Here is some interesting stuff. Two things to note – Bynum’s focus without Pau and Kobe’s reference to a pecking order. Kobe takes twice as many attempts as Pau does. We should dump it down low more often, no?

ESPN: “I’m comfortable with or without [Gasol], it’s just I’m more needed without him,” Bynum said. “My focus goes up a little bit.”

Again, you wonder why the focus isn’t at its highest level no matter who’s on the court, but for the Lakers at least they know they have this option should Gasol be out for another extended period.

Bryant said Bynum has to understand, “There’s a pecking order” and has to find a way to still be effective when he is the third option after Bryant and Gasol. Bynum was upgraded on the priority list Sunday, first when Dallas center Erick Dampier couldn’t go because of an injury, then when Gasol went out. So Bynum got to go against the likes of Drew Gooden and Shawn Marion.

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  • Andwerethethreebestfriendsthatanybodycouldhave

    In other words, you’re more comfortable without Pau.

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    i was not surprised by Bynum’s play last night- and he is right, when gasol is not in the lineup he has better numbers..
    he has to step up when gasol is there as well, especially with the second unit…. we need both him and gasol to play at a high level

    • LBJ23>KB24


      • WifelovesLuke

        LBJ23 = 0 rings

        KB24 = 4 and counting

        Let me correct it for you, lil man

        KB24> lbj23

        • LAtimes

          so right…

        • Robert

          Guy is bad at math.
          Real equation should read:
          LB23 << KB24

        • yash

          LBJ = 0 Rings
          DJ Mbenga = 1 ring and counting

          nuff said

  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    You better play boy man. You look like Elden Campell.
    Big dude no heart and no balls= PUSSY BYNUM

  • Robert

    Bynum can’t play as well when he doesn’t start? What’s up with that? Or, could it be that he plays better when he’s with the “A” team, and not the bench?
    Also, he needs to expand his set of moves – his post up/spin move appears to work fine, but if he keeps doing just that, his move is going to be too predictable. I have already seen opponents anticipate his movement of the ball, and slap it out of his hands before he has a chance to get the ball over their heads.
    If he has another move, he can mix it up, and fool the opponents. He also needs to pump-fake better, and muscle it through like Dwight Howard. He’s bigger (and stronger?) than most players, so it shouldn’t be a problem forcing it through. Just act tougher under the hoop, like Snaq – they’ll start to back off to keep from getting banged up (or an elbow in their teeth).

  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    Robert , Bynum cant play as a starter off the bench.
    This guy say all the right stuff to people but dosent have the drive or balls to back it up.
    Kareem new this thats why he gave up on him.
    Yes he 7 ft and 22 years old but hes a bust .
    There where plenty of 7 ft busts in the NBA.
    Cambell,Kwame, Benoit,and the list goes on.

    • B Holland

      Kareem didn’t give up on him. They still have contact just not as much. You are an idiot if you think he is a bust. A guy who was averaging 20/10 when he was the second option on the team is not a bust. You should change your name to idiot laker fan in L.A.

      • http://TheLakersNation PWNED

        onlyone celtic fan in L.A.

  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    B holland he is not the 2 nd option its Kobe Pau then the rest of the guys. Phil said that his self Bitch get your facts straight.
    Kareem said the guy was not eager to learn translate that asshole.
    Means he has no desire no balls like you probably that why you like this overated bum.

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      2nd option when Pau was out. Geez. You are crazy if you say Bynum is a bust. He showed you what he can do when Pau is out and he can do that consistently with Pau out. Thats an advantage that comes with Bynum. 20/10 when Pau is out.
      You get YOUR facts right.

      • laker fan in down ey

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  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    Laker fan is Downey Your 100 % right
    Dude looks good against under rated centers,
    Chris Kaman will kick his pussy ass watch.
    The guy will be in foul trouble in 5 minutes of the game.