So happy for Big Drew! The time is almost here!

The projected date for his return is December 19.

O.C. Register: Bynum said Monday that he could be back in uniform in 2 1/2-3 weeks instead of three weeks that he mentioned Saturday. After competing in a four-on-four half-court scrimmage, Bynum said he hopes to be ready to play recover during the Lakers’ six-game trip in mid-December.

“I’m feeling pretty good,” Bynum said. “The knee didn’t really hurt much. If I feel something, it goes away right away. Everything is good. I’m healing it up. Just get ready.”

  • bbz62

    he’s fine….

    until he gets hurt again. GG

  • Indy Mac-Daddy

    Bynum is a spoiled brat. He should of have gotten the surgery right after the championship. I say trade Bynum.

  • Boococky

    I’m sure if the lakers offered him a bonus he would be back this week. This guy is such a paycheck player it makes me sick

  • LakersFirst

    “As training camp opened, Jackson said he had no problem with Bynum holding off surgery until after attending the World Cup in South Africa…’We encouraged him to go there,” Jackson said of Bynum’s trip to the World Cup. “It’s something that after an eight-month season, it’s fun for these guys to get out.'”

    You should just worry about your other teams…you know, all the other teams the NBA that you want to beat the Lakers but have yet to do so as the Lakers are the
    Back to Back NBA World Champions!

  • Leo

    Lol this is news? It’s news that the timetable is shortened by 2-3 days?

  • laker warrior

    The guys knee was tore up bad, He has a bright future.
    The lakers need to nut up Pau is playing soft and so is La Mar and Ron Kick some ass .
    Kobe is doing way to much. Fisher is like 3/ for 40 in the last 3 gaames. Play Barnes and Blake