Andrew Bynum was interviewed by AM570. Bynum talks about his knee, his progress and, of course, the Lakers heading to the finals. Bynum also had some bold statements about our very own big 3.

Check it out here…

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  • Michael_23

    I will say as far as talent, KG is over Pau, Kobe is over Ray, and LO and Pierce are probably the same. So as far as talent, I think it’ll be a bit equal.

    The only differences I see are our supporting cast is better than theirs. And our big 3 have bigger hearts than their big 3. I see the Lakers more hungrier and more energetic on and off the court. The only person in the Celtics who has that determination is KG which at times the media questions him being too unselfish but whatever.

    We need to beat Boston on a personal level because of the rivaled history and cause KG chose to say “I didn’t come to LA because of the Kobe situation.”


    Andrew if it wasn’t for your improvement on the court and the ‘UNFORTUNATE’ accident,Lakers wouldn’t be where there now,THANK YOU ‘DREW,THIS ‘CHIP WILL BE IN YOUR HONOR!

    ….then next season,OMG!!!,Drew said it,not me(ok,me too)!

  • The Nugget

    This year was phenomenal, imagine when we get back Bynum next year. MAMA MIA!

  • 123KID

    like Michael_23 said, our big 3 def has the bigger heart than boston’s big 3. but most importantly, our city, our bench mob, and our big 3, have the greater hunger for this championship! COME ON LAKERS!!!! LETS GET THAT TROPHY AND THAT PARADE BACK IN L.A.!!!!!!!

  • Lakers 24 7

    any Big 3 with Kobe in it is better

  • ricky

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    you took the words right out of my mouth. well said bro!


  • Sopi

    KG will regret he didnt come to LA
    it’s over, lakers are the champ this season~

  • HereWeGo

    lakers have the big three but they also have the big ONE that counts like 3 superstars put together.. KOBE! kobe is better than both allen and pierce combined. actually better tha pierce, allen and kg combined.. kobe is a beast


    [Comment ID #37601 Will Be Quoted Here]FO REALS…WE WILL BE VITORIOUS NO MATTER WHO WE PLAY!!!!!!

  • Billy Kupchak

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    PAPA PIA! :D

  • RD

    did he just say 5-8 years! OMG, that gave me the chills! bynum is here to stay! multiple rings await!

  • True Lakers Fan

    AB with cockyness i like it! we will dominate with u big fella

  • andy or drew

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    i wonder


    Watch next year Lakernation,every team in the NBA will try to hop on The Lakers jock straps tryin’ to get 2 or 3 bigs in the frontcourt,FREAKIN’$$$$RYDERS!

  • west213

    you meen our BIG 4—KOB, LO, PAU, DREW…..

    maybe 5 when we get Ron d Don

  • SliqRiq

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    Very well said cuz I would have said the same!!!!!! Kobe has more tenacity and Heart as well!!!!!

  • The Mamba

    I love Andrew! Laker=08,09,10 champs,and who knows? mybeb 11? :D