Bynum seems to be getting irked by declining minutes.

sitRealGM: Lakers coach Phil Jackson moved Lamar Odom into the starting lineup on Saturday night in favor of the struggling Andrew Bynum.

Bynum was averaging just 7 points and 3 rebounds through the team’s first three games against the Jazz.

He played just four minutes in Game 4, a 108-94 win for Los Angeles. He posted two points, one rebounds and a pair of fouls.

“It didn’t bother me that I didn’t start,” Bynum said afterward. “It bothered me that I didn’t play.”

Jackson downplayed the move, citing strategy and instinct.

“I just was going to do it by my intuition, which you have to do,” Jackson said.

Bynum, however, doesn’t believe that he’s played enough this postseason to get in rhythm.

“You got to play to get it back,” Bynum said. “Over the last three, four games, I think I’ve only played like a combined 30 minutes. That’s not really enough to get your stuff back together.”

  • albert

    bynum stop crying

  • Anonymous

    He should realize what’s best for the team, rather than caring about his individual success. If the LO matchup

  • Chris Brown

    So I take it, Rafner was complaining about Bynum for acting like this….it bothers me that Bynum is thinking individual success rather than the teams

  • kobe8

    ^^ I was gonna say the same thing. He will definitely get more playin time against Yao or Oden in the next round. So, stop b*itchin Bynum.

  • Jimmy

    Well, don’t foul out in 7 mintues then!

  • Chris Manning

    I think he is frustrated with not being able to come back and contribute.

    I definitely feel the Jazz are a bad match up for him considering the situation. He’ll work his way back in next series. Book it.

  • Chris Manning

    [Comment ID #69174 Will Be Quoted Here]
    There was ONE legit offensive foul (when he barreled with his behind through the defender). Other than that, those other calls were all garbage.

  • Dragon

    There are still plenty of games to be played and this is the playoff’s we can’t risk it with him trying to get his condition back.

  • patrick

    stoppp crying

  • what will be

    maybe if you would box out during a freethrow… and stop being the last guy running up the court things will change for the better…

  • Bryan

    Experience is everything. Playoff match-ups and adjustments are the keys to winning during the playoffs. Andrew Bynum needs to learn this in order to be a better team player.

  • sil

    all talking mess about bynum,yall the same people who couldnt wait for him to get back,bynum will be fine,cant be mad at him for wanting to play

  • gugy

    PJ is playing mind games IMHO.

    Bynum needs to step up an play like a beast. Maybe Utah was not the best match up for him, but next round with Rockets/Blazers he needs to assert himself and be more aggressive without getting in early foul trouble.

  • spongebob

    drew is much better at guarding carlos boozer than gasoft, so are josh powell and dj mbenga, they should be guarding boozer not gasoft

  • Lakerfan_InAtl

    Bynum needs to chill.. he’ll get some pt when the time is right.

  • Michael_23

    They’ll need Drew against Yao Ming, I can tell you that…

  • golakers75

    bynum us irked by his minutes, i am irked by his play. he comes in the 2nd half on a free throw and does not block his man out and the jazz get the board. then he runs a pick and roll with fisher and when fisher passes him the ball he was lucky and looked shocked to even get the pass. if andrew wants to play he has to earn minutes. i never thought i would say this but the way drew is playing at this time it might be better to give his minutes to mbenga because at least we no that he will play his ass off when he gets into the game.

  • david

    First of all he never has hid hands at the ready position and is surprised when he gets a no look pass .. He runs like cheebacca when he gets back on the D .. There Is No “I ” in team bynum but there is one in ” playboy mansIon” .quit crying about getting back in rythn you should have practiced more intesd of being at the mansion partying

  • let there be light

    first of all, i’ve been saying the line-up of fish, kobe, ariza, odom, gasol in the best. Bynum slows everything down, which is fine but why not play with the second unit. Bynum will get the touches, and if he’s stuck then look to the shooters. Its about a CHAMPIONSHIP, not about minutes or points. Kobe is the leader, when he doesnt score we lost. but when he is aggressive like the old #8 kobe, we win. Bynum needs to stay in the games. not phils fault but his. Bynum will be the superstar, but for now shut up and play team ball. it will pay off in the end. Look at farmar, even he has realized what Brown brings and doesnt say much anymore, he would rather have the champioship than be on a lottery team getting more minutes. So bynum chill, your time will come, just be ready. there are still 3 more rounds in the playoffs.

