This is pretty cool. Andrew has been invited to try out for team USA!

Sports Illustraded: In the meantime, the closest thing to pressing business for Team USA is preparing for a July minicamp in Las Vegas of young players considered to have the best chance of making the team for the world championships.

Among the interesting invitations: Greg Oden, despite an underwhelming start to his career, along with Andrew Bynum, LaMarcus Aldridge and projected No. 1 pick Blake Griffin among the big men.

  • kb24bestever

    this is great for andrew bynum hopefully his at his full strenght at the time is two to three years he’ll be the best center in the NBA.

  • .

    i remember bynum said he had 2 goals this season. one was to make the all star team and the other was to get on the olympics team. he’ll hopefully get into the olympics and that will mean he reached one of his goals.

    maybe this will get him jumpstarted and give him motivation to start playing really well

  • Ryan

    This seems like a bad decision. It is a nice privilege and seems to have helped out the players who won gold this year but at the same time, Bynum is obviously very injury-prone. He needs to take summers off in order to get ready for an (hopefully)82 game season. More playing time doesn’t seem like what he needs. Chill out, get some rest, swim with some playmates at the mansion… we will see you healthy at the end of October. Ask Greg Poppovich if he wishes Manu would have took a break this summer.

  • Smush Walton

    He should focus on strengthening his knees and working on his game – not playing on this Team USA.

  • Diehardfan

    Everyone on the recent USA team spoke about how great and infectious Kobe’s work ethic and determination rubbed off on them. With that in mind, I hope that by Bynum being around C. Bosh and D. Howard he can get an idea of what a defensive minded big man should be like and that he to is infected with their hard work and determination on defense. Besides, lets be realistic, if the US team needs big men who can defend and rebound Bynum will not be selected. But it would be good for him get the experience.

  • Jeff Swaggundy

    What player will eventually crash into him?

  • Dave

    If the ‘two freak accident / imaginary pattern’ holds true, it will be a fellow Laker while they are playing Memphis. The good news is that they don’t play Memphis until next season.

  • skew

    this doesnt sound too enticing for usa ball…euro ball will own his a$$. i hope spencer hawes get invited cuz he can shoot the long ball. bynum just sucks.