Great news! Good to see he is making progress in his recovery. We need him for the undersized Thunder in the playoffs. The last update we had on Andrew Bynum came from Denver on Thursday, when he suggested that he most likely would not play in L.A.’s final two regular season games, but would almost certainly play in the Lakers’ first playoff game.

Bynum confirmed as much after Monday’s practice, during which he ran on one of the team’s machines with 30 pounds of weight on his back.

“It worked fine,” he said. “There was no pain. Tomorrow, (I’ll) run a little bit further, put a little more weight on.”

Bynum’s primary concern isn’t for his left Achilles tendon, but on his game shape and conditioning, which he recognizes will take a bit of time to return. He’s already missed 11 games due to the injury.

The 22-year-old center hopes to resume basketball activities on Wednesday, the day of L.A.’s final regular season game, which would give him several days of practice before the team’s first playoff game.

  • kris

    go bynum pls make a diff when playoffs comes

  • LakersFirst

    Is it me, or did anyone else notice that the Lakers really started playing poorly pretty much after Bynum hurt the achilles? I'm sorry but as much as people b*tch here about not liking Bynum (personally I think he is an easy 20/10 guy if you put him on any other team), the fact is when you remove a starter from the Lakers, their bench really suffers, mainly because LO has to start, leading the remaining bench players lost and confused. Bynum is sorely needed for a repeat.

    • Marwan Marzina

      I agree with you 100%. Others may have a different opinion on Bynum, but personally, I love having him in purple and gold.

  • msouten

    your right if bynum was on any other team he would be an all-star easily.