bynumyaoO.C. Register: Andrew Bynum wasn’t altogether surprised that Phil Jackson plans to start him in the Western Conference semifinals for one reason.

Yao Ming.

Bynum seemed convinced Wednesday the Lakers will meet Houston in the next round, ignoring all possibility that Portland would emerge from that first-round series. The Rockets lead, 3-2, with Game 6 scheduled for Thursday.

“That’s who I think we’re going to play. They’re up and have two games to win one,” said Bynum, not giving the Trail Blazers much of a chance.

But it doesn’t really matter to Bynum who they play as long as he gets more than the foul-plagued 77 minutes he saw in the Lakers’ first-round five-game series against Utah. And Phil Jackson is set on making that happen.

The Lakers coach said after the team wrapped up the Utah series Monday that Bynum would start at center and Lamar Odom would return to a reserve role. Bynum was a non-factor in the first round, but Jackson believes the Lakers will need all of his 7 feet against 7-foot-6 center Yao or Portland’s Joel Przybilla.

“(The last series) makes me very hungry,” Bynum said. “I can’t wait to get out there. I know I’m going to play better.”

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    wow! you left a very thoughtful comment
    i am glad i had something so inspiring to read…

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    yoFUurCK welYOUcome.

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    i always find all the comments absolutly fascination. anyways. i hope bynum realizes that him getting less minutes isn’t personal, it’s matchups.

    why is the new articles and stuff going under those two from yesterday

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    lol why are* i have to correct myself before someone else does. GO LAKERS!

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    teen ager uh?

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    The Rock always says :”know your role, jabroni”. like ooopatrick said above. It was more about match ups than anything else. Round 2- Yao. Round 3- Nene or Dampier. The Finals- Ilgaskus, Perkins or Howard. That big frame and long wing span Drew has is going to be a piece of the puzzle. Can you smell what the Rock is cookin?

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    nah maaaaaaaaan. still 12.