Bynum on the boards

    Congrats to Andrew Bynum who became the 8th youngest NBA player to pull down 1,000 rebounds!

    Keep it up, ‘Drew!

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    • lyk13

      Grats drew!

    • basketbolista!

      if he does not got injured last season maybe he’ll get 1000 boards at the age of 20..

    • Andrew Rafner

      thanks joel.

    • Ballin’08

      1) Congrats Drew.

      2) Did everyone see that Walton tunover…?? Damn he sucks…

      3) Did anyone see Vlad in general. Lord help us he’s horrible…

      4) Tyrus Thomas- You can just tell from the way he plays and his body language that he’s an @$$hole in person…am I wrong??

    • Kam Pashai

      Imagine if he got a good amount of playing time his first couple of seasons.

    • Billy Kupchak

      [Comment ID #54968 Will Be Quoted Here]

      he’d be somewhere between 1st & 7th youngest? :cool:


      ^^ LOL

    • Michael_23

      He’s still the youngest player to ever play the game. 17 years old. That will never be broken now that the age limit to enter the game is 19.


      Keep doin’ ya’thing Big Homie!!!

    • thelakerfuture

      i’ll try to guess who he is behind

      Moses Malone
      Jermaine o’neal
      Dwight howard
      tyson Chandler