Andrew Bynum came out and talked about his energy and where he needs to be…

Daily News: “I don’t think I’m taking advantage of the opportunities I’m getting,” Bynum said Sunday. “I just need to go out there and put more energy to it.

“When I watched last year’s tapes and this year’s tapes, there’s a difference you can see pretty clearly.”

  • Billy Kupchak

    Drew needs my help? :cool:

  • ade

    Players don’t put in 100% any more after getting the contract. Bynum is good but i don’t think he is worth how much he’s been paid.

  • daboss1848

    No Billy, he needs that drink that gives him wings.

  • hyperdunk247

    this year he gets lazy in block shots and he looks like he kinda scare to dunk the ball. last year he always dunk the ball. thats why he was 2nd in the nba in dunks last year.

  • axeaddict

    Bynum hasnt been showing any heart. its been driving me crazy because we know what he is capable off. i dont know if he is afraid to get hurt again or just read too many of his press clippings from last season but he is a shadow of the Bynum we saw last season

  • kb24thebestever

    yes i’ve noticed specially against the celtics because really he wasnt going for the blocks like he would last year and the energy its just not there.

  • joe grande

    drew should come off the bench and have radman start, imagine a bench of lamar drew sasha ariza(when luke comes back) and farmar (when healthy)

  • hyperdunk247

    I think we should get camby to the lakers. cuz I can tell camby don’t like playing for the clippers. if we could get him it should be Fisher, Kobe, Walton, Gasol, And Camby. and Andrew should come off the bench.

  • hyperdunk247

    I wanna see this Andrew Bynum!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you agree with me leave a comment.

    I hope bynum can get his groove back

  • lakerferlife7

    bynum’s young…….he still has to learn that he needs to play hard on every play to become a great center like the former laker..and putting rad in the starting lineup would make r startin lineup horrible…wtf

  • hyperdunk247

    at that age dwight howard,Amare, Shaq, and KG was killing all the every big men in the NBA

  • hyperdunk247

    what happen if bynum plays like dwight howard? is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  • David

    I’m sorry guys, but Bynum just isn’t the same after that knee injury. It’s similar to what happened to Webber and he was never the same player again.

  • lakerferlife7

    maybe….to soon to tell….i think everyone only remebers the good things bynum did 2 years ago..not saying he was bad but these comparisons r to soon to tell…hes also not used to sharing the post wit gasol…hes not the main option down low anymore witch can make him look like he isnt doing wat he did a season ago..

  • joe grande

    bynum needs to get on the track and in the weight room, dwight howards arms are way bigger and bulkier than his

  • pancho

    The man says his knee is fine,his coach says it’s his conditioning. Possibly bone spurs in his foot bothering him,remember he was having this problem. Alot of post make sense to me. I hope it’s not the webber scenario.

  • the ape

    at least he knows he’s gotta do something not like earlier this season when he was off whining all the time. a little self awareness could go a long way in his case


    Bynum has the classic symptoms of “IGOTPAIDSOIMSITTINGONMYASSITTISS”. I mean, he is not playing w/ heart. First, he let everyone push him of the blocks and will settle posting up damn near the 3 point line. 2nd, when down low he reverts to making a finess shot instead of backing down and dunking. 3rd, he is very heavy footed. I don’t know if this is fixable but if it is then he needs to be on his toes.

  • Jeyboi

    The only desicve decisions Bynum has made so far coming off the injury is at the defensive end. The kid has been denying some easy lay ups and putting a hand up causing a lot poor field percentage and blockage to his opponents.

    He is still technically making a comeback from the injury and the telling sign on how he’s progressed will be after all-star break.

    From a spectators perspective, the offense isn’t on his page like he demanded last few years. He’s gotta do more then point up to the sky if he wants a lob, or, more then just lean on a player on the post if he wants to work the post game. BYNUM IS SMART IN OFFENSE. He just has to VOCALIZE to the new squad of superstars he’s in to hand him his when the time calls.. cause he won’t get to many opportunities on the multi-talented squad if he stays quite.

    ..Pfft, whoever says Andrew Bynum will end up like C.Webb isn’t paying attention to his pace and his entourage of legendary coaches and co-players. I dunno where Bynum will be by the end of his career, though, I can say he already has accrued one thing not all centers in the league have when on defense and offense.. RESPECT.

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!1 :O