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Star Bulletin: The first time Andrew Bynum visited Hawaii, the 17-year-old was trying to find his way around his first training camp with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Two years later, he’s looking to assert himself in the competition for the starting center job as the Lakers begin preparations for the season in training camp.

“I’ve got a lot more experience now,” Bynum said after a practice at the Stan Sheriff Center. “After two years I know what to expect out of training camp. I worked hard this summer and I’m in shape now.”

Bynum entered camp looking to claim the starting job he filled for 53 games last season. Veterans Kwame Brown and Chris Mihm will also compete for the job in the preseason following injury-plagued seasons.

Mihm missed all of last season following surgery on his ankle. Brown is coming back from shoulder and ankle injuries.

“I’m just taking it slow, don’t want to take it too fast and injure myself,” Brown said. “I’m feeling a lot better than I did last year, it’s all about consistency now, that I can maintain that high level of play without getting injured.”

According to the schedule, Andrew Bynum’s pursuit of a starting job began with the opening of the Los Angeles Lakers’ training camp last week.

In reality, the process began a lot earlier.

Two years removed from becoming the youngest player to be selected in the NBA Draft, Bynum devoted his offseason to improving his conditioning with an eye on claiming the starting center job in camp.

“I definitely want to establish my position,” Bynum said as the Lakers’ opened training camp at Iolani School. “I think I’m good enough to get that starting job, and that’s what I’m out here to do, to prove to everybody that I’m ready.

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  • SILO

    This is a great outlook on him right now. A very positive and demanding attitude. Looks like he picked up some traits from Kobe. Hopefully he picked up the right ones.

    Hopefully now he has developed the “Killer Instinct” the will to take control over games and go for the kill.

  • kyler_hay

    nice job Drew now its up to u to step it up dog fo sho

  • hZm

    Well he’s not going to say that he doesn’t want to start now.

  • kyler_hay

    in the picture his face dnt look like a baby face no more

  • TheLAunit

    THATS What We (thelakersfans) want to here, words of determination, that will to win & demand what he want. Be in shape plays a big part in his abilities to show us what he really can do, so now that he says he’s in shape he should have a better year then what we say he would.

  • Michael_23

    Remember guys he was pumped up the beginning of last season impressing us all … Til February where he lost that fire. Let’s see if he really means it.

    This isn’t to “start” for preseason, it’s 82 games pre and post season.

  • lakerfan81

    Micheal_23 Bynums problems last year did not have to do with a loss of fire. It had a lot more to do with a loss of confidence and not enough energy to finish the season strong. Last year was only his second season coming straight out of high school so there was a lot of pressure put on him to perform at a very high level every night. He played pretty well for the first few months of the season (especially when you consider he was/is only 19). But then he got worn out, so his performance started to go down, then his confidence went down with it. It was just a bad cycle but not one that was totally unpredictable or unexpected.

  • 123kid

    [quote comment=”14218″]THATS What We (thelakersfans) want to here, words of determination, that will to win & demand what he want. Be in shape plays a big part in his abilities to show us what he really can do, so now that he says he’s in shape he should have a better year then what we say he would.[/quote]


  • Tim-4-Show

    I’m left wondering if the writer didn’t take some liberty with that headline. It’s reminiscant of Kobe’s “do something, and do it now!” statement when LA was eliminated.

    Even if the writer did take some liberty, it seems to me that Bynum does want to start, this was to be expected from all we’ve heard in recent weeks. He wants to start, period. Personally, I see him with the starting job from day 1 this season UNLESS the lakers determine that Mihm HAS TO start because of his ankle. Even then, they may go with a twin tower strategy, who knows. I do not see Kwame starting unless Bynum & Mihm gets injured or again they try some twin tower idea.

    The way I see it, minutes will be distributed at center when the Lakers are in full swing (which will take some time) as folows:
    1. Bynum
    2. Mihm
    3. Brown

    The hold up here will be how many minutes Chris can put in & how close he is to his best. I think he’ll be very close by the end of the season and by the end, I think Bynum & Mihm will be getting the majority of the minutes. Let’s see how it shakes out…

  • BEC

    Its good to see some passion from Bynum, but a starting job needs to be earned, proven effectiveness and consistency at that position, which Bynum has not shown, and not given because he wants it or cries about it or is expecting it.
    Its good to hear that hes in shape, but Bynum doesnt really need to play better per se. Whats important for Bynum and for EVERYONE, especially Odom, is consistency. I hear all this talk about Bynum, but the key to our success isnt Bynum averaging 12-10-2 on a daily basis, its Odom playing on a consisten basis, Odom is going to be a bigger factor in our success this season than anyother player not named Kobe.
    Bynum doesnt need to average more points or get more boards, he just needs to be consistent and im hoping Bynum is focusing on defense more than anything else, which doesnt seem to be the case, because with his physical attributes he can me a monster on the defensive end, an area we need help in the most, frontcourt defense.

  • fatty

    Bynum will probably start because Kwame and Mihm are coming back from injuries. (even Kwame and Mihm acknowledged that) Then it will be his starting job to lose.

    PJ said something interesting last week. Having three capable centers will allow us to be more agressive on Defense, not having to worry about foul issues. Last year having only two and then one when Kwame went down, forced our guys to pace themselves and be more careful.

    Having 3 centers by committee should have these guys hustling their butts off, clogging the middle, blocking shots, screening people away from the boards, and grabbing rebounds. Not to mention, getting those offensive rebounds.(a PJ trademark)

    2.Mihm (minutes determined by health)
    3.Kwame (minutes determined by match ups)

    If they all remain healthy, one may go in a trade yet, before the deadline. A team that isn’t doing well might want an expiring contract like Kwame’s at the deadline.

  • mr47

    Whoever said the starting job had to be earned…..kwame didn’t earn it. He still hasn’t earned it. I like this from Bynum, I just hope he’s also worked on his defense. He has to use his new conditioning (the guy weights more than kwame!) to his favor and bruise people on the inside. He did a lot of “getting out of the way” last year.

  • double

    Hopefully Jackson is saying this so he can light a fire under Bynum’s butt. He NEEDS to have a big season so that he can help us by producing numbers and/or help us as a trading piece.

  • k0be da 1 andonly


  • MILO