At least he’s determined to beat Boston, he is a warrior!

ESPN: “It feels about the same, to be honest,” Bynum said about his right knee that has a slight tear of the meniscus that will require surgery to repair it in the offseason. “The procedure was good. I think I just need to fight through it until we get the surgery done. This is the last hurrah; this is the last show, so I’m ready to give everything.”

  • gugy

    I think it is a bit to early to tell.
    Maybe tomorrow or the day after.
    We need him big time, I just hope he can move a bit better than during the Suns series.

  • Xtro

    He said last hurrah? Hello chris bosh?

    • Marwan Marzina

      He meant this is the Finals, the end of their long trip. He didn’t mean that he is done.

    • BigSal

      Read again or better yet take a reading class as you must not have passed the 2nd grade.

  • 09champs!

    1 % Bynum is better than no Bynum.
    Just having his presence makes a little bit of a difference, and if he scores 6-12 points, then that is just a plus.

    On a side note, I always thought comissioner Stern hated the Lakers, but I heard a podcast where he was asked where would he rank Kobe all time.

    His response: Kobe´s right there with Michael. WOW

  • lakers0828

    He Will be Fine Hes Obviously hasnt Practice yet I think Tomarrow will Tell us if He feels the same or if he Plays alot better

  • Brian Shaw owns all

    ugh Bynum
    we really need you healthy for this series. We can still win though, but it will be tough.

  • chad b

    This is it Bynum… its your time to shine. Time to show you are a warrior because there are no excuses.

  • ShowtimeEra

    If Bynum can at least put up 10 or more points and play defense, that’ll be enough to match the Celtics intensity. We should be fine!

  • James

    He’s lying. The knee probably feels great now and he’s just waiting to KB them up.

  • lakers are the bomb

    Bynum if you play big and we win, Bro you can spend more time at the playboy mansion. If we lose will get your coat bro because you may be out of here.
    Mr Buss will only pay people that produce.
    And in LA you need to win or go to Toronto.

    • BigSal

      And when we win and he produces you can become a celtic fan. Buss doesn’t like fans who think like you.

  • rondo

    I am sick of all the negative punks always ragging on our players. Why don’t you guys go cheer for the Timberwolves or the Clippers. You guys are bad luck. Trade Bynum for another foward If they have problems with teams like the Celtics now whats going to happen if they traded Andrew Bynum for Chris Bosh. Pau, Lamar and Bosh. The NBA will eat them alive on the boards. You guys need to think before you make up such stupid trades.

    • mecka24

      You need to think before you make up, such a stupid name!

  • rondo

    You are one of those lazy fools i am talking about.