O8 as well as Kobe, Fisher.
    The one you least expect to gaurd Rando maybe
    Sasha he can bother him.
    It will be a tough task but we are the Lakers.

  • Xtro

    Revenge from ’08 will fuel the fire of a Lakers victory over the hated Celtics. We are a stronger and better defensive team. We are the reigning champions as well.

  • justdogm1

    gasol better bring extra tampons ,artest has never been on the big stage.rashwweed was on the pistons when they destroyed the lakers……….this is gonna be fun..

  • Celtics_Fan


  • Brian Shaw owns all

    Bynum needs to take a class on how to talk to the media. First, it was the “8 on 5″ thing, now hes looking ahead when we havent finished the series in front of us. You would never see Kobe or Gasol addressing a question on a future opponent with two games still on their plate.

    Albeit, a lot of us are probably thinking about a finals rematch even people on the team, but players need to be a bit more careful with what they say so they dont look foolish.

  • Zoom Kobe II

    Sometimes I can’t stand Andrew’s immaturity. Last week reporters were asking the guys what they thought of the Celtics-Magic series. Kobe answered “I don’t care. It’s none of my concern.” Andrew had the big answer like he was more excited about their series than playing the Suns. Also, many of you will remember last year after the Lakers won the Western Conference, Andrew was the only one during post-game that was actually wearing his Conference Champions t-shirt. The rest of the guys could care less about it. I understand he’s young and whatever, but seriously, the guys needs to watch some footage of Kobe and Fisher talking to the media. Kobe is as cold blooded in his comments has he is on the floor.

  • rondo

    Grown Men talking about being scared. You guys need to grow a pair. The Lakers will kick the Celts Ass.

  • Varick Hudson

    To everyone of you Anti Laker Fans some words of caution. Never Under Estimate The Hart Of A Champion. Do not Under Estimate Kobe Bryant and My Los Angeles Lakers.

  • http://lakersnation cgris


  • TITD46

    Bynum is a DOUCHE and his play tonight reflected his comments!!!! Get your head out Bynum!!!

  • thanhttrinh

    Celdicks fans are about mother fukkkersssssssssss !!!
    Kobe and Co. will make them eat their words this season.

  • Touch ME

    How dare any of you make the same mistake you made 2 years ago saying we will beat the C’s. And now all of the sudden because we want revenge that mean we automatically won the championship. Didn’t we all learn a lesson from 2 years ago. You all have the nerve to get upset at me because im posting reality. When the Celtics win the Ship which I hope they don’t you all better be on this site when it happens so that your continued discipline won’t go into anymore outrage. They way you all are acting we will be wanting revenge for many years to come and it will never happen. Not even nostradumus can back you guys up.