Drew hurt himself but this is just rustiness for missing 24 games, nothing too serious.

L.A. Times: Bynum missed a left-handed layup in the fourth quarter but got the rebound and scored on a put-back for a 103-95 Lakers lead in the fourth.

That’s when he felt the pain.

“Actually, my knee is a little bit sore today,” Bynum said. “I kind of felt a little pain when I double-jumped when I missed the layup and I went back up with the rebound. But it will be all right. There is no swelling. I’ll just ice it all the way home and it should be good.”

  • 242LakerFan

    I saw that on the highlight reel this morning on NBATV. Ass he turned to go back down the court there was a pronounced grimace. But he did play a few more minutes and if there was no swelling, then it’s a good sign.
    Not worried.

  • lakerman1

    You could tell by the look on his face he was in pain. Problem is he may always have knee issues because of his size and history. It may be best to play him sparingly so he dose not get re injured. He does give the team the inside presence they desparately need but with Dallas and SA playing at the level they are playing the team is really going to need him for the playoffs more so then the last couple of years. Also this year Bostons front court is even stronger even with the over the hill gang of the Oneals. The Lakers can hold their own against the rest of the NBA for awhile, while Andrew really lets the knees be as strong as possible down the stretch.

  • Pillzmayn

    Here we go again this guy will never be 100% again

  • Leo

    Man, I actually thought stupidly that this year would be different for Bynum.

  • lakers0828

    This Why You save his Ass only for the Playoffs Thats when we only Need him I say at the end of this yr Trade His Ass for good man

  • http://espn.com LakersFirst

    So many people here overreact in here. Had a little twinge in his knee. CALM THE F*CK DOWN PEOPLE

    • hey

      Fuck you.

      Bynum is a bust, I’m tired of this news.

    • LakersFirst

      He had 16 points and 7 boards in his 4th game back and all you f*gs cry like little girls. Bynum is easy double double guy, but you guys just b*tch because he gets injured.
      Furthermore, in 2 years, the Lakers have team options on Bynum and LO. What a coincidence, in 2 years, DHoward has a player option in his contract. Do you know what this means? DHoward can opt out of his contract in 2 years, which he will do if Orlando does NOT win a ring. Should that happen, Orlando is NOT going to want to let DHoward go for nothing. Because you have a lack of NBA knowledge, a DHoward for Bynum and LO could be a reality, but anything can happen in 2 years.

      • hey

        Orlando will not give up Dwight for possibly one of the worst centers to ever play in the NBA and Lamar Kardashian.

      • LakersFirst

        You don’t understand basketball. First of all Bynum is not one of the worst center to ever play in the NBA. If you believe that, then stop watching basketball, because you know nothing. Bynum has proved that he is a double double center.
        Secondly, what I was alluding to (let me know if I’m using too many big words for your feeble little mind to understand) is that in 2 years, DHoward can opt out of his contract, just like Lebron could have last year and just like Melo can at the end of this year. Do you know what opting out means?
        Orlando is already scrambling to make their team better, which is why they made their big trades over the weekend. They are doing this to appease DHoward, because if the don’t win a title, DHoward will opt out of his contract in 2 years. Orlando will not want to let DHoward go for nothing. That’s happened with them and Shaq. Because they will not want to let him go for nothing, they will most likely be looking to trade him and expiring contracts are very attractive. Currently, this is the situation Denver is in with Melo. Let him opt out and leave for nothing. Or, trade him and get something. Understand??

        • hey


        • LakersFirst

          Cheesburgers … the only thing you understand

  • Ruin818

    He really needs to stop updating us about his unjuries unless he’s not gonna play… It really seems as if he’s just putting a disclaimer out there in case he doesnt play well.. Kobe’s finger is hurt and he doesnt say a damn thing, just deal with it Drew.

    • LakersFirst

      I’m pretty sure it’s the media asking about his knee and Drew simply answers them. It’s the same thing with Kobe. Before yesterday’s game, and on Saturday, Kobe was asked about this pinky and he responded.


    One little knee tweek and here we go with the I told you so’s and the lets get rid of him talk. Are you all Lakers Fans cause we are not cry babies like smeldicks fans and whine about everything.

  • rondo

    Some of you guys act like little bitches. Always crying, man the fuck up .

  • lakerman1

    No one is crying and everyone has a right to an opinion. What is one to think when the same old issues keep arising and Kobe always responds with it will be fine so as to eliminate conjecture, i am sure we all want Andrew to do well so as a laker fan i say what i want.


    We shouldnt have given him that extension, I will be shocked, absolutely shocked if he can go through the entire season and playoffs without an injury and having to sit out games.

    • http://espn.com LakersFirst

      Will you quit crying like a little b*tch if he does?



  • Los Lakers

    sooo this is bynum’s last year as a laker right? whoooh can’t wait(i mean i’m glad he sucked it up last year in the finals, but this is getting ridiculous, i wish he had a little bit of work ethic like kobe), good thing mitch signed his injury prone ass for only 3 yrs… i don’t even think we need a 7 footer, get a quality center and we’re good, this team is too deep look how we’re winning all these recent games w/ bynum playing only 15-20 min, imagine if we had an avg center playing 25-30, just rest up gasol and odom and we’re good…

    • le-elbow =)

      no without bynum we go on 4 game losing streaks, you are not gonna find a better center to come off the bench right now other than bynum

      • Los Lakers

        i hear you man, but how long can you wait on bynum to be 100% he’ll never be… i have a feeling this is his last yr, he’ll play in the playoffs injured like last yr and go see alaska or antarctica before he gets the surgery he needs and it’ll be the same story this time next yr… i like the kid but enough is enough… im afraid a gust of wind would sideline this dude for 4 to 6 weeks…

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  • rondo

    If some of you guys got women I know they hate your whimp asses. Their is know way a women would be with little bitches like you dudes. Every day you always crying. man the fuck up and stop crying about Bynum.

    • world of color

      Yes you must be the apple of your man’s eye now aren’t you.

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