This makes you wonder – is the brace really hindering his play or his his knee truly not ready?

NBC Los Angeles: Andrew Bynum was asked how his knee was feeling and if it was a factor at all in his slow starts during these playoffs, and he admitted that it’s still a concern. There apparently isn’t any swelling or pain, but the Lakers center said Tuesday he lacks the explosion and strength he enjoyed before his knee injury. And that brace doesn’t help.

“It’s just not ready,” he said. “I’m probably about 85-90 percent.”

  • JohnJOhn

    Enough excuses, stay your ass home then. That is why Phill is not putting him in the game. Come on 17 we need you to step it up. 85-90 percent should be enough, so stop your crap and dunk it on Yao for all the Chinamen.

  • LAKing

    This is his LAST chance to redeem himself. If he doesn’t step up this playoff series, his reputation is done for. I think he can really dominate this series, but he needs to find heart and find it quick in order for us to contain Yao Ming.

  • golakers75

    drew needs to stop telling people a % on his knee. this is playoff time, time to nut up or shut up.. and Andrew has done nothing at all to make me think he should even be in the rotation at this time.. hope the Andrew from December and January shows up soon or the lakers might make another run in the playoffs this year without him..

  • FT

    he needs to seriously stop complaining, so many ppl play when they are hurt, im not expecting you to dominate the plyoffs, just to contribute, all u have to do is help on defense and rebound, all the coaches have told u that,

  • JSK

    I SWEAR TO ALLAH bynum needs to man da fk up!!! lakers r paying idis kid mad money and hes only 21 WTF ANDREW makes us happy then do SOMETHING!!! show us wat ur worth

  • kwame4mvp

    bynum for perkins.

  • stdecker

    i was waiting for this to happen, i knew sooner or later he would use it as an excuse. so predictible, just like the laker offense. Dont come back if your not ready to play. Bottom line, the laker brass would not OK him to play if he wasn’t ready to go, so shut the hell up, grow a sac, and learn how to play! He sure was ready to sign a big contract. I will go off on Bynum more later>.

  • Farmar Suks A$$

    bynum is a huge disappointment…

  • Farmar Suks A$$

    i don’t believe this 85-90% crap…when he came back for several games…he played ok…he’s just giving an excuse for his lack of effort and energy

  • farmabrick

    …and his basketball brain is at 35-40%.

    Andrew has a ton of talent, but he is playing like a totally unfocused person.

    I WANT him to play well. We NEED him to play well. But I have to agree with the comments above: right now, he sucks.

  • green_apple

    mitch shouldn’t have given the kid that fat contract extension. mitch should have waited, he could have sign him for far less than that. there are more players on the team that has expiring contracts that needs to be sign.

    we are still not sure if he is the center we thought he is. coming from two knee injuries in two seasons, that is not looking good now and his future.

  • http://deleted let there be light

    homie all i have to say is, Landry from the rockets got shot in the leg, he got shot. but he is playin his ass of. Bynum you look lost. i mean b4 the playoffs began you were playin okay. WTF happened since then. I Love fisher “be careful of the quiet ones”…. thats right we needed this to send a message, im sick of them man handiling us. but lamar and pau better bring it. Make Yao tired and we are good. X-factors are Farmar/sasha/s.brown. can we please start making threes or at least guard the perimeter

  • David

    To those of you guys who kept saying Bynum was playing bad against Utah because it was matchup problems you were clearly wrong. Might at was put him on the D/L and let him rehab his knee.

  • PauLAsol

    stop making sorry ass excuses!!!!!! damn everyone who was hoping the great return of bynum 4 the playoffs and telling we need him to win some rings including me are fkng dissapointed by his attitude daamnnnn i can only say he still is a kid in his brain and i really really cant wait for him to overcome his mind set

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