This is great news, especially for a Lakers’ team that has had a hard time defending the rim. So, TLN: How does the Lakers rotation change when Bynum re-enters the lineup!?

ESPN: After Bynum’s second-straight successful full-court practice Monday, the sixth-year center narrowed down his window.”Everything is going well,” Bynum said. “I haven’t felt too much pain. I’m ready for basketball. I hope to play in December.”

Bynum said he wants to participate in a “couple more practices” before playing in a game to improve his timing and what he describes as “quick jumping,” or the jump after a jump, when he’s battling in the lane for a rebound or put back.

  • Gugy

    come on Biatch,……….Please play healthy the rest of the season. We damn need you.

  • BY-dumb

    We need to trade this clown for Brook Lopez. Imagine how good they would be.

    • LakersFirst

      You need to think before you speak. Why would NJ want to give up Lopez when they said they don’t want to trade him. Even when NJ talked with Denver about a trade for Melo, NJ said Lopez isnt available for a trade.

  • Boococky

    send his azz back to the playboy mansion for rehab. it worked out great last time.

  • trippleoccho

    “I haven’t felt too much pain.”

    So, he STILL feels pain? SMH

    • daboss1848

      he feels pain getting a haircut – dont use his pain threshold as a barometer.

  • rondo

    I can’t believe the Lakers have fans like you guys. The Lakers should ban some of you guys. Bad mouthing their players !

    • bostonSUCKS88

      i second that

      • Jack

        They’re not true fans. They’re Lakers haters ;).

        • Slick Vic

          third that

  • tradesasha

    time to unleashed the “kraken!!”