O.C. Register: Welcome to Lamar Odom’s starting-lineup limbo, Andrew.

Unless Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol find a flow on the floor together soon, Bynum could begin the regular season on the Lakers’ bench.

“It has been mentioned,” Lakers consultant Tex Winter said of the coaching staff’s internal discussions. “We played pretty well last year without him.”

If Lakers head coach Phil Jackson were still toting that cane around, he’d have spent most of training camp pointing it up at Bynum and Gasol, both 7 feet tall, and what they have been doing wrong as a twin-tower tandem.

“Right now, they’re very clumsy; they’re not working well together,” Jackson said. “We’ve got a group that played very well together last year. There are some things that we have to discuss and see how long we drag this out – or how quickly we facilitate it, because I think we have got the ability to play exceptionally well if we use all our skill players.”

Said Winter: “The complexion of our team changes considerably when you’re playing Gasol and Bynum together. That’s going to be a real project to work that out so both those guys can play up to their potential and really show what they can do.”

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  • jp

    bynum off the bench hell no ill rather have gasol off the bench bynum is a way better rebounder/defensive presence than pau

  • jamaicans-for-KOBE

    for more than 9 months i have been on here everyday checking out the latest news and interviews…i have been glued to the Bynum story and all the good that would come once he returns….

    the lakers better find a way to get Bynum and Gasol on the same page..they will be the key to our defense. defense….defense…

    if that means getting rid of Odam or whatever..don’t need to hear about the problems anymore..as lakerfans we have had too many crap over the last few years…GET IT TOGETHER..KOBE IS NOT GETTING YOUNGER…..


    Gasol and Bynum will get it together…knowing Phil,it’s more mindgames,Longley and Whittington (Rodman).


    im coo with him off the bench for the beginning of the season.

  • long legga lai

    trade odom for marion. problem solved.

  • e-bucher

    makes sense…it’s where he belongs until proven otherwise

  • xtro

    say it ain’t so!

  • dub824

    haha after all the hype.. hes comin off the bench.. wtf

  • Paul

    Uhhh guys.. did you even read Phil Jackson’s quote?

    I’m cool for it because now we have a great center for the 2nd Unit instead of DJ Mbenga and Chris Mihm, even though they’re healthy.

    Jackson’s the better coach than all of you guys, he knows what he’s doing. You guys are like being Kobe when he tried to be GM. In this case it’s you trying to be the coach.

  • Geloman

    Wonder if Bynum will take going to bench well. Remember, the Lakers need to lock him up contract wise by the end of the month. Are they going to give a guy a max deal when’s coming off the bench? If he doesn’t start will that burn bridges between Bynum and the Lakers thus leading to Bynum opting to go elsewhere next season where he can blossom into a superstar and go to guy like DHoward?

    Play these cards carefully.

  • Mitch4Pres

    wut a horrible idea

  • Geloman

    Pau and Drew just need to play together more often. The more they play together the more they’ll be able to develop that chemistry and understanding of what they each need to do to compliment the other. They’re not gonna grow together if Drew comes off the bench.

  • Michael_23

    I want to see Fish, KB, LO, Pau, and Drew start tonight. Even if it’s only 5 minutes. I really want to see how the chemistry is right now!

  • Diehardfan

    Not being able to play Bynum and Gasol as starters is a coaching issue not a player issue. It is easy to for Tex and the coaching staff to say that Pau and Bynum can’t play together and to put that off on them. The coaching staff has the tools (two great big players) so isn’t it their job to figure out how to make them work together in the form of offensive set up. So, of course Tex wont admit that his triangle doesn’t work so it’s easy to say, “it’s the players” C’mon that is why they get paid the big bucks. I am sure Phil and Tex can figure something out but it’s not the players, lets get that straight!