Bynum gets a small injury in practice but the big fella should be alright though!

O.C. Register: Andrew Bynum strained the rotator cuff in his right shoulder during practice but is expected to play Wednesday night against the Clippers. Bynum probably will be able to practice again Tuesday; the injury is considered that minor.

“It’s all right; it’s just a little tight,” Bynum said. Bynum got his arm bent back when he tried to block a dunk by Chris Mihm. “It’s just a strain,” Phil Jackson said. “I think he’ll be fine.”

  • LakersNo1

    wth? i feel like he’s an injury prone. sigh.

  • rawnnn

    I knew we paid him too much!!!

  • dub824

    that sucks

  • Chris Manning

    He’s alright, just a small tweaked shoulder – WHEW!

  • Moses

    If it’s only a rotator sprain he probably won’t even miss any time he’ll just be a bit sore for the next week or so, as long as he hasn’t torn it he’ll be fine.

  • lakerschamps09

    umm i would feel better if it was his left shoulder bot right!!! ughhhh hopefully hes all good

  • Michael_23

    Whew … man careful now …

  • Michael_23

    Good thing the Lakers have only 1 game this week. haha

  • 1ofMany

    thats what happens when you get tangled up with the force known as chris mihm!

  • PeanutButterSpread

    the sky is falling the sky is falling!

  • LakersFirst

    Everyone calm the f*ck down, it’s a minor injury. I swear, I’m awaiting for the up to the minute reports on Bynum taking a dump:

    “News just in, News just in, Andrew Bynum is taking the biggest dump in Laker history! However, he will be able to play next game (he may miss a practice though)”.

  • rowyn

    hes the next olowokandi

  • Geloman

    After getting his payday, he plays terrible against the Nuggets and now has a minor injury. I hope this is not a sign of bad things to come.

  • domz

    Think positive guys. He’ll be alright

  • sir charles

    to prevent shoulder injury, he is going to build more muscle in his shoulders so he will weigh 300 lbs, when shaq was 21 he weighed 304

  • http://none agustin armienta

    we despartly need enforcer who can bring the pain to all,.

  • daboss1849

    see just goes to show we have to dump these sucky ass players like mimh and Lo who hurt bynum last year. Looks like mcdyss is getting waived now that would be an awesome backup center to have…

  • Vida24

    uh the curse continues.

  • LakersFirst

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    Yes, McDyess would be a good backup center, if he played the center position. He’s a 6’9 power forward.

  • laker7854


  • daboss1849

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    Id take a good 6’9 power forward for my backup center over a s.h.i.t.t.y 7’0 center anyday…


    back in the day McDyess was rated 2nd highest leaper behind Shawn Kemp when Kemp was still raining down for the Sonics. I miss that guy. Just looking at those highlights, man, miss those 90’s.

  • xtro

    we b f..d now! any chance the lake show can sign juwan howard. he was released by denver.

  • imfasterthanur

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  • joseph