  • farmabrick

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    Amen. Why should PJ play him when he’s playing lazy, stupid ball?

    Earn it, Andrew.

  • gugy

    PJ is using this as motivational tool to have Andrew back to the old self.
    We will need him to play Houston/Blazers more than we need for Utah. PJ knows that. Maybe the fact he is irked by it will make him work harder and play harder.
    I hope next game is the start of this rebounding for him.

  • rissa missa

    Take one for the team Andrew, like Phil said he made his decision based on instincts. I’m sure Phil will increase Drew’s minutes in due time. As the cliche goes, sacrifice for the betterment of the team.

  • lakers1fan

    I don’t blame coach Phil Jax on starting Lamar instead of Bynum…It seem like Bynum got intimidated by the fans in Utah (picking up quick fouls in game 3 and few minutes in game 4) I don’t know if yall noticed but in game 3 it seem to me as if Bynum didn’t take serious the fact that he picked up quick fouls and to top it off he comes back in and picked up his 5 foul with just 1 sec in the game??? and walked off the court laughing about it??? very imature!!! So i dont blame P.J. Bynum needs to get serious about his game especially right now that the LAKERS are in the PLAYOFFS trying to get a championship!!!

  • Cut La Rock

    Andrew Whynum doing what he does best….Whining. Quit crying and sack up for the team.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Apr 26th, 2009 at 3:37 pm
    drew is much better at guarding carlos boozer than gasoft, so are josh powell and dj mbenga, they should be guarding boozer not gasoft”

    Go back to your pineapple under the see, a$$jack. Pau is one of the main reasons for the Lakers success this year. I am so sick and tired of the Gasoft crap. The guy is a finese player, not Shaq. Stop living in the past. Shaq is gone! IDIOT!

  • the ape

    agree. bynum is showing too much prima donna behavior for somebody who hasn’t done too much in the nba. and he’s trying to get his rhythm back in the playoffs? too big a gamble.

    to paraphrase master yoda: in the playoffs you do or you don’t. there is no try

  • dracul

    Well he’s going to get plenty of play against Yao, him and the Secret Weapon – aka Mbenga.

    At least he’s showing that he WANTS to play. Maybe this isn’t the ideal situation for him to be in, coming off injury and entering the first playoffs of his career only a few days later, BUT the good thing is that he can comfortably come off the bench and play 20-25 minutes against a 2nd string center and not be expected to carry the team.

    The key to the championship with an out-of-sync Bynum is going to be if the Brick Family (Vuja and Farma) can make 3 point shots. So far I’m happy that PJ has taken the TLN consensus suggestion to at least TRY shannon brown, its paying off dividends.

    The only thing I can say about Sasha is that he seems to make the 3s when he DOESN’T rush it. Often times the guy gets the pass and is trying to chuck it up there as lightning quick as possible, and it doesn’t seem like that’s the natural shooting rhythm that he’d prefer. If he was to take just a TAD longer and not rush to shoot it like he normally would be acustomed to, i think the Machine would stay true to the name.


  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #69167 Will Be Quoted Here]

    21yo men do cry if/when they have sensitive emotions :cool:

    i bet if Bynum drank with TLN!, he’d be more happy! ;)

  • skew

    bynum needs to stfu and continue to play hard. he has absolutely no reason to be complaining about his play-time. as far as lakers nation goes, he gets what he deserves and we’re winning :)

  • stdecker

    Thats the problem with drew, his sense of entitlement. It’s just like his conract, He expected it(which the lakers provided) before he actually earned it. We keep seeing falshes and we know the potential, but his attitude worries me a little. Hes been around long enough, lets start seeing some domination. He cant just think things are going to fall in his lap. He has to take what we wants. He has to make PJ have no choice but to play him by being awesome out there when he is out there. Not just complain about it, any chump can do that – EARN IT!