ESPN: Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum might undergo exploratory arthroscopic surgery on his injured left knee if there is no significant improvement in the next three to four weeks.

Lakers spokesman John Black said Bynum was examined Wednesday by Dr. Steven Gecha in Princeton, N.J. Black said the team was told there had been some improvement in the 20-year-old center’s knee, but Gecha’s recommendation was exploratory surgery if there wasn’t more in the upcoming weeks.

“I’m not surprised about it,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said, adding that it was only recently Bynum had said he felt pain-free.

“That’s why the doctor said, ‘Let’s wait three weeks,’ ” Jackson said before the Lakers faced the Utah Jazz in Game 2 of their Western Conference semifinal series Wednesday night. “It’s still touch and go. We’ll address this more later.”

Bynum hasn’t played since injuring his knee Jan. 13 in the third quarter of a 100-99 victory over Memphis at Staples Center. He averaged 13.1 points, 10.2 rebounds and 2.1 blocked shots in 35 games.

The Lakers estimated the day after Bynum was injured that he would be sidelined 8-to-12 weeks. But Jackson said on April 21 that a return this season was remote, and Bynum said much the same thing last week. A knee specialist examined Bynum in New York on April 10 and declined to clear him for practice.

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  • heffajoint

    We’re going to win without him this year, so he should do what he needs to do and come back strong next year! Can you imagine next year with Bynum and Gasol, Lamar, Fish, Sash, Jordan, Ronnie, Ariza, Radman, and Kobe?!!! The league is hating us right now! Go Lakers!

  • vida8

    If they knew that he needed surgery what the fuck were they waitin for ????
    men lakers are reallly gettin in my nerve right now….

  • David

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    Nobody said he needs surgery. It’s a mere possibility if he doesn’t have more improvement within the next few weeks, and even that doesn’t guarantee anything. Hence the reason it’s called “exploratory” surgery.


    Lakers’ training staff needs a re-haul, they have misdiagnosed injures left and right. They originally said 8 weeks..

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  • Young

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    the same staff that puts kobe out there all season without missing a game with that torn ligament? that got luke back his legs in time for the playoffs? how about the one who got gasol on the court despite his bad back coming in from memphis or his ankle? or fisher and his foot?

    players heal at different speeds. if ariza’s foot refuses to heal properly, or if bynum insists on using his own trainers, theres only so much that vitti and his staff can do. look at the bigger picture and see what the training staff has done this season. its amazing that they even got half our players out on the court this season. gary vitti’s been with us for 20 years. i think i feel confident putting our player’s health in his hands…

  • Michael_23

    Let’s hope this isn’t a Gilbert Arenas like situation.

  • DoDoBallz

    Shut Up Young cause even Phil mentioned the training staff.

  • DCLAKER,I know he wants to come back,especially when he’s sitting on the sidelines but he has to remember The Lakers are going to tie or break The Bulls record of 72 games won……with Bynum, The Lakeshow is UNSTOPPABLE!!!

  • heffajoint

    How could you guys even question our training staff??? Gary Vitti has performed miracles for us many many times. Such haters out there. Ask Kobe or any Laker (present or past) how they feel about Gary.

  • ab4sure

    Panic attacks… Reaction before facts… Ridiculing laker training staff without knowledge, …. Par for the course with Lakernation… Remember the ridicule for the FO, Bynum, LO, Luke, etc… I am just waiting for the ridicule to Marge Hearn. Doesn’t anyone have something to say bad about her??? Come on lakernation you have never disappointed me before….

  • LakersFirst

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    I’ll ridicule Marge Hearn. It’s her fault that the great Chick Hearn left us too soon. She drove him to an early grave and its her fault he’s no longer the voice of the Lakers!!!!



    I just read an article on and they said the Lakers,next season,could be ‘ONE THE GREATEST TEAMS EVER’,yes EVER!,3 words why….PAU,LO AND AB,LAKEZILLA!!!

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  • kisofdeath

    hopefully he wont need it, this is the same surgery that oden went through

  • kisofdeath

    nvm dont mind my previous post…exlporatory arthro is just a DIAGNOSIS surgery and they’ll determine more from that…oden and amare both went through arthro but it was found that they both needed microfracture afterwards which is what sidelined them

    so lets hope the surgery goes well and they find nothing

  • west213

    look his gonna be like stoudemire, he will miss like 2 seasons and comeback dominating!!!

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  • ronny-farmar-sasha-ariza the laker bench

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    for once someone notices that, i would rather the lakers get a much better training staff than get mickael pietrus

  • andy or drew

    [Comment ID #35120 Will Be Quoted Here]correction, amare only missed one season, and i don’t think andrew can de that the same way amare did it, although, they were the same age, i think


    Laker bench,Mickael Pietrus,I GUARANTEE will be apart of LAKERNATION next season.

    Don’t know much about the training staff but if Kareem is apart of it they can’t be that bad.

    WHO’SGONNABEATUSIN’,Pietrus and Ariza on the court together with Kobe,O-M-G!!!

  • kPoAbUe

    i still think i am living in a fantasy. i still can not believe next year the starting five will be A-Drew LO KB PAU FISH and plus the bench that we have. i think we will have a 70 win game season? or 69?

  • T-Dub

    This is why you never put all your eggs in the basket of an unproven comodity! Shut him down, let him heal, don’t resign him until after next season!

  • west213

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    don know brow, just lets hope he returns soon and 100%

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