ESPN: Lakers center Andrew Bynum ran on a treadmill Tuesday for the first time since injuring his left knee two months ago.

Bynum temporarily dislocated his kneecap and sustained a bone bruise early in the third quarter of a 100-99 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on Jan. 13 when he landed on teammate Lamar Odom’s left foot while going for a rebound.

“He’s coming along well. He’s progressing,” coach Phil Jackson said before Tuesday night’s game against the Toronto Raptors. “It’s not as fast as he’d like to, but we’re looking at the big picture here.

“We know that he makes a big difference in our team, but ultimately the organization feels we don’t have to rush him into anything and jeopardize the situation.”

Lakers spokesman John Black said no timetable has been set for Bynum’s return, adding: “We set a minimum of eight weeks. We didn’t set a maximum.”

The Lakers hope the 20-year-old center will return before the playoffs begin the weekend of April 18-19. He has been rehabilitating by running in a swimming pool.

Bynum ran for 20 minutes on a new $75,000 treadmill that simulates low gravity situations. A player can run without the pounding he would normally experience on a regular treadmill or on the court, which gives his legs a break. Black said Bynum ran at 60-65 percent of his body weight.

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  • KingSako32

    good, so he’ll be back before playoffs?

  • kb24b3stever

    well hopefully he could get atleast a couple of games well with 1 or 2 its gud so we could c nd phil could c how him nd pau nd odom at da 3 work out 2gether in da court…

  • True Lakers Fan

    just get urself healthy Drew that our we care bout

  • Lakers

    If I were Drew I’d test myself and jump on my knee alone. If it didnt hurt I’d get back on the court and start playing

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #29112 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I wouldn’t be surprized if he has done it, perhaps he has done what you said and hurt it and this is why it is taking so long. i hope not…

  • dcb2069


  • KingSako32

    i’m gonna come out & say andrew bynum is my favorite basketball player

  • Neo-Laker Era

    [Comment ID #29112 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yea, I think the doctors know what they’re doing. I’m sorry, but what an absolutely ridiculous thing to say.

  • NorCalLakersFan

    The only important thing for Drew is to come back only if the knee is 100%. If the Lakers don’t win it this year, they’ll get healthy and totally dominate next season. I’m just looking at the big picture.

  • Michael_23

    Let’s pray that this is not a Dwayne Wade situation where he gets back on the court and doesn’t play well and then needs surgery. (Knock on wood)

  • foxxy


  • xxv112002

    Hey can somebody post a pic on that new $75,000 anti-gravity treadmill? I wonder what it looks like…

  • http://myspace lakersnation

    bynum is the next Big Aristotle!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael_23

    There’s only one Big Aristotle and he plays in with that ‘other’ team,Bynum WILL be called from here on out as “THE GAME”(a WRESTLER,a RAPPER AND NOW A LAKER).

  • MILO

    By the end of this month he’ll be back for sure!!!

  • kenny smith

    [Comment ID #29107 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Yeah, we really should have drew back 5-10 games before the season ends. he still as not played with Pau and he needs to get used to it. also we need to get used to having 3 bigmen on th court. so they should put in Lamar Ronny and pau at the same time

    [Comment ID #29122 Will Be Quoted Here]
    well this is a good idea, ynm should do 100 light jumps. if there is no swelling than yes. bu also the pro doctos have even better ideas

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