This is really good news! We want Drew out there really quick!

Real GM: Lakers center Andrew Bynum is progressing quicker than expected in his return from surgery performed on his right knee in July.

Bynum ran on the treadmill Sunday with his full body weight on the knee, graduating from an altered gravity machine that he had been using to ease himself back into playing condition.

“He went through some activity that was accelerated,” Los Angeles coach Phil Jackson said.

“I think he wants to ramp it up a little bit faster than we want him to. We want him to be able to go in and sustain that effort when he does get back, so he needs to have a real base. He needs a foundation to come back and play with. … We want him back tomorrow, but if he’s back in two, three, four weeks, we understand what it’s going to take.”

Jackson said the team is hoping that Bynum will return around Thanksgiving.

  • Tim

    i say let him take his time
    we dont need him in the regular season as much as the playoffs

    • Westcoast B!tch

      Cosign. Also when he comes back, Phil has to limit his minutes and also give him a few days off such as back to backs. But once April comes, then no limits on Drew. I want to see a 100% Drew in the playoffs, and I want to see the Lakers cruise in the reg season and then put a performance like the 00-01 playoffs where they crushed everyone.

  • si pepe

    thats good news! no one can stop the three peat.

  • John Robertson

    That’s definitely a good news for the Lakers community. Yah that’s right Westcoast B!tch, I also want to see the Lakers crushed everyone in the playoffs 16-0. hehe

  • LakersTheTruth

    Save him for the playoffs!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    mr brittle,as soon as he returns something else will snap.

    • laffs atu.

      God, I love balls. I Love d*ck too. Mmmmmm.

    • laffs atu sucks

      Why are you still here? You lost all credibility last night with your comments about women lusting over you. Go back and read your comment again—you either are screwed up in the head or you were smoking some real good stuff. In your own little world I’m sure everyone lusts over you, but in the real world, I truly doubt it. Go back to your fantasy world.

  • 242LakerFan

    Bring him back slowly and work him into a rotation with Pau and Lamar. We’ll be rolling by about Feb. He could even still make the All-Star Team if he plays to potential. Yao’s got a blillion votes locked down already, of course, but who’s his other competition, Chris Kaveman?

  • rondo

    Go Big Bynum 3peat here we come.