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Andrew Bynum acknowledged his game 1 struggles and is ready to become more aggressive.

Bynum had 8 points on 3-8 shooting. In fact, other than Kobe, no other Laker had more than 10 shot attempts. Bynum talked about it after game 1.

“I’m just going to be so much more aggressive,” Bynum said. “I felt like I wasn’t aggressive at all – getting low-post position. Nothing. I kept letting them hit me first. It’s going to be different [in Game 2].”

Bynum is ready to demand more of the ball in the post.

“I’m a guy on the team that doesn’t know what I’m going to get,” Bynum said. “But I can definitely be more demonstrative, ask for the basketball and be more hungry inside.”

  • LakerMarc

    Bullshit Drew if you go back and listen specifically to his interviews and his comments since game 4 of the the first round you will hear him say over and over again in various interviews over a span of a week that he is going to be more aggressive and be proactive..this is so typical lakers especially lakers from 2009/2010 and 2010/2011…lazy..more important to get slapped around then adjust than to be prepared and ready and not let this shit happen in the first place….fuck the lakers they make me sick.

    • Adbroughton5

      Well watch the game tonight HATER, so they can make you SICKER!

    • Adbroughton5

      Well watch the game tonight HATER, so they can make you SICKER!

  • emily

    @laker Marc…Lakers are the greatest team in the NBA hands down…we play when we wanna play and yest was just another bad day for the LAKERS!.dont act like you dont see it happening with other teams!…We’re getting that 3peat and no ones gonna stop us! if the Lakers make you sick, y u on this page..go read about Cryami or the failtics…Lakersall day everyday…for true fans that is.

  • LakersThe2010Champs

    As a Laker fan, I am very critical about Kobe’s play. I don’t care how many points Kobe scores. He’s not playing team ball. As long as Kobe keeps hogging the ball, the Lakers will lack fluidity in their offense, and no one can get in rhythm, and his teammates’ efforts are wasted efforts.

  • Quik420247

    If the bench would step up when Kobe gives him the lead then there wouldn’t be any of this talk about how Kobe screwed them out of a win. Up 16…….then bench comes in while Phil sits 4 starters on the bench until 6 minutes left in the game. hmmmmmm……..

  • LakerChumps2010

    wow, low class sore losers.