Here is some stuff about Bynum’s first practice back with the Lakers.

O.C. Register: Now that all the fallout is over (is it really over?) from injured Laker center Andrew Bynum’s recent visit to the Playboy mansion, more important issues can be address.

Such as, when will Bynum’s right knee be healthy enough for him to return to action?

Lakers coach Phil Jackson perhaps whet the appitite of Laker fans when he reiterated an earlier statement that it is very possible that Bynum could return to play in at least a couple of the Lakers’ final regular-season games.

An encouraging sign came Thursday, when Bynum participated in a half-court three-on-three scrimmage with a group that included center DJ Mbenga and guard Jordan Farmar.

The 21-year old Bynum had his lunch handed to him by Mbegna. Or was it the other way around because when asked how Bynum fared, Jackson said, “DJ ate him up today.”

Jackson did note, however, that Bynum was very active, jumped without any apparent pain and blocked some shots. His timing on his offensive game, as expected, was off.

But aside from adding that Bynum faces a arduous task in building his stamina back to game condition, Jackson was pleased with what he saw.

“He’s much improved in two weeks,” Jackson said. “The progress has been steady. He seems to be running the court. We’ll try to keep it at a level where he can negotiate, without a lot of bodies on the floor.”

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  • Sako

    Great news!!!!!!!

  • Chris Manning

    Very good news. Let him progress and he’ll be back in no time. It’s safe to say he’ll be back for the playoffs though :)

  • Justin M.

    Thank you for another worthy post. Good news!

  • paulpierce_best

    I such loser! I live on farm and make sweet love to sheep. I ask pierce for autograph but he laugh at me so I tell him to break leg. Boston will lose first round. Lakers is best.

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    Bynum got owned by Dacos? That’s not good…

  • Margo

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    Nothing that conditioning can’t take of!

  • Franchise98bn

    Thank God! Everything is going well. Keep it up Andrew!

  • joseph

    Well I guess this means there won’t be any banner raising in Boston after this season and I’ll be jerking off again!


  • LAKing

    Finally, Bynum is back on the practice court and practicing with some of his teammates. This is a really great sign that Bynum is really progressing and hopefully we can have a 100% healthy and strong Andrew Bynum before the season ends. What I said right after Bynum was injured was that all I cared is for Bynum to play at last 3 regular season games so he can get back into rhythm and get his confidence back. It doesn’t matter what teams their against in those regular season games, as long as he’s finally back on the court and picking up where he left off. Bynum needs to be strong and confident going into the playoffs.

  • GayAndrewRafnerfan

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  • paulpierce_best

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  • GayAndrewRafnerfan

    After I’m done with Andrew Rafner he will say I’m the greatest finisher ever lol j/k boo boo bear.

  • paulpierce_best

    wow guys… stop dreamin andrew wont come back boston will get that ring this year back to back baby woooooo

  • LAKing

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    Boston and everyone from there can fornicate themselves with an iron stick.

  • Lakerfanl

    Great News!!

  • zgum

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    plueze stop dreaming

  • farmabrick

    Even if Andrew is only able to come off the bench and give 20 solid minutes per game and even if his offense is out of synch, having a bigger, more solid 7-footer who can block shots, clog the lane, and push the other team’s big man further away from the hoop AND KEEP PAU’S MINUTES TO 36, that will all be a HUGE help to getting the Laker’s a 15th O’Brien Trophy and Championship Banner.

  • YellowPurpleFever

    How’s Hefner’s 12 girlfriends? Lets focus on DEFENSE Drew, PROTECT OUR PAINT!!

  • karinLA24

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  • AllthewayLA

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    hahahahahaha :))

  • Dracul

    [Comment ID #66699 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Farmabrick is spot on with this one. We need Bynum to bring SOMETHING to the 2nd Unit, ’cause for sure he will not be a starter. And I also predict that the real Farmabrick will play a lot better when he has Andrew on the floor with him. He seems to drive to the basket confidently and shoot better. I think its because he knows he has a big guy around his age to whom he can underhand scoop-to or get the offensive board in case of a miss.


  • farmabrick

    [Comment ID #66716 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Let’s hope that Drew can bring out better game in BOTH Farmar and Vujacic, at least get their shooting percentages back to 07/08 levels. If one of the Bench Mob can put up 10-12 pts per game, the Lakers will take it all this year.

  • Rajon Pierce

    Where will you be when amazing happens? Celtic fans will be at a parade in Boston celebrating a back to back, while Lakers fans will cry for another year.

  • Farmabrick

    [Comment ID #66727 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Caught some typos in your post: it should read “Celtics fans will be having a front to backside in their studio apartments while Laker fans cry with joy over another championship”. You poseurs won’t even make the finals.

    Red is dead.

    Paulette is a faker.

    Allen is a sneering punk.

    Garnett is a borderline retard.

    And Posey is gone.

  • Juan

    Dude you need to get a fuking JOB

  • karinLA24

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  • CK

    The biggest question is he still in that mental state where he knows he can dominate almost anyone at any time, or will he be hesitant and think twice whenever he plays because of his knee injuries. If he still in that aggressive mental state that we’ve seen him get into (coincidentally right before both injuries.) that state, the league has some worrying to do.

  • LakersFirst

    The NBA is scared. Bynum is coming back. That means the Lakers will be complete. Last year heading into the playoffs, there was no Ariza and no Bynum, and the Lakers got to the Finals. With them, there is no stopping us.

    They are back!!! The other teams are screwed.

  • YO Lakers

    Also looks as if Bynum been spending more time in the weight room. He looks more cut.